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If someone asks me about Zen, I inevitably refer to the book, Everyday Zen by Charlotte Joko Beck. The late Charlotte Joko Beck and her dharma heirs operate The Ordinary Mind School a non-hierarchical organization that uses an adapted Zen practice free from traditional patriarchal trappings with elements of vipassana meditation and the conscious engagement of emotions. Everyday Zen is not achieving some blissful state or cultivating special powers or having happy feelings.
Zen practice isn’t about a special place or a special peace, or something other than being with our life just as it is. This entry was posted on Friday, February 17th, 2012 at 4:43 pmand is filed under Bubbe Wisdom Blog. El zenshu es una rama del budismo muy popular en Japon, que es conocida en occidente simplemente como zen. El zenshu ha influido mucho la cultura japonesa, sobre todo en el ambito artistico, y se vinculan a el la ceremonia del te o sado, el arreglo floral o ikebana, la arquitectura o el diseno de jardines, como por ejemplo los karesansui.
El zenshu hace hincapie en la meditacion como forma de alcanzar la verdad absoluta y tambien es famoso por sus adivinanzas sin respuesta, llamadas koan (??), destinadas a forzar la capacidad de pensar de los practicantes y erradicar el conceptualismo para potenciar la sabiduria intuitiva. I’m also sorry to say that many committed Christians that I know hear someone use the word Zen in a comment and immediately put up a defensive or dismissive wall in their minds. In my humble opinion, it’s only then that I (and we) can build upon a platform of respect and truly communicate the Good News of the Gospel. This entry was posted in Kingdom Life and tagged christian communication, communicating the heart of christ, Contemporary Evangelism, how to express the gospel, Zen on January 1, 2013 by Gary Ellis.
Men who preach men are saved if they sincerely believe a lie are showing they care, but they are not preaching a gospel that saves.
Men who preach you can have your sins forgiven without being baptized in water, care, however, that preaching cannot save anyone.

Men who preach salvation apart from believing in Jesus, care, but that preaching cannot save anyone. Steve, nothing in my article even intimates that showing how much you care is tantamount to preaching the Gospel. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information.
It is about a simple meditation practice that removes external stimuli so that we are free to experience the most challenging part of reality: ourselves. This includes every mosquito, every misfortune, every red light, every traffic jam, every obnoxious supervisor (or employee), every illness, every loss, every moment of joy or depression, every addiction, every piece of garbage, every breath. It’s one of the hardest things for people to get: that my very difficulties in this very moment are the perfection. It is moving from a life of hurting myself and others to a life of not hurting myself and others. Images prises ca et la au fil de mes balades sur le net, photos, gifs, poemes,horlogecalendrierjoyeuses Paques!!!!Joyeuses Paques!!!!!joyeuses Paques!!!!Joyeuses Paques!!!!!
When we are attached to the way we think we should be or the way we think anyone else should be, we can have very little appreciation of life as it is.
That seems so simple — except when we substitute for real practice some idea that we should be different or better than we are, or that our lives should be different from the way they are.
And I’m not saying to be passive, not to take action; then you would be trying to hold nirvana as a fixed state. Having more and more contact with this reality always brings compassion for others and changes our daily life.
There is no implication of ‘doing nothing.’ But deeds done that are born of this understanding are free of anger and judgment.

Or you can get a proper Zen mat, called zabuton and a sitting cushion, called zafu.BurmeseZazen PositionsThe most important thing is to be comfortable when you meditate so that your body and mind can be still. Here are some positions you can choose from.Burmese Place your cushion or cushions to the back of your mat. Sit cross-legged on the front half your cushion so that your knees come down onto the mat.Place your legs one in front of the other. You can either use a seiza bench for this or sit astride a couple of cushions that you have placed on your mat.Lotus Sit as in Burmese posture but bring one foot or both feet right up on to your thighs. But do not force this posture as you can cause lasting damage to knees and hips.ChairIf you have pain sitting in Burmese or in seiza, you may want to use a chair.
If your legs are too short to reach the ground, place a firm support cushion under your feet.
The shape of your hands should be a flattened oval as if you are holding something precious.
Your thumb-tips are like a bio-feedback mechanism: If you are thinking, your thumbtipsEyesKeep your eyes slightly open. If you sit with closed eyes, you will be more likely to be swept away by thoughts and fantasies.What to do with the mindYou knew the mind of meditation when you were little!
You can try a little smile!The miracle of breathBreathing is a universal foundation for meditation practice. Posture is essential because otherwise I find that we get too groggy or actually fall to sleep and that’s lowered awareness.

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