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Through the practice of sitting quietly, the mind reflects one's environment and the self that is based on thought and description can be lost.
In our daily lives, zazen provides us with a situation in which we can remove ourselves from external acivities, turn our activity inward, and face ourselves.
Forum de partage sur la spiritualite, l'eveil de l'ame conscience et harmonieForum de discussion sur la spiritualite pour la rencontre et le partage dans l'eveil spirituel de la conscience, bouddhisme zen, lithotherapie meditation et citation. Die Zazen Meditation wird gerne auch Sitzmeditation genannt und bringt Deinen Geist und Korper zur Ruhe, um den Weg fur mystische Lebenserfahrungen zu ebnen.
Durch die Zazen Meditation wird Dein Geist klar und ruhig, wobei Du Stabilitat fur den Alltag schopfen kannst. Sofern Du uber die Anschaffung eines neuen Sitzkissens nachdenkst, solltest Du es vor dem Kauf ausprobieren. Das Geheimnis der Zazen Meditation ist das Sitzen in einer Haltung gro?ter Konzentration, ohne an Ziele und Gewinne zu denken.
Als traditionelle Sitzmeditation nimmst Du die Zazenhaltung ein, bei der es auf die Haltung des Beckens ankommt. Bei der Aufrichtung Deiner Wirbelsaule durfen sich keine Spannungen zwischen den Wirbeln bilden und auch Dein Kopf sollte auf naturliche Art aufgerichtet werden. Sofern Du bei der Zazen Meditation die richtige Haltung annimmst, so entsteht automatisch auch die optimale Atmung.
Nach den Grundsatzen der Zazen Meditation ziehen Gedanken und Bilder aus dem Unterbewusstsein vorbei und losen sich auf.
Deine Organe lassen sich durch den meditativen Effekt steuern und mit neuen Energien versorgen. Korperlich kann die Zazen Meditation Dir bei Schlaflosigkeit, nervoser Verdauung, PMS oder Migrane helfen. Mind Power SecretsBrand NEW Ebook Reveals Life-Changing Secrets From Million Dollar Mind Power Research Program.
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Free Usui Reiki 1 CourseThis beautifully crafted online Reiki course will attune you and open your world up the the amazing Reiki energy healing arts. IMPORTANT UPDATE - is undergoing ongoing Maintenance and upgrades during February. The postures used for zazen teach our bodies how to be still, and slowly the mind catches on to this stillness. On the other hand, it is important to recognize the difference between pain that could be damaging, and discomfort that may be expressing tension or aversion. Physical discomfort is also a common expression of our resistance to what we find in our minds. Google the words “Biblical meditation” and you will find dozens of sites proclaiming that meditation from a Biblical standpoint doesn’t resemble “Eastern” style concepts and techniques.
No disrespect to these websites, but we need to expose how silly some of these arguments can be. While there are benefits to this practice, it’s certainly not meditation—that’s called studying and memorization. In Matthew Chapter six we have an obvious reference to numerology, in which Jesus emphasizes an eastern-style concept of meditation five times. If we were to take this section of Matthew literally, we would have to believe that Jesus is telling us to live day-to-day without planning for our future. The word law, which I have underlined in the scriptures above, is referring to the teachings and instructions of the Torah. The Torah is most commonly known as the first five books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.
The only way to probe the vast nature and potential of human consciousness is through deep meditation. The “sleep of death” is the veil we remain under while we yet live until the awakening takes place in our soul.
Another question I would have for the authors of the websites I mentioned at the beginning of this post is how you would explain what Isaac was doing in Genesis. Scholars admit there’s no sure way of understanding what this word meant since it’s origins are unknown.
We know through the historical writings of Josephus and Philo that early Jewish sects such as the Essenes were mystics who interpreted the Torah through allegory and symbol. As you can see from the scriptures above, the English translations only subtly reveal meditation in the Bible, but it’s there nonetheless. Many meditation gurus will tell you that concentration exercises are not real meditation; rather meditation begins when our thoughts end. In the first stage of Zazen, the power of concentration is usually developed by focusing on the breath at the hara region, near the navel.
Working with Koans can produce the same effect as Shikantaza, although some people say it is a little more aggressive. Just for fun, here are some Christian Koans (if there is such a thing) that someone came up with. You’ll hear a lot about reaching Satori and Samadhi through the practice of Shikantaza and working with Koans in Zazen. I hope this article has helped you at least understand more about meditation and the Bible. Very cool that you started 2 years ago as a sort of New Year’s resolution, and kept with it. What i’m slightly surprised about is how long it takes people to achieve these parts of meditation(the state of calm and bliss). I so recommend meditation, but it IS important to find the meditation practice that works for YOU.
It turns out that when your mind is at rest dispersed brain areas are chattering away to one another. At equilibrium, the brain consumes approximately one-fifth of the body’s oxygen and produces a large amount of activity.
Here at Yokoji we sit zazen on a daily basis year round—check the schedule and join us when you can. Koan is a Japanese word, from the Chinese gong'an, and literally means "public case", from the time in China when magistrates would travel from village to village to settle disputes. Im Zen-Buddhismus gilt die im Sitzen durchgefuhrte Zazen Meditation als Praxis, durch die vor mehr als 2600 Jahren Buddha erwacht ist.

Was Du bei der Zazen Meditation beachten solltest, haben wir hier fur Dich zusammengestellt.
Bei der gro?en Auswahl an Kissen entscheiden namlich Faktoren wie Hohe, Harte und Fullung, ob Du Dich letztendlich darauf gut fuhlst. Weil Du auf Deine korrekte Haltung konzentriert bist, kannst Du Dich nicht mit mentalen Gebilden beschaftigen, sondern kehrst zu Deinem ursprunglichen Geisteszustand zuruck. Die Zazen Meditation nimmt dabei eine besondere Form ein, die den unmittelbaren Kontakt zur Umwelt eroffnet. Deine Meridiane, die auch mit Gefuhlen zusammenhangen, lassen sich von Blockaden losen und wieder aktivieren. Zazen is a place of refuge far beneath our everyday involvements, a place where we turn inward for peace, for the answers to the deepest questions of life, and for the ability to meet our lives with wisdom, love, and compassion. Especially in the beginning of meditation practice, discomfort is common as the body adapts to unfamiliar poses. Watching our minds can make us uncomfortable, and the physical position becomes an excuse to distract ourselves by shifting position or abandoning the meditation. What if I told you that something akin to Zazen (and many other Eastern style meditations) was at the core of Biblical teachings, in both the Old and New Testament? The number five represents the senses (I wrote a similar article about David choosing 5 stones to slay Goliath HERE). This is a vastly incomplete understanding of Torah, but even if we were to limit the Torah to these first five books of the Bible, I would also have to ask:  why would Christians want to meditate on something to which they believe Jesus came to abolish? Why would God’s people be instructed to meditate on it day and night, practically living it, which is asking a lot more than just reading it and committing it to memory? Loving the LORD with all one’s heart, mind, soul, and might is not just outward activity; it is a state of being. If not, I’ll come right out and say it: to the earliest and wisest of the Jewish sages and mystics, the essence of Torah isn’t really about the laws contained in the first five books of the Bible.
Even the prophesies of old, which many Jews teach as the highest and most noble experience of the Old Testament prophets, didn’t just come out and prophesy. The original mystics understood that this light could was received via the pineal gland during deep meditation (remember God is light). However, Strong’s Concordance says it means to “muse pensively.” That sure sounds like an eastern-style meditation to me! Kabala, which teaches much about meditation and higher consciousness, was a huge force through the Middle Ages, but it died out during the Age of Enlightenment when rationalistic thought took precedence over transcendental experiences. If you can find more, please feel free to post them in the comment section with your explanations. I will not say that Zazen is the best and that everyone should be doing it; enlightenment can come from many styles of meditation.
A koan is basically a meditative riddle that cannot be solved with the intellect or logical reasoning. I don’t have the time or space to get into this here, but I recommend that you read THIS ARTICLE to get a better understanding. I plan on having many more articles which probe further into this subject in the near future. I’ll be sure to let you know, I fell asleep in the previous meditation session last night so no progress there. And the energy consumed by this ever active messaging, known as the brain’s default mode, is about 20 times that used by the brain when it responds consciously to a pesky fly or another outside stimulus. The video on this page shows all the different zazen postures and gives basic instruction as to how to sit. Like a legal precedent, koans establish a standard of insight and understanding that must be matched by the student. The practice is to return repeatedly to the direct experience of whatever is coming in, whatever is "hitting" the mind. Als Zentrum des Zen widmest Du wahrend der Zazen Meditation Deine ganze Aufmerksamkeit der Atmung, Haltung und Deinem Bewusstsein. Ideal sind Zafu genannte Meditationskissen, die aus Baumwolle bestehen und mit Naturfasern gefullt sind.
Jetzt entspannst Du Deine Schultern, den Brustkorb und Deinen Bauch, damit Dir eine leichte und freie Atmung moglich ist.
However, like any discipline, knowing of it is not enough; Zazen requires time and effort sitting on the cushion, training the mind, and doing the work that leads to transformation.
Dhyana is the form and method of zazen; the practice of letting go and returning to the present. However, meditation does not depend on any conditions, physical or otherwise, so it is not necessary to use any particular posture. Finding a balance between taking care of our needs and disciplining our wayward tendencies is key to meditation practice. Esoterically, Jesus is teaching a particular state of consciousness during deep meditation outside of where one comes to a place of extreme contentment. And when the Psalmist instructs us to meditate on scripture day and night, it is speaking of the Torah.
The power of following this command lays in one of two outcomes of regular meditation practice: the disciplined mind. Yes, on its most basic level, the Torah encompasses the literal aspect of these laws in first five books, but it is not limited to them and it certainly is not limited to the literal interpretation of them. Besides, if you take the scripture literally, then you have to acknowledge that none of the Bible had been written in Isaac’s day, not even the Torah!
Whenever the mind drifts off into thought, you notice the thought but quickly bring your awareness back to your breath. Now in meditation it’s now easy to silence most of my thoughts, I drift as I enter the state of bliss.
But it seems like your meditation practices are bringing up some of those demons stored deep in the subconscious. Indeed, most things we do consciously, be it sitting down to eat dinner or making a speech, mark a departure from the baseline activity of the brain default mode. It might be the breath, the sound of the birds outside, or the cars and people of a city, the light shifting below your gaze or physical sensations in your body.
Dadurch, dass Du Dich auf Haltung und Atmung konzentrierst, verschwinden Deine Gedanken und Du lebst im Augenblick. Cultivating this prevents distraction, but it is not a way to escape or ignore the conditions around us. Part of the practice is maintaining the mind of meditation throughout daily life, when we move through many postures besides traditional sitting poses. There is a balance between taking care of one’s physical and psychological needs, and avoiding any discomfort.

If Jesus fulfilled them, why then would God want us to meditate on something fulfilled and done away with thousands of years later? The Torah, at its highest level of understanding, is the breadth and depth of human consciousness.
The outwards commands, combined with meditation, helps to purify the character and receive the light. But for most (myself included), regular meditation practice is a must if you wish to get serious about the spiritual high road. Not only are they two sides of the same coin, but God is realized through both our spiritual and physical natures.
If you’re anything like I used to be, your mind produces thoughts resembling a swarm of gnats over a pond.
It usually takes a while before any degree of success is achieved, especially if you are new to meditating. The previous night I was in that state for 1hr without struggle it was the most beautiful feeling in the world i vibrated more than a rusty car engine felt light as a feather and watched as my body barely takes anymore breathes. I guess the reason I never made it to this point before was due to my own motivation and the things on your website did motivate me and has given me that push I finally needed. We have to find what works for us personally because we are all at different stages in our lives. Koans work by revealing to a student the gaps in their understanding of reality, and by looking into the question, the gap can be bridged, and reality and understanding made to match-up seamlessly. The mind does not need pointing in any direction, it naturally is all these things and awareness shifts accordingly.
Mais bien que la profondeur de sa philosophie et la purete de son esthetique aient souvent seduit les artistes, les ecrivains et les philosophes, cela n'a jamais donne naissance a une reelle pratique car ce ne sont la que les fruits d'une graine plantee dans la terre du Japon quelques siecles plus tot.Mais quelle est cette graine? There is no need to strain for a posture, or cause injury; respect the requirements and needs of your unique body.
They’re speaking from a very superficial reading of the scriptures without any knowledge as to the background and times in which those scriptures were written. The Jewish nation has all sorts of commandments to help them maintain this constant awareness of God.
I firmly believe the Biblical author meant his meditation to be about self-awareness of the divine through letting go of the five senses and entering higher consciousness.
The author of the Book of James states that a “…double-minded man is unstable in all his ways” (Jas. Even now, anytime, anywhere takes me a minute to fall into a deep trance meditation it’s that easy.
One of the reasons why I meditate is to bring more of the spirit into me, my physical body. Some need to begin with concentration (which is not really meditation) while others are ready for more advanced forms. Quelle est la source creative de tous ces fruits?ZAZEN EST LE SECRET DU ZENQu'est ce que le zazen?
Jews will teach you that the yetzer hara, or “evil inclination” of the lower nature, constantly seeks to usurp the holiness a Jew is called to. Although if I could request some help i’v seem to come to a block, my breath stops and then it feels like something is pulling me out of my body. The practice of counting or following the breath is often given to beginners but it is not limited to those new to the practice—the sensation of breath entering and leaving your body will be with you your whole life.
The abbot at Yokoji, Tenshin Roshi, is a master of both koan and shikantaza and uses both in his teaching. C'est la meditation assise dans la posture traditionnelle du lotus, pratiquee par l'etre humain depuis la prehistoire. Samadhi is deeply entering into the openness that letting go cultivates, always broadening the scope of releasing self-attachment.
Over time, bodies change; what used to be comfortable will no longer work, and other variations become possible.
Therefore the outward commandments in Torah were necessary to constantly remind them about the inner conscious experience of being connected with God. Although I have read a lot of information on the subject, I don’t really feel it would benefit me at this time.
People who think that can skip this part in order to get into true meditation usually accomplish very little in the end! Even though it is hard to express in words, something quite special is happening in the background here. Therefore I have to be honest and say I don’t really understand why this is happening to you.
Remember, the Jewish sages also taught how important it is to gain the power of prolonged concentration. Essentially you will be engaging in state of consciousness that is beyond normal waking, deep sleep, or dreaming. En 1967, Maitre Taisen Deshimaru, disciple et successeur du grand maitre Kodo Sawaki, apporte la pratique de ce zazen en Europe, plantant ainsi la graine originelle dans une terre nouvelle.La postureAssis au centre du zafu(coussin rond), on croise les jambes en lotus ou en demi-lotus.
Some scientists are now admitting that new nerve cells and pathways are actually growing in the brain during this process.  Personally, I believe you begin to awaken the 90% of the brain that scientists say we don’t use.
Si on rencontre une impossibilite et qu'on croise simplement les jambes en tailleur, il convient neanmoins de pousser fortement le sol avec les genoux. La colonne vertebrale bien erigee, menton rentre et par la-meme nuque etiree, le nez a la verticale du nombril, on pousse la terre avec les genoux et le ciel avec le sommet du crane.Posez la main gauche sur la main droite, paumes vers le ciel, les pouces se touchant en formant une ligne droite.
Le regard est pose a environ un metre de distance sur le sol sans regarder quelque chose en particulier.La respirationLa respiration zen n'est comparable a aucune autre.
Elle vise avant tout a etablir un rythme lent, puissant et naturel base sur une expiration douce, longue et profonde.
L'air est rejete lentement et silencieusement par le nez, tandis que la poussee due a l'expiration descend puissamment dans le ventre. Les maitres comparent le souffle zen au meuglement de la vache ou a l'expiration du bebe qui crie aussitot ne.L'attitude de l'espritAssis en zazen, on laisse les images, les pensees, les formations mentales surgissant de l'inconscient passer comme nuages dans le ciel - sans s'y opposer, sans s'y accrocher. Comme les reflets dans un miroir, les emanations du subconscient passent, repassent et s'evanouissent. A un moment donne, il se levait et donnait un coup de baton sur l'epaule (a un endroit strategique ^^) ca permet de se recentrer en quelques sortes, j'ai trouve ca tres efficace. Le plus dur commence, vivre le zen au quotidien, pour soi, cela passe par la posture, l'assise, le silence, mais pas seulement, cela passe, par l'autre, et surtout l'autre, notre frere, notre s?ur, qui au dela de toute consideration, jugement de valeur, de conditionnement, de discrimination, dans la justesse et le don, la sagesse et la compassion, etre nous -meme, ici et maintenant.

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