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Fonts may just look like letters on a page, but the type styles definitely have distinctive personalities. Time to wrap up our favorite GIFs from the week, put a little bow on them and send them out into the world for you to enjoy.
Did you know that Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney's recently announced running mate, once paid a visit to Facebook headquarters and met Mark Zuckerberg? Apparently someone was staring at the Mitt Romney campaign logo for too long this morning while waiting for the presidential candidate to announce his VP pick on the deck of the USS Wisconsin. Steve Kardynal found the perfect way to not only display his extensive bikini collection but also bring a touch of delight to strangers. Internet users have probably come across at least one YouTube video so horrible, that even the comments are more entertaining. Feature, Funny, Top 10, YouTube .You can leave a response. This poor grandma's reaction to the infamous "2 girls 1 cup" video is absolutely hilarious. Don't ask me why, but for some reason The Boyfriend and I can't stop laughing about this video.
Maria MerchedizNovember 6, 2012 at 4:28 PMI love Calming The Baby Beast and the Talking Twins. Whenever I attend a show that features audio demos—be it CEDIA, CES, or any of the numerous regional audio shows—I make a point of cataloging the tracks I hear.
Over time, I've developed a list of my favorite tracks that test the mettle of any audio system.
Because there is such a wide variety of music—and musical taste—in the world, any list of 10 tracks can't please everyone.
The brilliance of Sly & Robbie is the way they work in tandem to create infectious dub-reggae rhythms and grooves.
Reproducing reference levels with this track, and rendering it to its full potential (in terms of bass extension and dynamics) requires an extraordinarily stout system. Tones on Tail recorded these two tracks back in 1983, but they were remastered in 1998 for the release of Everything!, and they sound great.
While not my cup of tea by any means, this track is a great test for any serious subwoofer or a truly full-range speaker system. The highlight of the track is an exquisitely captured organ that hits 20 Hz four times and 16 Hz once.
There's a lot of delicacy to Thievery's mix, but it does not employ any gimmicks—for example, there's no panning. No joke, this is likely the most sonically intense track on the list in terms of the sheer energy you feel when it plays. Turn up the volume on a full-range system, and an underlying subharmonic texture will emerge from the bass. Masters of deeply layered psychedelic electronica, Boards of Canada make music that reveals a system's ability to render a detailed and enveloping soundfield.

I saved the best for last, at least as far as what I enjoy hearing when pushing a system to its limits.
Classical is a lot tougher, Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition has some dramatic volume and chords that can challenge a system. Enya's The Celts is another album that I like to use for a wide sound stage that envelopes the listener.
When presented with low-fat lamb jerky, this five-month-old Labrador Retriever not only expresses his displeasure, but we're detecting a bit of fear.
If you’re like the rest of us, you probably blocked out that entire awkward time between elementary school and high school. We've rounded up ten examples where that is true, starting off with the resolution insults above.
You start off by looking for a preview of that movie you thought about seeing this weekend. Although there are literally thousands of hilarious videos on YouTube, I have some favorites that I turn to for a good laugh once in a while. I remember the first time I saw this video I literally couldn't stop laughing, and had to watch it ten more times. He regularly shows me the ridiculous videos he finds on YouTube, but the people in this video are just hysterical. The best demos use music that's carefully selected to highlight one or more desirable attribute of the system, and in that context, it's always a bonus if I am already familiar with the tracks. It's the music I listen to when I review speakers and audio gear, and it's definitely not the usual selection of audiophile favorites from Diana Krall, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, etc. For this list, I gravitated toward tracks that I'm intimately familiar with, which makes them useful as tools for subjective speaker and sound-system evaluation. All of these cuts come from great albums, so if you get a chance, check out the other tracks.
Typically, their production is as top-notch as their musicianship—these guys are among the best reggae artists in the world when it comes to playing drums and a bass.
It’s dub heaven, and don't be surprised if you wind up listening to the entire album several times in a row.
The production is exceptional, blending Daft Punk's electronica with The London Symphony to great effect. My whole room starts to physically vibrate—not rattle, mind you; it's more like a small earthquake. These selections are as rock and roll as I'm going to get with this list, featuring some fine distorted electric guitar and bass work. Wide dynamic range is the name of the game here, so you'll want to turn the volume way up to feel the full impact of the recording. Mind you, every organ note in the performance is a pleasure to hear, and the singing is heavenly as well.
However, the bass line can easily become bloated when played on a system that doesn't handle low-frequency reproduction well.

What I enjoy about it—aside from the chill beat—is the deep, almost ethereal bass line that comes in at the halfway point. Listening to this track ofn a system with deep bass extension and plenty of dynamic headroom is as much a physical experience as it is aural.
It's especially interesting to hear the layering and the synthetic textures contained in the track.
I was demoing a system by Gamut, a Danish company that makes some truly great-sounding speakers as well as the electronics to drive them. Synth pads create an ambient wash that envelops you, while a music-box melody and a few detuned synth notes guide you through the journey. It's a great track that is equally intriguing played loud or quiet, and it remains an compelling listen even on speakers with limited bass extension. It evolves from a mix of glitch, noise, and percussion to an ambient and almost meditative blend of a male chant, an ethereal chorus, and ghostly, almost-subliminal voices. The way to listen to Bassnectar is to turn up the subs, engage the surround upmix, and sit back to enjoy the trip. Follow our team for updates featuring event coverage, new product unveilings, watch industry news & more! I hope you will post a comment with your own top-10 list of test tracks, which could well be totally different from mine.
You need a flat response that also digs deep to experience this track properly—as you'd expect from a Snoop Dogg joint. If your system is properly dialed in, all the recorded elements of this smooth groove come through in perfect proportion.
If your subs are up to it, you'll marvel at intricate use of deep bass near the end of the composition.
The vocals are a bit robotic, and almost spoken rather than sung; they anchor the track quite well by floating dead center as the rest of the instruments envelop them.
This band knows how to produce music that truly surrounds you—even when it's played through a two-channel system.
Listen for judicious use of echo, panning, and reverb that creates the distinctive Jamaican dub vibe—systems that image accurately will have a distinct advantage in getting the best effect out of it. You won’t need a sub to hear these tracks at their best, just a good pair of speakers that don’t get congested in the mid-bass region during challenging segments.
Moreover, this track demands multiple attentive listening sessions, such is its complexity.

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