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Easy to identify, yet probably difficult to define, conceptualize, and measure what does self-confidence mean?. Lets get straight to the point you were not born with self-confidence, that is, self-confidence is not something innate this can be taught, nurtured and built over the years, at any stage in life.
Your degree of confidence is truly the outcome of how you perceive yourself – which is eventually how people will perceive you. Therefore if you dont have a high degree of self-confidence or a huge deal of self-esteem then its mostly because you are concentrating on your negative traits and on what you are doing wrong.
The most talented person on earth has to build confidence in his talents from the foundation of faith and knowledge, like anybody else.
Self-confidence is an approach which lets individuals have positive yet reasonable viewpoints of themselves and their conditions.
Having self-confidence does not necessarily mean that people will be able to do everything.
People who are not self-confident rely extremely on the consent of other people in order to feel good about themselves.

They often place themselves down and tend to disregard or overlook remarks and praises paid to them. Self-confidence is not essentially a general trait or characteristic which permeates all aspects of a persons life. Confidence is the personal ownership of no one; the person who has it learns it and goes on learning. The device will be different from one person to the other, but the necessary job is similar.
Self-confident people trust their own skills and abilities, have a general sense of influence in their lives, and believe that, within reason, they will be able to do what they desire, plan, and anticipate. Self-confident people do have expectations and standards that are realistic and reasonable. On the other hand, self-confident people are willing to risk the disapproval of others because they normally believe in their own skills and abilities. Usually, people will have some aspects of their lives where they think they are quite confident, for instance, academics and sports, while at the same time they do not feel confident at all in other fields, for example, personal appearance, social relationships, among others.

RockStar!” Siri Shakti Kaur There is one very important reason why so many working mothers feel a lack of Self Confidence.
Confidence and attitude are accessible to all of us according to our skills and requirements not somebody elses as long as we make use of our talents and develop them. Even if some of their standards are not met, they remain to be positive and to accept themselves. With the increasing roles that mothers play, anything from, wife, mother, career women, etc.

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