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It’s less about ability or talent, and more about the mindset we approach our goals with.  Dweck describes the differences between a fixed and growth mindset and shows how the mindset we adopt dramatically influences our life in sports, business, relationships and parenting.
This is a book about happiness.  But it’s not all flowers and rainbows and messages to “just think positively!”  Dr.
I’ve always been ambitious.  But the danger of ambition is that you postpone happiness until your goal is reached  …and then you set another goal and happiness is on hold once again. This is a book that offers a new perspective of money.  It is aimed at achieving financial independence, and shows that it might be closer than you think.
If we calculate our real hourly wage by considering how much of our expenses occur because of our job (commuting, clothes, escape entertainments, meals, etc), is it still worth it?  Is frittering our money (life!) on that “gazingus pin” that offers no real fulfilment really worth it?  Or maybe we need less than we think we do.
This book considers values, fulfilment and purpose while outlining practical steps toward financial independence.
In the War of Art, Pressfield describes the ‘Resistance’ we encounter when we’re looking to make a positive change in life.
The justifications in our head, the distractions, the shadow activities and fake addictions, the people who lead us astray.  These are all manifestations of Resistance.
Our relationships with other people can have a huge impact on our quality of life.  Most of us believe we have great people skills but they get tested when ‘the stakes are high’.
Have you ever fallen out with someone over something ridiculous?  Do you struggle to get your point across in difficult or emotionally charged situations?  Do you struggle to communicate with your family?  Spouse? I’m not suggesting that we need all aspire to some massive dream, aiming to change the world for millions – or make millions. Transport : preferez-vous marcher, faire du velo, prendre les transports en commun ou conduire votre voiture ?
Maison : preferez-vous vivre dans un quartier urbain plutot huppe ou dans un quartier tranquille ? Nourriture : preferez-vous acheter par envie ou faites-vous des listes avant de faire vos courses ?
Plus cher : acheter par envie (impulsion) des produits prepares ou hors saison (des fraises en hiver par exemple). Assurances : preferez-vous faire confiance a votre assureur ou negociez-vous toujours vos contrats ? Je travaille dans le secteur du marketing digital depuis plus de 15 ans et partage sur ce blog mon experience de consultant et formateur. In 1979, at the ripe old age of 18 years old I moved out of the house, and the first thing I did was buy my very first television set. Being young I figured everyone thought about money the way I did, because it just made sense, right?

When people don’t address their financial picture, or make realistic plans for the future, they simply will never get to experience the freedom or sense of security and joy that being solvent and debt-free offers.
Your Money or Your Life is a book that was first published in 1992, and is based on a course designed by the authors (Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin) on how to live simple, more fulfilling lives based around our true purpose, whatever that looks like to the individual.
More than three-quarters of a million people have found the keys to gaining control of their money, and their lives, in this revolutionary book on money management.
I recently passed 500 books on my ultimate reading list of everything I’ve read since I turned 18 (I’m now 28), and I thought it would be fun to share my 10 favourite books of all time. This book (and various blogs) is also what really started to get me interested in minimalism, and I think that would have been incredibly useful to me as a teenager – especially when I was going through my phase of collecting DVDs (this was before the days of online streaming). Expending effort, struggling, failing, and eventually overcoming obstacles on a path towards something valuable to us, is where we find the greatest rewards.
Dans le livre "Your money or your life", Vicki Robin et Joe Dominguez reconcilient le bonheur et l'argent. Vicki Rabin et Joe Dominguez y pronent le controle de soi et une certaine forme de responsabilite, la frugalite. But besides these, there was always a second part to my relationship with money – and that was that I always had a financial plan in place that would help me achieve my goals, whatever they would be at the time.
Folks who continue to carelessly spend, spend, spend, putting more and more stuff on credit, taking vacations they can’t afford, making minimum payments on their credit cards, loans and mortgages, are just getting themselves deeper and deeper in debt, and guess what? Although it was written in 1992, it is a timeless resource to have on your personal finance bookshelf. Commencer a gerer ses depenses permet de faire un constat parfois difficile : nos depenses ne correspondent pas toujours a ce que nous voulons faire de notre vie et nous rendent malheureux.
Pour notre bien et celui de la planete, arretons de consommer pour toujours avoir plus, mais au contraire consommons pour nous rendre heureux. I’d mow the neighbours lawns in the summer and rake up their leaves in the fall, babysit their kids, and for a couple of years I even went door to door selling crap from a catalogue just to earn a few bucks! Why would anyone lock themselves into 12 months of high interest payments when they could be done in 3 month instead? And I can tell you that this is a very, very dangerous road to go down, especially if people truly want to gain control over both their lives, and their future happiness.
They never get to have a life free from the shitty jobs and asshole bosses they are chained to, simply because their financial picture never changes. It was a huge inspiration to me in my financial education when I first read it 10 years ago, and helped shaped many of my thoughts and beliefs that still drive me today.
We can enjoy a better quality of life and have a positive impact on those around us – be it our children, parents, work-colleagues, friends, or just the everyday people we share our world with.

The point is this: Even at 11 and 12 years old, I was keenly aware that I needed to work hard and save up myself to buy whatever it was that was on my radar at the time. None of it made any sense to me, and therefore I figured it wouldn’t make sense to other people.
It’s a vicious cycle  that never ends, and one that does not scream of a life of joy and fulfillment. If this sounds like you to some degree, you may not have even been aware it was happening, having gotten so caught up in it all that you don’t know how to get out, or off the hamster wheel that keeps you going in circles. I highly recommend this book to anyone, especially those who are tired of being in debt, and worry that they are stuck in a bottomless pit with no hope… because this book is the hope.
They help you evaluate assets, where you spend your money, how to minimize spending, how to maximize your income, where to invest your money for a fair return with very low risk and how to choose priorities for your life. La frugalite est la derniere etape du processus : elle consiste a faire des choix dans vos depenses en fonction de vos objectifs de vie. Pourquoi ne pas avoir renegocie votre contrat d’assurance plus tot, vous auriez ainsi pu partir en vacances une semaine de plus ? But there is one catch: For this program to work for you, you must actually buy it, read it, and apply it to your life. It also includes such ideas as volunteer vacations where you spend your time benefiting a community in exchange for room and board.
Pourquoi est-ce que vous continuez a fumer et a prendre votre voiture pour aller chercher le pain ? Being a prep cook making around $3:00 per hour, I knew this kind of payback wasn’t going to fly, but I really wanted the television! Being 60 or 70 years old and still going to horrible jobs, denying themselves of any true happiness and enjoyment, all because they “needed” to have the biggest house, newest iPhone, a fancier car every three years and an overpriced timeshare in Maui for the 20 or 30 years prior? Another suggestion is to get exercise around the house as you do chores, rather than spending money on a health club membership.
Etre frugal, c’est choisir de depenser selon vos besoins, en etant responsable de la planete.
It wasn’t easy, but I did what I had to do (including eating pancakes for dinner 3 nights a week) until the whole amount was paid off, in just 3 months!

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