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Don’t be turned away by the advanced poses on the challenge, I am unable to do all of them as well. Here’s how to do the official challenge using Instagram. Keep in mind that these hosts are very advanced, so look for the modifications and always be kind to your body. YAX NewsletterSign up for our the YogaAthletex Newsletter for latest news on classes and nutrition information. Yoga is in right now, so why not take that trend another step forward with a super rare, SpitDudes Yoga Top! Gina Guarascio Murdock is the founder of the Aspen Yoga Society, a certified yoga teacher, massage therapist, world traveller and intrepid explorer, as well as a journalist, environmentalist and avid cyclist, swimmer, kayker, surfer and skier.
She is a certified Bikram yoga Instructor as well as a Yoga Alliance certified instructor with an emphasis on alignment based Hatha yoga. Kate Olson is the co-creator of the Aspen Yoga Society and a certified yoga and pilates instructor. River Morgan (pictured left) As a third generation yogini, River Morgan started practicing yoga and meditation as an infant.
River is a certified yoga, meditation & Gyrotonic instructor, and holds the credentials to lead teacher trainings for yoga and meditation through Yoga Alliance. River’s classes encourage you to be fully in the moment and dive into your body, mind & spirit as they truly are. Jacqueline Trombly has been teaching Yoga and Pilates in Aspen since 2001. She has been inspired by the passionate determination and the disciplined athleticism that is a way of life in this special mountain town.
I am an unapologetic proponent of human powered transportation like bicycles & cross country skis and an advocate for joyful, sustainable communities and for keeping some places entirely wild.
I am an unabashed lover of bicycles, gardens, birds, bees, rivers, mountains, libraries, literature, art, music, dance, children, flowers, clouds, blue skies, oceans, starry nights, naps, laughter, poetry, architecture, and good conversations over leisurely meals. One of the classes is taken by the World Champion Freediver Sara Campbell, four-times world record holder. Annette Meade: enjoys sharing with readers her observations and impressions from around the community.
Cynthia Benjamin: has taken on a newly-created role of Assistant Multimedia Editor for Sponsored Content and Social Media at the Democrat and Chronicle. Karen Miltner: refuses to leave the house without at least two cups of coffee, for fear of being pulled over for DWD (driving while decaffeinated). The former professional house cleaner and nude art model (she posed in her birthday suit for senior citizen community art class, where the most frequently asked question was: "Are you cold, dear?") has been covering food, cooking and restaurants for the Democrat and Chronicle since 2000. A firm believer that hunger is the best sauce, Miltner's favorite ways to get hungry including biking, hiking, swimming, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and reading cookbooks in bed. Miltner lives in Geneva with her husband, Dennis Ferlito, a fourth-generation vegetable farmer. Jane Sutter: became editor of community partnerships and niche content in November 2011, a position new to the Democrat and Chronicle.

We will be focusing on building our entire core area, not only for beach season but to build strength in our lower backs. So on top of this core pose challenge we will be working on our core with planks: holding high planks, side planks, and low planks.
We seek to find leaders in the yoga community that are interested in helping lead the community in supporting important local and global causes. She is currently expanding her knowledge through regular training in the Iyengar method with master teachers as well as Vinyasa flow yoga.
Kate is also a full-time Aspen resident with a passion for the mountains and disco dancing. Her formal practice began during early childhood at an Ashram in Los Angeles and amongst practitioners in Aspen where she grew up. Desikachar, Robert Svoboda, Nancy Gilgoff, and Shiva Rea. She has studied Ayurveda and transpersonal psychology to create a blend of body-mind-spirit integration.
Jacqueline has called Aspen home since 1989, staying close to home and skiing for college but taking plenty of time to travel the world.
She feels blessed because she found the gift of yoga at an early age from her parents who are both dedicated students and teachers. Yoga found its natural home in Dahab when, not long ago, it was a real hippy and hang out for alternative living. Come and try it, have some fun and maybe even learn something new about yourself – who knows where it might lead you! She works across departments as an editor and writer of sponsored content and social media. She's always on the lookout for a stylish deal to inform D&C readers, whether it's a too good to be true deal on a home or the latest sale at a local boutique. She is an eternal omnivore who has a deep love and respect for tofu, especially when it's prepared with pork. So not only do I want to dive into this challenge to strengthen my core, I want you to join with me! I believe this works better than the typical “ab crunch.” So who is in to get their backs to be pain free?!
A lifelong study of movement and the body guides her teaching & practice which has been refined as River has evolved as a yoga instructor over the past 19 years. She holds a bachelors degree from the Colorado College in Sustainable Development with a minor in Dance. She blends her love of vinyasa, restorative, ashtanga, yoga synergy, meditation, pranayama, reiki and dance into her practice and classes. Today there are more and more yoga courses and classes going on and if you want to feel fit during your holiday you can take a look at the Yoga classes you can join near Eldorado Lodge. This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures—a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs.

She plays tennis, drinks good wine and frequents coffee shops in the city, where she lives at Neighborhood of the Arts. She's married to a Marine and lives in Brighton with an aspiring fashionista daughter and a Pomeranian named Princess.
When she left her job as a reporter at the Democrt and Chronicle to have more time with her family, Marketta agreed to write a column on religion and spirituality.
I know that is my daily goal and always will be something I have to work at on a daily basis for the rest of my life.
River has been featured in many publications for her yoga classes and retreats, including Yoga Journal, Forbes magazine, and as a model for the Giam and Jade Catalogues and products. I specialize in transformational Power Vinyasa yoga which I like to combine with restorative yogic components.  With this powerful combination you will be on an inspiring path to becoming love, abundance, joy, creation and light. Her background includes studies and exploration into the fine art world and the healing arts realm. Her career as a journalist spans more than 25 years, first with the Chicago Tribune, then as a freelancer, and since 1996 with the Democrat and Chronicle Media Group. She's close to receiving her Master's degree in Innovation Management at Rochester Institute of Technology.
She's completed four marathons and dozens of shorter races, but really just loves to run – alone or with her friends. She has worked as a reporter or editor for newspapers in Iowa, Illinois, Florida, South Carolina and Elmira, where she was executive editor of the Star-Gazette. As Patricia has always said as words of encouragement to me, “It’s not what you can do, it’s what you will do.” So let’s do it! I founded of the Global Yoga Institute which aims to inspire the global yoga community into active service.I also host a bi-weekly radio show on Aspen Public Radio.
Victoria loves great food, incredible wine and lives in a 190-ish-year-old farm house in Penfield with her husband. She holds a master's degree in media management and a bachelor of journalism degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Jacqueline has recently been certified through Master trainer Debra Rose in the Gyrotonic expansion system as well. Her formal yoga training is rooted in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga but she derives inspiration from a myriad of traditions.
She has studied alignment with Iyengar-based Anusara teacher John Friend, creative movement and sequencing with Shiva Rea, Baron Baptiste, Jonny Kest, Sean Corne, and she continues to travel and learn.

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