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Yoga Nidra accesses the subconscious mind, relaxing the body, releasing stress and anxiety, and creating lasting positive change and integration. Yoga nidra melts your mind so that you can cast good creative impressions on it thereby increasing receptivity.
Yoga nidra augments the capacity of receptivity and attention and awakens the joy of learning in young students. Yoga nidra helps in regaining the point of balance and harmony in every sphere of existence.
Yoga nidra acts as an ideal antidote to preserve childs natural abilities and creative faculties in the most effortless and spontaneous way.
Yoga nidra helps in combating diseases that have sprung up with new dimensions and reached a peak in the last few decades.
Yoga nidra as a Process of Releasing Yoga nidra restructures and transforms our whole personality form within. Yoga nidra is a practice which can be widely applied in the modern world to improve the quality and happiness of human life. Relaxation: yoga nidra is the best and most permanent method of inducing deep relaxation of the entire human structure and personality. Psychological problems: yoga nidra acts directly in eradicating deep-rooted psychological complexes, neuroses, inhibitions, etc.
Psychosomatic ailments: yoga nidra helps to remove a vast number of ailments that are predominantly mental in cause, such as high blood pressure. Physio-psychological rejuvenation of the entire human organism can be brought about by yoga nidra.

Mind exploration and awakening: yoga nidra opens up the potential of the human mind and also awakens the faculty of intuition.
The rotation of awareness harmonizes the nervous system, balances pranic flows and renders the mind-one pointed.
Psychic sleep: to other people, possibly those who have been practicing yoga nidra for an extended period of time, yoga nidra will mean a state of conscious dreaming, where one will see visions of the subconscious mind. Sleepless sleep: this is the highest state of yoga nidra where one balances on the razor's edge between introversion and extroversion.
Yogi Desai's classic book reveals how to repair and strengthen our relationships, including the most important one of all a€“ the one we have with ourselves.
Begin by exploring Yoga Nidra as a personal practice and then become a certified guide for your clients and students. For anyone looking for a quick increase to their immunity through mini detoxification or who have had Panchakarma and need a boost.
An in-depth study of the Guru-Disciple relationship exploring Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion. In our studio before the yoga nidra session you will be taught how to set a mental resolve known as a Sankalpa in yoga nidra.
Come join us if you have any questions please call the teacher listed as the Yoga Nidra facilitator and she will be happy to answer any of your questions. Offering an extended yoga nidra at the end of a yoga class or a class solely based on yoga nidra is a great gift to your students. During the practice of yoga nidra, one appears to be sleep, but the consciousness is functioning at the deeper level of awareness.

With every session of yoga nidra we are actually burning our old samskaras, habits and tendencies in order to be born anew. Sankalpa’s can be many things but stated with awareness and being spoken from the heart the universe hears these heart felt words and life responds.
In yoga nidra, sowing of seeds of change is found in sankalpa, which you make for yourself during each practice.
If your Sankalpa does not spring from your heart right away, not to worry we have some suggestions you can choose from until your personal Sankalpa becomes clear.
Normally when we sleep, we loose track of our self and cannot utilize this capacity of mind. The practice of Yoga Nidra is like planting a seed, watering it, loving it and soon the practice takes root and grows into a beautiful part of your life. Yoga nidra enables the person to be conscious in this state and nurture the seed of great will power, inspire the higher self, and enjoy the vitality of life. The practice enhances any meditation practice as well as any mind body practices you may already have in your life.

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