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The California College of Ayurveda offers Ayurvedic Education in the United States, in its headquarters in Nevada City, California. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Yoga Nidra creates an altered state of consciousness allowing the practitioner to enter the realm of subconscious and create effective changes in their life through physical rejuvenation, and the introduction of positive affirmation. During a typical class, teachers use a variety of techniques — including guided imagery and body scanning — to aid relaxation. June 14, 2015 20 Comments Do you feel chronically stressed out, overwhelmed, worried, or anxious? Are you suffering from insomnia because your brain won’t shut down when you want to sleep?
According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, American Institute of Stress, NY, 77% of Americans regularly experience physical symptoms related to stress.
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, reducing my bad stress (worry, fear, anxiety, what if, perfectionism, people pleaser, etc.,) was a must. Yoga Nidra allows for deep healing to take place at both a cellular & subconscious level.
I strongly encourage you to sign up for my Sunday morning in person yoga nidra sessions in Salem, NH. If you liked this article, please share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
The more I come to understand the full effects of stress in my life the more I am convinced of the harm it has when not properly handled with.
Wow Peggy, I had not heard of Nidra Yoga before and I look forward to your recorded sessions so that I can experience this for myself! Peggy thanks for the info- I have tried Yoga Nidra both from youtube and locally at a Yoga Centre and have got great benefit from it- Going to the class is good and need to make it a weekly ritual and then do daily.
Chara recently posted…In the whirl of ecological problems and solutions, how do you choose your role? Yoga Nidra (Deep Relaxation) is composed in such a way, that it fits both beginners and advanced students. The Main Menu you can access by clicking on the icon “3 lines”, at the top right of the screen. The Submenu of each menu item under the main menu will be visible when you click on the icon “3 dots and lines”, at the top left of the screen. Nidra is a special form of meditation that requires you to lay perfectly still on the floor under blankets. Stress that’s caused by our subconscious conflict-creating patterns is thought to be built into our psychology from birth. Karma is at the root of what we believe as our problems, with suffering caused by self-inflicted conflict – a conflict between what we want and what is real.
When it’s time to fall asleep, you don’t have it hanging over you, bothering you and cluttering up your mind.
Laying down helps the body to clear out these chemical deposits through the bloodstream, making you feel more relaxed.

About the Author: Lily Goncalves is the founder and director of the Blooming Lotus Yoga schools of Bali and Thailand.
Halpern’s unique approach to Yoga Nidra allows the individual to explore the subtle flow of life energy in the body and learn to release blockages to that flow.
It is intended to induce full-body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness.
Most people are familiar with the power of affirmations, but affirmations can be made infinitely more effective if one is to access the subconscious mind to plant the seed of a new belief. Unlike a quick Savasana at the end of an asana practice, Yoga Nidra allows enough time for practitioners to physiologically and psychologically sink into it — usually between 20 to 45 minutes. Having suffered from chronic fatigue for almost 15 years, as a result of food intolerance and allergies, Carmen re-established her health through yoga and nutrition. I was already practicing yoga, which I contribute to my healing from both divorce and breast cancer. If you are not local to southern New Hampshire,  my recorded Yoga Nidra meditations are available to purchase and download!
Stress in and of itself is not bad, a new understanding the more I learn from others perspective either through medical community or personal stories.
We carry tension from our work, our family life, and sometimes even during times when we’re supposed to be relaxing – like the holidays. These habits, patterns, belief systems, and self-concepts often control our lives, exerting a negative influence and prevent us from living a fully and joyous life.
In a sense, it’s the constant struggle, self-imposed biases, and irrational reactions to the impersonal nature of reality that cause suffering. The relaxed state of mind it puts you in means that you fall asleep faster, and have a deeper restorative sleep, than ever before.
Having received her Masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of British Columbia, Lily combined her knowledge of western psychology with the self-development tools of classical yoga and now offers yoga retreats to clients from around the world to help them heal both body and mind.
It is considered to be an active or preliminary form of meditation through many of the benefits of meditation are also realized through this state of consciousness. Halpern briefly explores the history, physiology and practice of this important meditation and healing art. He utilized this technique as a part of his personal healing journey from a life threatening autoimmune disease that crippled his body with arthritis and left him with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Yoga Nidra is a part of the Pratyahara, one of the eight limbs of yoga, and is so inherently powerful that it has been kept secret for nearly 4000 years until the 1960’s when it was reintroduced to western students by Parmahansa Stayananda Saraswati. Once you reach this deepest state of physical and mental relaxation, the nervous system unwinds, which is the foundation of the body’s well-being, and the mind becomes receptive to new concepts. As a result of her experiences Carmen has a great enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge on yoga and wellness.
In terms of dollars, it costs US employers $300 billion in stress related health care and missed work.
In 2009, five years after my original diagnosis, I stumbled into a a guided Yoga Nidra class at Kripalu.
I honestly believed that if everyone could feel the way I did after that session, the entire world would be a happy, saner, less stressed place.

During this practice, you allow your body and mind to engage your parasympathetic nervous system so that your whole body is able to rest, relax, recharge, and rejuvenate. I believe that Yoga Nidra will help you not only reduce an relieve stress but also help you live a happier and healthier life.
The poses that are a quintessential part of the activity help strengthen the body and provide focus for your mind while you’re meditating. It takes away the emotional response to “triggers” in life, allowing you to experience joy instead of stress. Whenever the body goes through heavy physical activity, calcium ions leak into the muscle cells, which causes the muscles to contract and subsequently feel tired. The easier other meditations become, and the more relaxed you will feel during and after your asanas.
Based on the tropical island of Bali, Indonesia, Lily continues her life-long work of offering the sacred wisdom of yoga to all her many students. As we access the subconscious through specifically designed sequences of visualizations you will have an opportunity to implant an affirmation of your choice, which will then manifest in your life. Yoga Nidra allows you a maximum relaxation in a minimum of time and has often proved to be an effective cure for insomnia.Yoga Nidra is a systematic method in developing inner awareness. After a few stretches, you’re asked to lay down for 45 minutes while you’re guided through levels of relaxation. You get angry at the object – it’s misplaced anger that grows and grows, creating more stress in your life. When you include it at the end of any asana sequence, it gives the mind time to assimilate the effects of what you’ve just done and it also helps to cool down your body and restore it to normal temperature. Halpern began to teach Yoga Nidra to his patients under the name “Self Healing Meditation”.
And discovering my unique stresses and taking a different approach in handling them is a wonderful thing. When you’re relaxed, it’s easier to clear out all of the mental “junk” that’s accumulated during the day.
I did enjoy this article and would so love to take a trip to Salem, NH sometime and have a salt cave experience.
Your mind becomes more flexible, and you reach a deep rest within yourself.You can use Yoga Nidra with the help of a guided recording on CD or tape or come to a class where a teacher is guiding you.
Halpern teaches Yoga Nidra in private sessions to his patients as well as in larger groups. He also certifies teachers to teach Yoga Nidra and has conducted workshops and training sessions internationally.

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