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Are you seeing things in yourself that you you are missing and would like to bring out into your life again?
With yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditative walks and seated meditation you will reconnect to yourself. This year we offer a five day meditation retreat in the beautiful area of Peniche, Portugal.
The five day retreat will rejuvenate and refresh you in a short time with instructions in yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation.
In addition to the retreat program that includes yoga, meditation and mindfulness exercises, you will still have time in your yoga holiday to enjoy the beaches and attractions.
For years, travelers seeking serenity and spiritual renewal have made their way to India's ashrams and retreat centers to learn the wisdom of ancient practices like yoga, meditation and Ayurveda healing.
From by-donation yoga programs at a southern India center to luxury wellness retreats at an upscale Himalayas destination spa, these 10 retreat centers accommodate every budget and level of interest, from the yoga-curious to experienced meditation practitioners. The Art of Living International Center, a 65-acre campus located on top of the Panchagiri Hills outside Bangalore, is a popular destination for peace-seekers from abroad heading to India for the ashram experience. Experience the healing and transforming effects of yoga and meditation in this revitalizing and renewing weekend at Anahata Yoga Retreat. Learn a range of valuable practices to help you achieve more balance and harmony in your daily life. A unique opportunity to receive practices and insights to suit your personality, body type, health challenges and get direction or a personal program, therapeutic applications and health consultations according to your needs. May 11 - 13: Anahata Yoga Retreat, Yoga and Sacred Feminine Weekend RetreatYoga and Sacred Feminine – Weekend Retreat During this sacred and powerful weekend we share from the heart, shedding light into the spaces that are often hidden and pushed aside in the hustle and bustle of daily life. April 6 - 9: Anahata Yoga Retreat, Nurturing Positivity through Yoga – Easter Weekend RetreatWith international guests Rishis Nityabodha and Yoga Diwali from Australia A positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and a successful outcome of every situation and action. Thai Yoga Massage blends the best of Yoga and Massage in a dynamic fusion of assisted yoga postures, massage, acupressure, energy work and meditation. Based in the ancient science of Ayurveda, Thai Yoga Massage is customized for each individual to release tension, improve muscle flexibility and tone, balance the nervous system, and provide deep relaxation to body and mind. A Thai Yoga Massage also incorporates martial arts moves, rhythmic motion, palming and thumbing along energy lines, gentle stretching, and breathwork, creating a flowing “dance” around and with the recipient’s body. In this five day intensive Thai Yoga Massage Training program you will learn and apply a full 90-minute Thai Yoga Massage sequence that utilizes yoga postures, passive stretching, acupressure, energy work, massage and meditation to assist clients in reducing tension, enhancing flexibility, experiencing deep relaxation and improving overall well being. This Level 1 Thai Yoga Massage course, facilitated by  Heather Agnew of Yoga Trinity, teaches you a complete 90-minute massage, focusing on the four foundations of Thai Yoga Massage  – awareness, body mechanics, movement, and massage techniques using hands, knees, feet, and elbows. The unique system of imparting knowledge and experience that was created by the Lotus Palm school allows students to learn, practice, and integrate the teachings of the Essential Level in two-5 day trainings. Upon completion of this course you will have the ability to customize massages for different body types and common ailments, and build a dynamic healing practice.
This training course is ideal for yoga instructors, personal trainers and massage therapist to diversify their services, but open to all those who wish to share the power of touch. Over the last twelve years, Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage School has successfully trained thousands of Thai Yoga Massage practitioners and set them on the path towards establishing a successful business of their own, and with outstanding results!
There is only one main prerequisite: Metta, the ability to express loving kindness, which is engrained in all humankind.
That does not mean that after 2 weeks you are done learning; the Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage Training Program consists of 3 levels and 6 courses.
To best understand the theories behind Thai Yoga Massage, and examine the benefits of this ancient healing art, I really couldn’t have said it better than Lotus Palm founder Kam Thye Chow. In the temples of Thailand many centuries ago, a dynamic bodywork therapy based on yoga, ayurveda and the martial arts was born. Kam Thye Chow, founder of Lotus Palm and author of many books on Thai Yoga Massage and Thai Yoga Therapy has created a page on YouTube to offer an introduction and instruction in the art of Thai Yoga Massage. The full cost includes the Thai Yoga Massage training course, accommodation and 3 delicious, healthy vegan meals each day.

The cost for the massage training includes accommodation at the retreat centre from the night before the training commences, as well as all meals from the first morning of the training until lunch on the last day.
The Thai Yoga Massage Level 2 training begins the following week, running from Wednesday 23rd – Sunday 27th February 2011.
You can register for Thai Yoga Massage Training Level 1 online by clicking the link below .
Opportunities for further study with Thai Yoga Massage Levels 2-6 are available around the world.
Anyone can take the Life Skills and Thai Yoga Massage Level I Practitioner Training programs, they are great skills to share with family, friends, yoga students or clients.
Thai Yoga Massage Level II is available to those who have completed the Level I Practitioner Training program. Check with your governing body, but in the case of the YTAA you can use this course to attain CPD points and even upgrade your membership from Provisional to Full and beyond. Unwind and rejuvenate with daily yoga and meditation sessions, delicious cleansing, organic food and massages that will melt away all of your stress. Our Yoga sessions are perfect for all levels of experience, from complete beginners to advanced. Inspiring Soul Sessions will give you practical tools to teach you how to clear the blocks that hold you back, and how to get you loving your life and living your dreams. By spending some blissful time in an incredible setting, you have the wonderful opportunity to get relaxed and indulge in ultimate self-care, an opportunity to truly restore yourself. You will go home not only feeling wonderfully refreshed, but armed with tools to clear what is blocking your way from living the life of peace, health and happiness that you want. At Vagabond Temple, we offer an ongoing yoga and meditation retreat program where every day is filled with several yoga, meditation classes, and dharma talks. We give our guests the unique opportunity to co-design your individual retreat by having total freedom in deciding what day to begin and determining how long you would like to stay. We offer short stay options for those who want to get acquainted with yoga and meditation and our centre or those who simply don’t have much time but desire a relaxing getaway. Our intensive July Spiritual Retreats will increase mindfulness and awareness and create real change in your daily life.
Our Community Member Program is for people who can commit to a minimum period of two months in a spiritual community environment. Vagabond Temple is a place I came looking for peace, restoration, invigoration and learning.
The accommodation offers amazing views of the entire bay of Peniche and is just a 5 min walk to the beach.
He has completed a traditional three year retreat in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition and gives meditation instruction from a non sectarian approach. Whether you're looking for a disciplined daily meditation routine at a spiritual center or a luxury spa with a focus on wellness and healing, the country's many retreat centers all promise visitors stress reduction, self-discovery and an escape from a busy urban lifestyle.
With mountainside trails, gardens, a lake and organic farms surrounding the facility, it's the perfect place to get some peace and quiet. Set in a spectacular natural setting with mountain top views, Anahata is the perfect place to reconnect with your inner self. A perfect opportunity to be in nature, be natural and allow the freedom of self expression. Plus you can change your subscription preferences to receive every article via email if you're loving our content.
Thai Yoga Massage is practiced fully clothed on a floor mat and is accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. Counterbalancing and levering the recipient’s body with his own, the practitioner works with gravity, breath, and directed touch to create a harmonious and therapeutic “dance” with the recipient that imparts physical vibrancy, grace, and spiritual energy. In receiving Thai Yoga Massage, one is also receiving the benefits of the practice of Yoga.

In addition to stretching and tonifying the muscles, Thai Yoga Massage improves circulation, relieves muscular tension and spasm, helps expedite metabolism, boosts the immune system, and balances the body energetically, inducing a calm mental state.
You will incorporate the fundamentals of yoga and massage, with effortless, flowing transitions between postures; learning how to maintain proper body alignment and apply energy balance through Thai Energy Lines.
Lotus Palm School of Thai Yoga Massage will bring out the best of this passion in you and make it possible for you to be a professional Thai Yoga Masseur. However a great advantage of the Lotus Palm system is that you are able to benefit yourself, help your clients and start your massage business almost immediately.
The following is an informative excerpt from, Thai Yoga Massage – A Dynamic Therapy for Physical Well-Being and Spiritual Energy. In this unique healing system of Thai Yoga Massage, the practitioner guides the recipient through a series of yoga postures while palming and thumbing along the body’s energy lines and pressure points. You will then be sent an applicant details form, to be forwarded to the course coordinator.
These courses are ideal for yoga teachers, fitness professionals and massage practitioners wanting to diversify their services, but are open and accessible to anyone who wishes to share the power of touch. Please check with your governing body to ensure that this course is aligned with their guidelines.
If you are already a certified massage, yoga or fitness professional you can practice after taking Thai Yoga Massage Level I, providing your insurance provider has a cover for Thai Massage. Our website is still under construction and testing, so may appear a little messy and incomplete.
We work with the time frame you provide to create an individual approach to each person entering our spiritual home. We host an optional morning yoga class and evening meditation, but the rest of the day is free to provide our guests with the opportunity to rest, read, self-practice or go to the beach. You will receive three delicious healthy vegan meals in addition to your meaningful spiritual experience. The retreats use applied philosophy, life coaching techniques and combined practices from different spiritual traditions to provide a holistic experience for every aspect of your being. Take the time to engage in a deep learning experience, self- development and integrate spiritual practices into your daily life.
Vagabond Temple wasn’t there to fix me—they were there to give me the space to heal myself. We will provide some incredible vegan and vegetarian food on this retreat to fill your stomach and your soul. After breakfast, we come together again, for a workshop on mindfulness and meditation that will give you an opportunity to go deeper into your meditation practice. He has been teaching yoga and mediation since 2007 and carries a wealth of insights into the practices.
Guests (who come from all cultures and religious backgrounds) are invited to participate in voluntary service, helping with cooking, cleaning and general upkeep of the ashram. If you do not have prior training, you will need to increase your knowledge and training level through further levels of Thai Yoga Massage, Yoga, or Remedial Massage. As a free gift you’ll also receive a downloadable mp3 10-minute meditation that will take you on a beautiful short retreat in your mind.
Additionally, you can complement your yoga and meditation retreat by adding a detox program, Reiki course or healing sessions. Pazit has a lovely touch with her Reiki and Kobi’s energy makes you zen before even beginning meditation.
They are both a wealth of knowledge and set a tone that allow travelers from all countries to flourish and connect.

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