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Raja Yoga offers meditation classes, private lessons, weekend retreats, and a 100 hour meditation teacher certification program.
Meditation is the most advanced practice in yoga and can lead us to peace of mind, happiness, health, creativity, productivity, bliss states, and higher states of consciousness. Wesley Tudor is highly trained in meditation as practiced in the Himalayan Yoga Tradition, as well as in guided relaxation and biofeedback. We also offer weekend retreats at the Himalayan Institute, in Honesdale, PA, four times per year.
Trainings are offered once per year, and the next training begins this Spring, and the dates have been set. The cost of the training is $950, plus the weekend retreat, which as a participant in the program you will receive a substantial discount on. Marydale always stresses that the true purpose of yoga is to prepare the body to sit in meditation. This film is an entire Kundalini Yoga class, including tuning in, a 10 min wake up series, a full warm up, a kneeling sun salutation and a meditation.
This video does not replace the beauty and warmth and diverse experiences of a group class, where students can go more deeply into their practice, try new things and have lots of fun! In class we work on different Kriyas, sets of exercises with a desired and predicted result, physical, emotional and spiritual, and the results can be transformational. Asana practice can only be established through continuous dedication and meticulous refinement.
By Taylor Wells, the founder and owner of Prana Power Yoga™ (with five studios in Massachusetts and New York), author of Create the Best Life Ever and a United Nations Yoga Peace Ambassador.
When you cling to anything -- your thoughts, beliefs, positions, possessions -- and aren't willing to let your heart and mind bend back and forth a bit with the ideas and actions of others, you can easily be uprooted and slammed. When it comes to your own flexibility, what are you teaching your children, family, colleagues and friends -- or lack thereof?
Breathe under your arms, into all sides of your heart and let your breathing tell you when to move. Intro to Yoga is designed for students with no previous yoga experience or those needing a basic refresher course.

We start with some warm up which may consist of breathing exercises, relaxation, discussion, or a few stretches. These retreats include yoga classes, meditation, amazing vegetarian food, and outdoor recreational activities, all for only $305. We will look at and experiment with the techniques taught in all popular schools of meditation, but will focus on mantra-based meditation as is primary in yoga. Exploring the various meditation techniques following our asana practice has shown us how much easier it is to enter a meditative state after doing yoga.
At last, thanks to Jack Miller, Film Student Extraordinaire, and his mother, Anna Ward, trainee Kundalini Yoga Teacher and amazing child entertainer, here it is!!
For the whole class please donate ?12 towards Healing Spirits, to bring the gifts of healing Kundalini Yoga & Meditation to those who cannot easily access or afford it, young and old. But a home practice is a wonderful discipline and this one is designed for all levels, to give you a taster of Kundalini Yoga or a daily practice to keep you going between classes! This video may not go as deeply as a Kriya, but it is a wonderful way to keep your body and mind strong and flexible, to learn to meditate, and to stay calm and mindful as you go about your busy life.
Shri Mahayogi encourages to practice with fellow disciples and devotees at our regular classes in order to achieve the depth and focus required to progress. I believe that emotional, mental, and spiritual flexibility are virtuous and life-enhancing, and when it comes to yoga practice, paramount.
It means moving a little with the winds of the time and change while remaining solidly anchored in the earth. Would you identify yourself as intense or as someone who has a hard time laughing or enjoying things that challenge your opinions or routine?
As the founder of Prana Power Yoga™, it's not surprising that I'd suggest getting on your mat.
1 myth about yoga and the reason more people don't show up to practice), but it will naturally come about over time. After the meditation there is time to check in and to discuss experiences and trouble shoot any obstacles which arise. Cars leave from Philly on a Friday afternoon, we spend two nights, and return Sunday after lunch.

Thus far, we’ve explored sitting in lotus, walking meditation, using the crystal bowl to open the third eye, and staring at a candle flame.
Students have reported deeper and more profound meditations in the class than they’ve ever had before.
We hope you’ll join us in one or both of these classes to strengthen your body, de-stress, and connect with your inner guidance. For a preview you can view the introduction, sun salutation and meditation here, free of charge. The wake up series gives you energy and vitality and commitment for your day, while the warm up is a wonderful way to keep your spine supple and the chakras (energy centres) open and in balance. If what you notice on that journey is that you aren't as open and emotionally flexible as you thought or had hoped, that's great too, because now you have awareness and can take simple steps toward change. Maybe you don't need a full 10 seconds, but the point is to pause and take in what the person is telling you before reacting or thinking about your response.
And even more fun and amazing, once you cultivate a consistent yoga practice, emotional and spiritual flexibility will also come easier. If one is new to the practice, it is best to attend a couple of regular yoga classes at the studio first, as the basics are covered in all of our classes. Meditating with a group can give a helpful boost to your practice, and the sharing of experiences helps everyone to learn and grow. But when the storms come, the trees can be uprooted, while the reeds move back and forth with the wind (read: change) and remain grounded. Do you agree with what is proposed from a place of people-pleasing but feel emotionally resentful or angry? Private lessons are also available upon request, and is a good idea if one is completely new to meditation. It can literally be two minutes on your mat (which you can place strategically next to your bed before you fall asleep at night) in rag doll (standing forward bend) while slowly breathing in and out and setting your intention for the day.

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