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El Loto (nucifera de Nelumbo) simboliza la pureza, la belleza, la majestad, la gracia, la fecundidad, la riqueza, el conocimiento y la serenidad.
Los lotos tienen colores blancos y rosas en general y ellos crecen en aguas superficiales y oscuras. Las raA­ces del Loto son plantadas en la tierra de la charca o el lecho, mientras las hojas flotan encima de la superficie. El indio o Loto chino, nelumbo de nelumbium, tiene generalmente flores rosa aunque en blanco, la rosa y dobles variedades estA?n disponibles. Si usted esperA? demasiado tiempo y las hojas de Loto comenzaron a crecer, mantenerlas libre de tierra junto con cubrir la raA­z.
De el Loto tanta luz como sea posible hasta que el agua en su jardA­n se caliente a por lo menos 60 grado F. Cuidado debe ser tomado al insertar etiquetas de abono, porque la punta creciente y el nuevo crecimiento pueden ser daA±ados. Para finales del otoA±o, las hojas amarillas deben ser cortadas y la planta debe ser bajada a la parte mA?s profunda de la charca. Meditation Oasis is a company that provides a variety of guided meditation services and products.
It should be noted that the company also makes apps for Android, Blackberry, and Windows phone Devices! In addition to the various mental health benefits that can be derived from meditation, I have embraced meditation as a valid spiritual practice for myself due to the fact that I feel very grounded, clear-minded, focused, and at peace when I am mindful (a type of meditative practice).
For those hesitant to try the meditation apps outlined here, I would recommend starting with this app, as it was the first one that I purchased and provides mindfulness meditations of different lengths of time. This app also offers a variety of guided meditations that are focused on rest and relaxation (i.e diminishing stress and anxiety). What has worked for me is the deep rest meditation (13 minutes) which has helped me to calm my mind and fall into deep and refreshing sleep.
This app offers over 30 guided meditations, many of which are offered through the Meditation Oasis website. The three apps have simple start screens and offers instructions on how to use the application and how to meditate.
For the first two applications highlighted below, it takes approximately three finger taps to set up the meditation and is very user friendly!
Simply Being offers a mindfulness-type guided meditation that encourages the user to be present minded and invite the user to focus on his or her breath.
The user has a variety of options to tailor their meditation for sound (voice only, voice + music, voice + nature sounds) as well as length of meditation (5, 10, or 15 minutes).
Relax and Rest offers three types of guided meditation that leads the user into relaxing deeply. As with SimplyBeing, the user has a variety of options to tailor their meditation for sound (voice only, voice + music, voice + nature sounds).

This app also has three different types of meditations which include Breath, Deep Rest, and Whole Body meditations at 5, 13, or 24 minutes, respectively.
The Meditation Oasis app allows for access to many guided meditations that have been posted on the Meditation Oasis website.
Despite for a need to be connected to the internet, one can access these podcasts without an internet connection. Just be forewarned that the app will consume space on your iDevice for each sound file it has to store. It should be noted that due to having more features and functionality, this app is a little more complex than the previous two, but is also very user friendly.
The apps I have presented are very low-priced as compared to other apps I have downloaded off of the app store for much higher cost and much lower quality.
Much more experienced psychotherapists may not rely on these as much as the novice clinician would.
As previously mentioned, one can be at various levels of meditation to appreciate these apps. Social workers are in need of maintaining their self-care through this self-soothing technique of meditation. Much like with our clients, social workers (and other helping professionals) may be motivated to continue with this self-soothing technique if they feel any benefits in their own meditative practice! This is important if I am leading a client in session and want to be aware of how much more time I have left in the meditation. If you accidentally nudge the settings on the app, you will have to start your meditation all over! If using your iPhone in session or for your own self-care, please remember to put it in Airplane Mode to prohibit an incoming call from interrupting your meditation session.
I usually have a real singing bowl (although there is an app for that) and inform the client that we are starting the meditation by bring our thoughts to the present . If you have never struck a singing bowl, you might want to practice if you aren’t used to it!
Follow-up with the client if you feel a need to determine the extent to which the intervention impacted client.
Please consult with your clinical supervisor, as the information presented in this post does not constitute clinical advice or consultation.
I do not foresee any problems with leading a client in meditation in the afore-described manner I have just outlined. As far as recommending this app to a client, I would like for you to remember that these apps are tools for you, the social worker, to use.
That being said, I have not offered my clients the name of the app or have told them to buy it unless they ask me for information. MissionThese articles are intended to help practitioners, psychotherapists, students, and visionaries in social work (and related fields) to understand technology tools and utilize them so that one can be better organized, improve delivery of intervention, and promote personal and professional development.

VisionTo empower personal and professional development of helping professionals through the use of technology. This blog presents original content as arbitrarily as possible and will disclose partnerships, gains (potential or actual), and ethical considerations of suggestions and ideas presented here. Disclosure Policy and EthicsIn keeping with a pledge for integrity, I feel ethically bound to be open and honest when I write about a product or service. Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available at this page: Acceptable Use of Social Work Tech Files. La planta tiene sus raA­ces firmemente en el barro y con sus tallos largos a que sus hojas son conectadas.
Las flores del Loto son encontradas generalmente en tallos gruesos que suben varios centA­metros encima del agua. I have bought a few of their iOS apps and would recommend them for your own mindfulness practice and for clients!
This app does not have the sound files embedded into the app, thus an internet connection is required.
By starring a mediation (marking as a favorite), the app will download that particular meditation (i.e sound file) to your device for later use. That being said, when properly introduced to meditation, what it is, and the proper mental preparation going into it, I have seen the app work just as well with clients as with me leading the meditation. While not guaranteed, a client may be motivated to continue with this self-soothing technique if they feel any benefits in session with you.
When possible, I will take a time out, isolate myself properly (sign on the door), and sit in a guided meditation using the SimplyBeing app for 10 minutes. If your thoughts start to wander or new thoughts come into your mind, gently acknowledge them – without judgement – and let them flutter away”.
If the client buys into the exercise as much as you have, you will most likely have the success I have experienced. I do not stand to gain financially from their purchase of the app and I do not want them to feel obligated to buy the app when there are other free websites out there that a simple Google search can yield similar free content.
Nucifera de Nelumbo es conocido por varios nombres comunes, inclusive el Loto Sagrado, Loto Indio y NenA?far Sagrado. El mantra budista bien conocido, "padme de melena de Om," se refiere a la joya en el loto, la ilustraciA?n. El Loto es originario de Asia y prospera en una gran variedad de climas desde la India a China.

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