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Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I’ve taken a brief hiatus from my waffle kick to make some different variations of gnocchi. However, I will say that I have ZERO patience with fashioning the gnocchis in any sort of uniform shapes. If you go to Panera before you go shopping, your drinks stay cold while you are in the mall!!!! I just mentioned this on my blog today…definitely that bees and other stinging insects die or leave or whatever! You are totally right about the cold car- when I have to drive an hour and a half to get home- the Greek yogurt & milk have much more of a shot of being good when ingot home!
Running is a pretty individual effort, and some days it is trickier to motivate yourself to keep going. Another tricky part about cooler weather is getting your blood pumping without the ache of chilled muscles that haven’t warmed up yet.
Nike Element Shield Max Waterproof Running JacketYou don't want to be too bulky when you're running in the winter, so you need a pretty slim jacket. While it takes me FOREVER to get out the door in cold weather (extra clothes have to be found!!), we do run faster right away in order to warm up. And don’t tell me that you get to have pumpkin, peppermint, gingerbread, turkey, etc. I definitely do not like the cold weather, but at least I get to pull out my cute cool weather clothes. Although there’s something about cupping your hands around a Starbucks red cup that momentarily makes the FREEZING weather seem okay!

Cooling temperatures, rain and snow often make it difficult to stay motivated with your running plan.
While there much debate remains about its actual benefits during a workout, compression gear might be able to help. A good guideline is to use layers with a wicking material closest to your skin and to dress as though it is a few degrees warmer outside than it actually is. Layering with the right waterproof and windproof gear will keep you warm and dry so you can continue with your outdoor runs. Staying indoors and eating a lot of food seems like a better plan than facing the harsh elements outside. But this time of the year also brings lots of holidays with high-calorie goodies that make it even more important to be consistent with exercise.
For the times when it’s hard to go it alone, use find a virtual coach to push you into gear. The debate over whether compression socks, sleeves and tights truly improve performance remains undecided.
But even in a wintry climate, running is the quickest and easiest option around -– just throw on your gear and go.
Icebug Running ShoesHardcore winter runners swear by Icebug running shoes, as they make it possible to keep your natural running stride even in the slickest of conditions. If you are serious about running this winter, here is some great gear to keep you warm and inspire you to return to the roads this season.
Running professional Jenny Hadfield notes that she enjoys the benefits of compression garments on her own runs.
And a light windbreaker jacket with vents can keep you dry and comfortable if it starts to rain.

The support compression materials offer can decrease soreness post-exercise and even reduce swelling. But perhaps just as importantly, runners who use compression gear gain the perceptual benefit of feeling that it helps them recover faster, reports Runner’s World.
Gloves and mittens should be slightly larger than your hands so that an insulating pocket of air can form at the fingertips. When it comes to the head, try a neck gaiter, which is different from a scarf, to keep the wind outside where it belongs. And their special knitting technologies eliminate seams that can cause chafing.Buy it here. Look for wicking material that will block the wind while still allowing your head the ability to breathe.
Some high-tech beanies even offer built in headphones so you can enjoy your favorite tunes while jogging. Having only been in stores for a few months, it is not only a popular workout tool, but also a pretty stylish accessory.
The band measures your activity throughout the day and turns it into "NikeFuel" (Nike's metric of activity), allowing you to see how active you've been over the last day, week, month or year. Bonus super-expensive, non-practical but amazingly stylish running gear: Nike x Undercover GyakusouFor the fifth straight season, Nike has collaborated with Japanese designer Jun Takahashi on a line of pretty fantastic-looking running apparel, like convertible jackets with detachable sleeves and water-repellent fabric. While we'll probably just stick to the basics, this is some interesting swag.Check it out here.

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