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This development now presented a new quality trading opportunity to execute a ‘CALL’ binary option using Facebook as its underlying asset. The following information was founded which provided further evidence that Facebook could well extend its gains over the coming hours. Consequently, steps were then taken to commence the simple process of executing a CALL binary option based on Facebook. Next, a deposit of $500 was selected, as displayed in the next diagram, by using a well-proven money management strategy.
The above chart illustrates that a return of $850 (including deposit) will be generated if the position finishes in-the-money while a rebate of $50 will be collected if out-of-the-money. The ‘Apply’ button was then hit and the particulars of the position were illustrated as displayed by the next chart. With about 10 minutes to go, the price of Facebook stood at about $28.61 and the position was registering an ‘in-the-money status’. As these eventualities were not very attractive, effort was now made to reduce the loss potential.

At expiration, the price of Facebook stood at $28.0650 and both binary options finished ‘in-the-money’. You should note carefully that the impressive success of this tip was achieved by continuously assessing its loss potential as a top priority as opposed to focusing on its profits.
However, before doing so, fundamental research was undertaken in order to identify any events supporting this Facebook bullish movement. The world’s largest social network also acquired further support from the launch of its new ‘Home’ software last week which is expected to help generate new streams of income. If you do not possess such a tool, then you should risk no more than 2% of your total equity per trade. However, from analyzing the following chart, you can confirm that the position had been subjected to quite a high level of volatility over its lifetime.
Consequently, at this stage there were still strong possibilities that price could easily retract forcing a losing position. Subsequently, a pairing strategy was selected which entailed executing a new ‘PUT’ binary option based on Facebook with exactly the same important parameters as the initial ‘Call’ binary option, i.e.

If price finished within this range at expiration then a double payout of $1700 would be collected. A total payout of $1,700, including the wager of $1,000, was collected as illustrated by the next table. When selecting a suitable value for this parameter, aim to choose a time that is at least 30 minutes ahead of the opening value of your binary option.
A green-colored line indicated when the position was ‘in-the-money’ while a red one registered an ‘out-of-the-money’ standing.
Alternatively, if price finished outside this window, then the size of the maximum loss would be substantially reduced to $100 from $450 as the ‘in-the-money’ trade would almost completely offset the ‘out-of-money’ one.
This action will then allow sufficient time for the underlying fundamentals to propel the price of your asset into your preferred direction.

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