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Meditation invites God’s revelation not just to pass through the corridor of our ears, but to take up residence in our minds. Take the time to stop what you’re doing and meditate on the beautiful character and works of our Almighty Father. Please do not confuse Biblical meditation with the mystical practices of Eastern religions, where some cross-legged yogi hums while pinching his fingers. Yes, like all faithful gospel preachers Tim plays golf on occasion, but he has a far greater interest in clear Bible teaching and the stability of the local church. The wellness-sphere has been abuzz recently, with many joining up and participating in the Mindful in May program, which is aimed at encouraging people to start (or restart) their meditation practice, while also raising funds for Charity Water. And this sparked a little thought train in me, which has had me thinking about why I meditate and the benefits it brings me. I’m not even going to go too much in to the physical health benefits of it, because these are well known and not primarily why I meditate.
The will to do it is without a doubt the most important prerequisite for habits like meditation to weave themselves in to your life.
Like many Social Workers, Therapists, and Nurses, I entered into the healing profession to make  a difference in the lives others.
DisclaimerAll Consultations, information, services and products contined on this website are not to take the place of conventional therapy or medical care from a licensed professional. Then we can open our ears to hear the beautiful melodies of God’s wondrous works and wisdom. This is done by allowing God’s truths to linger in our thoughts while we engage in an inner conversation about their meaning. We live in the day of drama queens where the trivialities of the day drive our emotions up and down like a rollercoaster.
This space is all about braiding the earth, soul, spirit and cosmos in each of us, and living a light-filled life. Meditation helps lower stress levels, improves sleep patterns, helps anxiety, increases serotonin levels, lowers blood pressure – the list is literally endless.
We can control and plan and aim to manage our days, weeks and months but we all know that many things are beyond our control. It slows my mental chatter, and allows my kinder, gentler and more softly spoken heart space to whisper lots of loving, forgiving and peaceful things to me. Meditation, combined with physical exercise and time to play, make up the triumvirate of creativity for me. Sometimes if I am still for long enough, I can no longer feel the edges of myself – where I begin and where I end. Committing to a consistent practice for 3-4 weeks, really ingratiates it in to your routine and allows you to see the benefits in both your internal and external worlds. I danced around the idea of it for a long time – dipping my toes in and out of it and all around.
Services information and products from Sangoma LLC are not intended to treat or diagnose any medical or mental health condition but for informational purposes only.
Headlines, bullet points, and tweets are all we have time to consider before we’re on to the next bit of information.
It’s like saying, “The more you eat, the healthier you’ll be.” In fact, the opposite is true. Most of the words translated “meditation” in the Bible mean, “to speak, talk, and proclaim.” In other words, meditation is like having your own little study group, where your mind, will and emotions engage in a passionate discussion about God’s self-revelation. I knew a lot of facts about it and even learned a few basic cords, but the instrument never made beautiful music because I didn’t spend much time practicing it.
We all have dreams of the kind of people we want to be and the great works we can do for the Lord, but those dreams remain on the launching pad without meditation. His word lays bare the reality we keep carefully hidden from our friends and intentionally suppressed from our own conscience. Meditation plucks us out of the tumultuous moment to see our life from a broader perspective, God’s perspective.

However, upon further examination the careful observer sees the thread, the dye, the weave, the stitching, and the design, and all of a sudden a simple shirt becomes the source of astonishment.
So I thought I’d step you through a few of the benefits I experience through my daily meditation practice. Committing to give myself time for meditation and reflection is something that I can control, however. I truly believe that there is a huge river of inspiration constantly pouring down upon us, and that stilling our minds through meditation makes the receptacle bigger. Until one day about three years ago I decided that I was just going to commit to it, and I began by doing a Chopra Centre 21-day guided meditation program (which they run for free periodically). Or maybe the Mindful in May program is the little sign you’ve been looking for to get you kick-started. Though I had some great self care tools, and I used them,  it was not until I had suffered major losses in my life that I  completely embraced self care as a way of life. I have sought to teach, empower and support my community by guiding women through their life transitions and help them embrace self care as a way of life.
I think if I would have, I might have been less focused on actually meditating and more focused on the outside world. It is not the volume of what is consumed that makes life vibrant, but rather the quality of the morsels of thought we allow into the sacred space of our hearts.
Likewise, we will not hear how practical God’s word is if we do not spend time letting it resonate in our hearts. In the same way, the powerful commands of Scripture languish as ink on a page without meditation to release them into our lives. Meditation pulls the true self into the light of day so that it might be conformed to the glorious image of Christ. From the vantage point of reflection we can see the solid rock of God’s truth which provides mooring for our turbulent lives. He continued his education at Florida College (85-87), New Mexico State University (87-90), and received a received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University. Tim believes the path to unity with God and each other is by going to the Bible for all we believe and practice. It answers the crucial question one should ask before practicing meditation –  why meditate at all?
But here is the thing, it really works when you use it, internalize it and make it a part of your life and not just a novelty. There’s a reason that so many people are jumping on the meditation bandwagon, politicians, athletes, doctors, celebrities, you name it. Meditation is what leads to those exciting discoveries of truth which cause your heart to leap and your mouth to shout, “I see! Meditation is where we wrestle with our will and emotions to activate what our mind has come to know.  Meditation is the spark that ignites a courageous life of obedience.
Meditation sends the roots of faith deep into eternal realities which hold our lives stable.
The wonders of the cross, the splendors of the resurrection, and the joys of heaven burst into vibrant color under the light of meditation. Starting this month, we offer IAI members nine lessons on Daoist Meditation, meant to be practiced over nine months.  By practicing one lesson a month, for nine months, members can get a solid grasp of the principles of Daoist meditation as well as a variety of tools that relax, integrate and regenerate the body, mind and spirit. When the stressful time is over  and the self care is no longer needed, it will be very easy to slip back into what you were taught or what was modeled to you as a child. He has served the Spring Creek Church of Christ in Plano, TX for the last eighteen years, and became one of the editors of Focus Magazine in 2007.
This article is accompanied by an introduction to the nine lessons found in the members section. Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist Monk, with a cool British accent, is the man behind all of the magic. Arthur Waley says that for the early Chinese, De was “bound up with the idea of Potentiality.

The app was free and I think its perfect for anyone who would like to start meditating but isn’t exactly sure what to do.
After finishing the session, my mind was clear and within several minutes I fell back asleep!
I’ll do some mindful meditation and just listen to the sounds around me as they arise. Wu Ji (literally, “no polarity”) is sometimes referred to as emptiness, or the void – essentially it is matter undifferentiated, undivided, non-polarized. The potential that opens into life is rooted in Heaven, but the breath through which Heaven’s forms are accomplished is rooted in Earth. Illuminated by Heaven’s radiance, the heart is able to recognize the correctness and authenticity of conduct.
Because the Heaven within us is our virtue, just as the Heaven outside of us is the virtue of all virtue. It is important to remember that virtue, in this context, includes but is not equivalent to morality and ethics.
The term also implies an effective force or power, an efficacy or potency.Earth carries and receives Heaven’s virtue and embodies it in form. The breaths of Earth are not imprisoned, all they ask is to intersect each other under the impulse of Heaven.
Thus all that is breaths in me is Earth, breaths projected toward the one Heaven, For Heaven makes these breaths those of one particular being, with its own destiny and nature.[5]In Daoist thought, human life is a manifestation of the all-encompassing respiration of Heaven and Earth, the yin and yang flux that flows between them.
Therefore, life for human beings in the natural world is expressed through movement and change.
More succinctly put, wisdom is a matter of freeing myself from all internal obstructions and focalizations in order to recover the communicative aptitude of the qi that produces me.
This qi can neither mature nor stagnate but must be kept alert.[8]Meditation in Daosim is considered to be a method of nourishing life, or Yang Sheng, (??). By connecting with the endless, limitless flux between Heaven and Earth, by re-connecting with Heaven’s virtue and Earth’s breaths, we reconnect and replenish from the well of life itself and recover the authenticity and wisdom which was implanted within us at our inception.
In his wonderful book, Vital Nourishment: Departing From Happiness, Francois Jullien distinguishes between “living to live” and living. He who thinks only of his own life does not live, not so much because this tiresome concern with his own life interferes with his joy of living but, more radically, because it obstructs and corrupts the very source of his vitality. By contrast, he who achieves the “transparency of morning” after treating life as external no longer fears life and death but finds peace and tranquility in whatever happens to him.
His vitality unfolds on its own and avoids becoming bogged down in any form of attachment, including the attachment to life.
Both are equally valid or real, just as all phases of cyclical change are equally valid and real. In this context, meditation becomes a tool to connect with that change and transformation.Meditation as a life-nourishing practice is something that must be done slowly and constantly.
Like nurturing a delicate growing plant, it is a series of small steps performed carefully, and at the right time.
We want to move quickly, we want to see progress, but like the farmer in the Chinese fable who pulled on rice shoots to help them grow more quickly only to succeed in killing the plants, excessive enthusiasm can cause great harm. Instead adopt a natural attitude, like a small boat without paddles or sail, that leisurely follows the course of a meandering stream. Supplement to Volume 36 2009 of the Journal of Chinese Philosophy, edited by Chung-ying Cheng and On-cho Ng. Wang Xiang Zhai – Part 2 February 28, 2016 Jiao Guo Rui: Foundational Jing Gong Stationary Qi Gong Exercises February 28, 2016Be Social, Share!    Last tweet The RSS feed for this twitter account is not loadable for the moment.

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