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As for the difficulty with learning English, Thais have considerable problems with learning the language; but the Thai language presents its own complexities, particularly as, like English, one word can have several meanings, but identifiable only by tone. Feel free to quote from my blog so long as you email me for permission, properly attribute me and post my link.
My secretary, an unreliable beagle, normally ignores the phone by pleading the opposable thumbs issue. Amy Biancolli slams into widowhood wondering how fix broken doorknobs and dishwashers and discovers how to fix her broken heart.
73-year-old, war-hero-business tycoon-politician and a Midwestern high school girl survive the scrutiny of spotlights, and build a loving father-daughter relationship. All his life, Scott Damian was imprisoned by the terror of being unable to utter a single word, until he transformed into a highly successful actor and writer. Heidi’s horrific accident burned over 53% of her body, claimed both her legs, and killed her best friend.
Amanda Adams' passionate and riveting story of what it means to be a Heart Mom for her son, Liam, whose 12 surgeries marked the first 8 years of his life.
Any Chinese student first learning to say the word for fish, yu, knows how difficult it can be forcing your mouth to make these utterly foreign sounds.
Once you get past these original hurdles, the true beauty of Chinese begins to shine through.

Assembling words in Chinese is often a simple matter of combining two character’s meanings. Brilliant Celebrity Quote By Wiz Khalifa ~ People ask me why it is so hard to trust and i ask them why is it so hard to keep a peomise.
She's really only good at three things; mixing margaritas, copy editing, and sleeping on the job. Scott speaks to the heart and soul of a stutterer, and addresses healing, help, and hope for the millions who are similarly afflicted.
Her year of countless surgeries, surviving, pain management, fighting, and loss is incomplete until she finally faces the driver, and Heidi realizes she has one last hurdle; forgiveness. You can’t tell the difference between a second and a third tone, and even first tones begin to sounds like fourths. And yes, Chinese phonemes are more difficult for the average learner than sounds in languages more linguistically similar. For a native English speaker learning Spanish, for instance, words such as grande and activacion make things easier.
If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments or on our contact page. Every time a native English speaker misuses the language, a kitteh pees in someone’s shoes.

But it’s toughest at the beginning, before you have a solid understanding of radicals, phonetics, and basic characters.
It follows the same basic subject-verb-object structure as English, and if you remember to follow an STPVO (subject, time, place, verb, object) pattern, you’ll be fine. It’s easy to be cynical looking at the thousands upon thousands of Chinese characters in existence.
Chinese has a simple marker for expressing aspect, or a completed action, but verbs don’t change based on time or actor. But as I discussed in a previous post, a few hundred characters can get you further than you think.
Granted, not all words have such apparent origins, but it’s much easier than English. English words are often formed this way, but buried under layers of language formation and change, i.e.

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