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The latest free CD from the November, 2015 issue of MOJO Magazine is a collection of oldies that many of us first heard by The Beatles.
Posted on September 26, 2015 by Willard.This entry was posted in BEATLES, MOJO PRESENTS, Various Artists. Best to put it in Son Of Readers Links so it gets regular exposure after this post leaves the main page. ARTISTS & LABELS: The music here is intended for review purposes only and is not a substitute for the original record company product. COMMENTS: You don't have to give your email address to leave a comment (leave space empty). VIEWING PROBLEMS Update your browsers, Java, Flash and other programs to view the streaming players and extras.
We'll be working on a fix for them in the future, but as of now, years of DivShare streaming players no longer work and their "support" is non-existent. The way we pay today %u2030i??i?? and tomorrow %u2030i??i?? and the brands driving our digital future.
The stumbling blocks that some of our Most Innovative Companies have faced on their journeys to success and what they learned along the way. Fifty years ago today, on February 7, 1964, the Beatles made their first famous appearance in America.
Are there any better words to describe the out-of-the-box approach the Beatles took recorded music? Beginning with the Rubber Soul album in late 1965, the Beatles started ignoring the rules of the recording industry by introducing techniques and sounds that included planned feedback, backwards guitar, heavy echo, vary-speed recordings and alternative instruments.
These records were seen by their fans as offering two great songs for price of one, solidly cementing their customer loyalty. Having session musicians play along with an artist was nothing new to the recording industry by the mid-'60s, but in the Beatles case, it took on a new meaning.
Quickly in their recording career the Beatles seized upon a strategy to augment their limited two guitars-bass-drums sound.
Various professional classical musicians including the London Sympathy Orchestra, the Mike Sammes Singers, along with famous rockers such as Eric Clapton, keyboardist Nicky Hopkins and Rolling Stones' Brian Jones all appeared on Beatles recordings. This enabled the Beatles to mix and match their specific sound needs without ceremoniously adding or dismissing members. Beyond the electricity that crackled between the song writing partnership of John Lennon and Paul McCartney (two very competitive artists), the Beatles would utilize their infectious charm and success to draw in anyone who crossed their path to add to their ingenuity.
By building an atmosphere of collective creativity, ownership of ideas took a back seat to the importance of producing a good outcome. George Harrison, who was generally regulated to recording only one of his written songs per album, had the heaviest influence outside of the Lennon-McCartney power base, as he was able to veto things he didn’t like, come up with alternative suggestions and drive the band to other directions, such as the addition of his Eastern Indian sitar in 1966. Of the hundreds of books and films documenting the Beatles history that has been released over the past 50 years, the one theme that runs consistently throughout their story was that the Beatles’ aim was to do something different every time they made music.
David Bowie MOJO investigates a forthcoming Australian mini-documentary about the Dame’s time down under… and the possibility of brand new music!
Jean-Michel Jarre Electronica’s first star returns with proteges in tow, but first: the synth-rock polymath discusses big gigs, space catastrophe and ’80s excess in this month’s MOJO interview. Georgie Fame The cornerstone of UK R&B – and possibly the only Englishman Van Morrison calls a friend – explains just how he managed to survive impresario Larry Parnes’ ’60 pop stable unscathed. Songhoy Blues We head to Mali to witness how the jump-up desert rockers – and Yeah Yeah Yeahs favourites – managed to escape Islamist terror in the north of their homeland to earn global rock’n’roll acclaim. When thinking about content marketing, many only think about companies and brands using the tool to attract customers. What most of us don’t think of is the fact that it transcends branding in the business industry and the tactic can actually be found in both the movie and music industries as well.

Now that we are in the digital age and content marketing has become such a powerful tool, it is important that we learn from those who came before us to use similar strategies.
It is no question that we can learn a lot from the greatest band of all time; here are four things that John, Paul, George and Ringo have taught us about content marketing. Of their entire collection of music, around 44 titles of tracks included the word ‘You’ or ‘Your’.
Before The Beatles were famous in the United States, they had already built up a large amount of hits in England. When creating content, it is important that you create a syndication strategy to continually spread your work through many channels.
Though the band was only together for a decade, each member was able to have a successful solo career. Working on content as a team can be useful but sometimes working separately allows new ideas to flow. Other than actually having a song entitled ‘Revolution’, The Beatles are known to have been the band that changed the game and took the world by storm with their movement. Some ways to do this involve creating fun videos instead of just words, engaging with users uniquely on social networks or even offering promotion through free giveaways! When you think that your content marketing has reached its maximum potential or perhaps is not having the affect that you want it to, recall the band that changed everything and their tactics of doing so.
About Ethan WarlickMy name is Ethan Warlick and I am a digital marketing addict and blogger. Grow your email list faster, keep your subscribers engaged and turn them into customers over and over again. If you are looking for advice that is unique to your business instead of the general information you get from blogs, this is for you.
As well as taking over the world with pop guitar, The Beatles gave us the jangly sound that is still used throughout rock music today: the chime of a Vox AC30. Not a particularly unique MOJO freebie, but good to have if this stuff isn’t already in your collection. It’s similar to this latest MOJO but more extensive and broken down by year at the start of their careers.
To commemorate the historic event, experts and fans alike are examining their many contributions to music, art, fashion, design, and the cultural landscape. After playing it straight and gaining tremendous popularity through their first two years of recorded pop material, the band took to questioning everything they did. The mother of invention was awakened by all the new demands put upon the engineering staff at London’s Abbey Road Studio. In the days when the 45 record was the format for product, the band set a strategy to put out a B-side song that could rival the lead A-side song. Further, the Beatles strategically self-set targets as to the numbers of singles per year that would not appear on an album, assuring that they always had something fresh on the radio airwaves in-between their album releases, thus shutting-out the competition for chart-space. Back then, rock and roll bands were hired and recorded in an effort to capture their sound during a live performance that would eventually end up on a record for sale.
Soon Martin, the studio’s engineers, technicians, and even their two roadies had a hand in suggestions, opinions, and sometimes even performing on recordings.
Although they were just following their collective instincts, in business terms, they realized that their market was constantly changing. This month, as Apple prepare to reissue them with extraordinary restored video elements, MOJO celebrates all of the Fabs’ 27 Number 1 singles: unearthing the stories behind the songs that rocked the world. Songs The Beatles Taught Us MOJO presents the original versions of 15 tracks covered by John, Paul, George and Ringo, including Shout, Money, Please Mr. As Apple (the Fab one, not the computer one) unleash all 27 chart-toppers in an exciting new package, MOJO salutes the songs that changed the world forever, with a year-by-year examination of Fab Four chart-topping from 1963-1970, packed with feedback, freakitude and Na-Na-Na-Nas. Fabs On Film The Beatles’ promo clips unpacked with their cinematic collaborator Michael Lindsay-Hogg.

The Beatles were taking the world by storm with their abundance of hits as well as their financially successful movies, A Hard Day’s Night and Help!, which featured many of the popular tracks from their records of the same names.
Aside from their style of fashion, lack-there-of-grooming and silly yet charming personalities, the band was able to do this by focusing their music on the listeners.
Creating music that is you-centered is important to connect with fans, and this is also true for branded content.
This served as a very powerful tactic as they were able to release older songs as well as newer ones, making it seem as if they were putting out hits quicker than any band before. To do this most effectively, you must study the analytics of previous content to gauge the best times and channels to do so. Not only did they continue to create music, but also were able to grow in different directions and attract different kinds of fans. When your content team hits a roadblock, or is having difficulty on agreeing on a similar direction, let each member go their own way and you may be able to capture a new audience that you never would have with everyone working together. Other than politically, they also changed the music game by changing average fans into musical fiends.
I have recently graduated with a major in Marketing, minor in IT and a certificate in Professional Writing. Not only were the Fabs guitar maniacs who (famously) in their youth travelled all the way across Liverpool to find out how to play B7, but they were also relentless in their quest for new chords, new sounds and new ways of doing things. These are displayed as Roman numerals, meaning they can be used no matter what key the song is in. A reminder also of a time when a memorable song only needed about two minutes of your time. READERS: Please use us as a buyer's guide and support the artists (or use the direct links to Amazon to purchase product).
If your system has issues with MEGA or any other link, research it on your end to learn which browsers will work for you. The knock-on effects would produce an array of technical inventions (Artificial Double Tracking (ADT), STEED tape loop signal delay) that were the forefather to the recording methods used in today’s digital world. Of course, other artists of the era could have attempted to compete on this level, but there were not many that could match the song output (quantity and quality) of the Lennon-McCartney-Harrison song factory.
Once that goal died, it was soon the end of the band—and the teamwork engine it produced. Postman and more by the likes of Buddy Holly, Ray Charles, The Isley Brothers and The Marvelettes!
By focusing on your fan-base, or target audience, you will have much more success when trying to connect.
You’ve seen the videos of fans when the band hit the stage; why not create the same craziness with your content?
I have written about social media and content marketing on many websites and operate my personal blog here. The verse shifts between each chord as the tonal centre, never really settling on either.Stray from the keyBased around E and A chords, the verse in Please Please Me is in E major. MOJO has issued a number of Beatles-related comps, so just click a cover below to visit our original posts. The diagrams above give you the notes, intervals and chords in the keys of E major and E minor. Paul McCartney tells Paul Du Noyer what really went on inside the world’s greatest hit-making team, while the FREE covermount CD presents 15 killer Songs The Beatles Taught Us: Beatle faves from The Isleys to Barrett Strong. Also in the issue: Jean-Michel Jarre, Georgie Fame, Chrissie Hynde, David Bowie, Songhoy Blues, Bob Johnston, Dischord Records, King Crimson, Joanna Newsom, John Peel and U2.

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