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admin | to meditate in silence | 21.06.2014
I am in my first year at High School, and there is something that I get teased about a lot.
I'm writing so that if there is anyone else out there, reading this now, who has had or is having the same experience as me, I have a message for you: "Be strong. I'm Gifted and Talented and there's a few girls in my class, who call the Gifted ones; Geeks or Nerds and that's because they didn't get chosen. Subscribe today to the award-winning weekly newspaper for young people, with over a million readers. First News is the UK's only newspaper for young people and the widest-read children's publication in the country with a readership of 2,042,199 seven to 14 year olds every week. We're throwing away more rubbish from our homes, even though we’re meant to be getting better at recycling. Lots of other children in my class whisper behind my back, laugh at me and make fun of me because I care about my learning.

I know somebody who has that problem too, I have that problem sometimes, and I understand how you feel. Everybody teased me because my teacher went on and on and on about how 'brilliant' I was and in the end I got my mum to tell my teacher to stop it. I'm afraid from asking questions because I don't want to be laughed at because of past experiences. I haven't had that exact problem myself, but I know people who have been in the same sort of situation.
And they will regret it, so if they want a good job, they probably won't be able to have that job! That’s the main finding of a BBC report which shows that the amount of household waste we create has gone up in nearly two thirds of council areas in England.
By trying I mean putting my hand up in lessons, completeing homework and classwork as best I can, and following the teachers' instructions.

In English, my best friend and I never get picked for reading because our teacher knows that we hate to do it because we're so shy.
Experts say the rise is down partly to what they call “green fatigue” – people getting tired of being environmentally friendly. I don't let things get to me much in public; I can put on a brave face now because I've learnt how to. I'm always here to help anyone who has problems because I'm pretty amazing at helping other people!
6 months on I don't have these problems anymore; people respect me, I've made new friends, even a best friend who I'm lucky to have, and I'm doing really well in school.

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