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December 12, 2012: I've just launched this section, and will be enhancing it with more activity sheets, tutorials, and advice during 2013. Whether those words are uttered in the middle of summer holidays or on the first day, it's always frustrating for parents. If you're looking for ideas to customize your list, you can check out my Summer board on Pinterest. How often do your kids say "I'm bored!"?  What do you do when they say the dreaded words?  Please share your tips in the comments!
I was bored in my Spanish class and I drew that xD Oh yeah, I uploaded it here because it also has Dr.

I've tried texting but a lot of my teachers can catch you with your phone so that's ruled out. They do reviwes to makes sure you know it, and to reinforce the knowledge, No matter what you should pay attention in class. Yell "Poopz" just for fun then look at your book and look up seeing who said it when it was you. Well I like to sleep trough the classes but I guess you can't do that so make up a story about yourself as a mythical being. I've tried drawing, but my teachers walk up and down the isles and tell me do do the work so that's ruled out.

XD If neither of the choices above works, I wear my earphones in a way that it's not to obvious and listen to music.

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