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Whether those words are uttered in the middle of summer holidays or on the first day, it's always frustrating for parents.
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How often do your kids say "I'm bored!"?  What do you do when they say the dreaded words?  Please share your tips in the comments! Being bored is a good indicator that a child has been entertained too much and most usually from the following: videos, television, video games or activities away from home. If a child is complaining of being bored it’s likely because they feel they deserve something more and they want someone else to take on the responsibility of breaking their boredom.
If we don’t want our children to be caught up in the frenziedness of most of society we need to let them just be. This is not the time to give them passive entertainment such as a video, television or video games. If your few and simple suggestions do not meet with their approval, then let them be bored.

While you do want your children to learn to entertain themselves, there’s always the balance. This blog uses premium CommentLuv which allows you to put your keywords with your name if you have had 3 approved comments.
While I love that they are the best of playmates, I also want her to learn to be content, happy when he’s not around.
My kids also have avoided us because they knew that if they weren’t doing anything they would be given a job. As part of her journey, she spends some time in Bali, and she talks about the kids there, who sit for hours waiting to see a doctor, playing with their fingers and toes, without so much as a peep about how long they will be sitting there. Our children, growing up in a complex, hyper-stimulating world, are conditioned to expect this. This child probably needs one-on-one time with you, time spent building or putting things together, working in the house or yard together, reading together and then in slow increments you could let them do things on their own but I would highly discourage the passive entertainments mentioned above. Maybe a good idea would be to have their jobs listed out and when they are done, they are done.

She talks about a child who plays with a piece of blue tile, imagining it’s part of a grand kitchen, and she’s preparing a meal for her friends.
Creativity will have a chance to lift it’s head and show the child more of the world than he thought was there.
As we get older we always feel like we have to be doing-doing-doing…and the Lord wants us to slow down so He can speak to us. Sometimes though, it’s a little hard to judge how long chores can take and what our kids are capable of.
Television, with all it’s commercials, is really not a good thing to sit your child in front of at any time.

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