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Perhaps the biggest question that any of us will ever ponder is “what’s my purpose in life?”. In my opinion a lot of the words spoken and written tend to overcomplicate the rather simple truth. And thus being part of the interconnectedness of this sweet Universe we find ourselves living in.
In my opinion (and without bumping up against any religious or cultural beliefs out there in my community) I believe that before we come into this world in physical form we choose a life purpose.
We are delivered in divine perfection all the lessons, all the connections, the gifts, the abilities, the tests, the triumphs we need to keep growing and evolving into delivering that life purpose.
Our life purpose whispers sweet nothings to our hearts, tugs on the edges of our consciousness with half formed inspirations and unexplained desires.   Alights in the doorway between sleep and wakefulness in the half remembered insights of a dream.
So many of us – in life and business – who keep so so busy day to day that we are closed off to that innate wisdom held inside.
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The Rare Skills Set have developed a research project to determine the importance of factors that we believe have a considerable influence on people when making decisions about work and lifestyle. A number of years back there was a book that addressed this question.  While the book was overwhelmingly received, it did not address this question as well as the Book whose author is God.
While it’s good to have meaningful work to do, and accomplishing tasks can be a good thing, the problem arises when we find our worth and purpose in what we do.  It drives us to do more so we can be more, which can become a vicious cycle of working in order to form an identity for ourselves.

That is contrary to what the Word of God tells us.  God tells us that He defines who we are and in Him we find our purpose.
The world says:  Do this or do that and it will come back to you in blessings and  rewards.  That’s karma! While our nature has changed, and each of us is born with a sin nature, our purpose in life has not changed.  Our purpose is to love, honor and magnify the Lord and by doing so we bring Him pleasure.
Understanding now the simplicity of God’s desired purpose in our lives, we must address the complexity of how we go about bringing pleasure to God. 1) Love the Lord they God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. So our purpose in life is to love—not with our love, but with the supernatural love of Christ that lives in us and flows through us.
Now may the God of peace who brought up our Lord Jesus from the dead, that great Shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, make you complete in every good work to do His will, working in you what is well pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. This entry was posted in All Resources, Got Questions?, Home Page Slider and tagged answers, Bible, Christ, eternal life, faith, God, hope, jesus, life's purpose, love, prayer, question, reason for hope, reasons for hope, sacrifice, salvation, Scripture, what is my purpose in life, Word of God. So many words written and said and yet I am willing to bet that most of don’t have any idea where to start figuring this big one out.
Because there is so many of us that ignore the whispers, the sweet nothings, the bone felt desires.
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This is a complex concept, because ‘Priorities’ shift and evolve as time goes by, with a myriad of factors in turn determining them at any one time. Perhaps more than ever before, It seems they are major influencers of the educational and career options considered by their children as they approach adulthood. The project concentrates on eight specific topics: Identity, Purpose, Values, Motivations, Ambitions, Priorities, Influencers and Fears. I’ve talked about purpose because understanding why you are on this planet is crucial for determining what you do on this planet. So many of us sacrifice it to at the altar of duty, of obligation, of doing the right thing. In the words of the Bible we find true wisdom that comes from absolute truth?from the only One who is Truth.
On it you will find articles about the things I am learning particular pertaining to the Word of God. What does that mean? Was Jesus crucified on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday? Do we have Guardian Angels?

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