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We are also realizing we perform our best when we are doing something we like and are naturally good at.
So often we can get stuck in the motions of life without stopping to consider what truly fulfills us, makes us happy and excites us to our very core.
I often say, if I’m living my life-purpose I feel like I’m thriving, and if I’m not, I feel like I’m dying. Think about how you spend your spare time, and what you gravitate towards when you have extra time on your hands. Pay attention to these things, as they are all the guide posts and arrows pointing you towards your life purpose.
The healthy things you are inclined to do are either going to be part of your life-purpose or compliments to it.
The most common life purpose challenge I’ve noticed in others I’ve worked with is they distance themselves from their life purpose and often feel it’s very different from what they are already doing. Don’t get hung up on the glitz and glamour of needing to fulfill some outlandish mega-rich role in the World.
People who achieve their goals in this World are the ones who are willing to take it one step further beyond the wall of frustration, because on the other side of that, is a breakthrough. Ask your friends what they see in you and what they think you should be doing in your life and World. Be aware, be generous and take steps every day towards helping others and do what they love, and a fulfilling and purposeful life will be the gift you are receive in return, unconditionally. About the author: Amateo Ra is the co-founder of Creator Course, an Online School for Conscious Living which is currently being built. A good friend of mine, Clarence Lowe, Founding Partner of StarForce, USA, reminds me that each of us is created with a specific life purpose. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Ask Yourself “What Do I Love To Do?”     What do you absolutely, truly enjoy doing in your professional life? Over the past weeks, months, and (yes) years, I’ve been asking myself (and others!) what my Life Purpose is.
But then I thought about it some more.  And, I ended up reading a section of Joel Osteen’s book titled Every Day a Friday that spoke to me in a very deep way. I need to show more interest in the things that interest my kids – especially with Matt, since he’s the only one at home these days. Be more patient with Matt.  He’s at the beginning of adolescence and is acting a little crazy right now. I’m going to say “Good Morning” to everyone on my team, on an individual basis.  Every day.

Share positive feedback with them when they do something good.  Keep them motivated to perform well.
Hope you update this blog in about 1-2 months and let us know how your daily goals are going! If you sign up you will also be updated about the posts that I publish as well as blog news. Your personal details are completely safe –  I will never share them with anyone else.
Or something that replicates opening up, expanding, illumination maybe a beautiful flower with 7 orbs or symbols representing the ‘7 Sure Ways’ surrounding it??? It covers not only my own experiences and advice, but the advice of well-known and less-known female and male celibates that were occultists, spiritual teachers, writers, inventors, and more.
It’s truly a collection of celibacy advice and experiences from many sources, and that’s why it will serve as a rich source of inspiration and information for would-be and current celibates. Whether you want to experience much greater awareness or remove suppressed emotions and other mental impurities causing misery, Buddha's Meditation is a right choice. It will help you to know yourself and this reality; it’s up to you how far you want this wisdom to unfold. Practicing this meditation will cause your take on life to ease up, and you will be able to understand the essence of events in your life, because you’ll stop projecting your subjective view.
So many people all over the World are realizing they can’t just work some dead end, unfulfilling job that doesn’t nourish the soul.
Plenty of people are here to create art, inspiring media or support other people in simple yet humble ways. Friends always have a different, and generally refreshing perspective on how they see you, that is in comparison to how we see ourselves. For the last 4-years, he has been training with Global leaders in Spirituality, Channeling & Conscious Business.
From Uniform to Uniform: Transitioning from the Military to the Civilian Job Market provides tips, exercises, and helps to military and others looking to transition from one career to another. Husband of the same lovely lady for 36 years, father of two great kids, and grandfather of three red-heads.
Plus, you’ll have the support of those around you who want to encourage you to be who you really are.
So, wouldn’t it be better to take one action each day that will get you closer to who you were meant to be? In 90 days, Deborah has helped clients locate careers they love, find intimate relationships, and have their needs met by family, friends, and co-workers just by asking. Each and everyone of us was born with a purpose and I believe its all of ours destiny to find it, because once we do we come alive.

You may copy free content of this blog providing you leave a link to this blog after each copied article. It feels good to make a contribution and to feel as though you are doing your small personal part to make the World a better place. Living a purposeful life is always multi-faceted, why not be a surf instructor and a life coach? Determine want you really want to do from big travel visions to simple tasks and start taking action. Truly, the quickest path to discovering your life purpose, is a single moment of intentional listening. Others volumes fill the shelves trying to help people understand that we each have a life purpose.
Mistakes are a great way to uncover your purpose because you have the opportunity to find out what you like and don’t like.
It could be as simple as making a phone call, sending an email, or doing some research on the Internet. Consider the things that you want to do that really help other people, and prioritize it that way.
Find that you look at your job differently because you really are fulfilling your life purpose in your current job and you find happiness in doing it. Your purpose in life will bring you happiness and true happiness comes from contributing to other people’s lives and making a difference for someone else. Your purpose will be realized one step at a time until one day you find that you are living it.
Or you might find yourself in a completely different career because you have found your real life purpose. Once you get what’s not working out of the way, you can make room for the good stuff. You probably take these things for granted, not recognizing them for the special, significant and unique gifts they actually are. When something that strong is in your heart, it’s only a matter of time before you discover what it is.
Consequently, 60% of us are unhappy in the jobs we’re in and would quit if we thought we could. I'm a certified change management advanced practitioner, executive coach, leadership trainer, and strategic planner.

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