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Here is a mind map summary capturing a few personal observations and explorations of the question: What is Negativity? This prompts reflection – you can’t change the past yet you can learn from it and change future or present actions. This prompts questioning the negativity more deeply – asking and exploring why you reacted and whether it was justifiable and necessary. I hope you enjoy viewing my Mind Maps – there are hundreds more planned here at the Mind Map Inspiration Blog plus ongoing creativity and drawing tips. Also available: E-Books designed to help you create stylish and artistic mind maps of your own. If you know someone who could benefit from this post and others here at the Mind Map Inspiration Blog please share with them. The word “Hypnotist” conjures up images of a mustachioed man in a tuxedo, dangling a gold pocket watch back and forth, calmly telling his patient, “You are getting sleepy… very, very sleepy.”  Well, hypnosis has come a long way! Hypnotist therapy is a completely natural phenomenon that puts patients into a deep state of relaxation and concentration (somewhere between consciousness and sleep), where the mind becomes detached from everyday cares and concerns. Contact me today for a free consultation to discuss how the gentle art of hypnosis can inspire positive change in your life. The About Illumine Mind Map will help you to appreciate the services, dedication and company values of Illumine Training. Source: Revise GCSE Mathematics Intermediate Level by Sheila Hunt & Philip Hooper with Tony Buzan.

Group Mind Map Consolidating 5 smaller Groups (Total 30 People) on the Key Elements of Team Success for Their Organisation. A part of the mind is always observing what is happening and it can do the task of improving the mind. Usually when pleasant thoughts come in the mind, we want something, and with unpleasant thoughts, there is dislike. The moment something else, like a word or an image, is added to the breath it becomes impure. Once you become aware of negativity it tends to lessen, such as noticing a negative thought; instantly the thought, because you have observed it, has less impact.
The professional hypnotherapist of today is less like a magician and more like a psychoanalyst.
If it learns to observe things as they are, then it will understand that when there are negative thoughts or emotions, the mind is distressed. But when we are simply observing the breath, even for a few moments, there are no negativities polluting the mind. Unobserved negative thinking can lead you to a spiral or accumulation of more negativity; almost as if contagious. Your body and processes are deeply relaxed, but your mind is tapping into its most creative consciousness. The Mind Map breaks down the services offered by the company, methods of training and course delivery, organisation and planning, teamwork and involvement, techniques for enhancing thinking skills and the key qualities and visions of the Illumine Team.

If we make the effort to train the mind to improve itself, the thoughts will be more good-natured and loving towards others and ourselves.
As this observing part of the mind becomes stronger, the reacting parts of the mind become weaker. Often negativity leads to a final statement, such as an acceptance of defeat “because” and the reasons then come easily.
Research shows the brain waves of hypnotized patients are more comparable to the wakeful state than the sleep state. It is initially at the surface level, but this prepares you to later practise Vipassana meditation, which will clean down to the roots.
Your blood pressure and heart rate decrease, while the oxygenation of your blood increases.
The right and left brain hemispheres communicate better, mental gatekeepers open up, and you will be more in-touch with your emotional side.

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