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Take the Hidden Hungers Quiz – find out what you are really hungry for (probably not food!). Are you one of the many women who suffer from the secret belief that you aren’t good enough? It’s surprisingly easy to talk yourself into this kind of self-denial, especially if you are busy. Some of you already have, and if you are one of these lovely women, I challenge you to go out in the world and share the joy. What would you do differently if the challenge was to live the best, juiciest, biggest version of your life starting now? I dare you. Whatever it is that we are facing, that we are needing, that we have to have, we have enough. No matter how daunting the path make look, no matter how challenging it may be, no matter what we are going through, today, we have enough. And she said, “As the Lord your God lives, I have nothing baked, only a handful of flour in a jar and a little oil in a jug.
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The passage of health reform brought many wonderful new protections and benefits for Americans. The Pennsylvania state legislature is also considering a bill that would add to the already strict restrictions and regulations that medical centers providing abortions face. Throughout the country, women are facing similar attacks on their right to make a choice when it comes to their body.
Personally, I’ve had enough of the government spending their precious time in Harrisburg arguing over a legal medical procedure. From our friends at CLASP Register now for three national audio conferences on job scheduling!
The way we have digressed over the past few decades make it pretty clear that our toothless tiger leaders, our “big dog” organizations, and the shallow and often meaningless gestures by our celebrities and athletes have not taken us very far.
They stand behind the microphones on stages, at press conferences, in pulpits, under the rubric of “Black Leader” or Black Spokesperson,” shouting and getting the troops “fired up and ready to go” with no roadmap, no plan, no end game, and no real strategy to accomplish our end. It’s time we hold ourselves accountable for the declaration, “Enough is enough.” Do we need to be slapped just a little bit harder upside our heads for us to act more appropriately in response to our mistreatment and the myriad complaints we have lodged? Just to shout out some tired phrases and walk away as if we accomplished something pragmatic is insulting and, quite frankly, cowardly. How are we going to make a real difference in the way we are treated if we don’t first change the way we respond to it? He went on to say, “One of the most effective ways to demand justice is to turn our consumer spending into real power and begin to target and control our spending.
Bob Law has no soapbox, no pulpit, and no news conference with media that turn on his every word. I could not agreed with you more that black people need a plan to evolve from being a 99% consumer to a producer or manufacturer.

Thus, blacks have to ask the question, where is the risk capital in large enough amounts for blacks to use to start businesses? There are enough stories out there giving you all the reasons why we are where we are, so I’m not going to bore your with a rehash other than to say  I myself have been calling for a catharsis to the glut of TSX Venture listed companies since 2008.
If you’re an investors, I encourage you to share this post with your portfolio companies and fellow investors. Largely unrecognised during his lifetime, Blake is now considered a seminal figure in the history of both the poetry and visual arts of the Romantic Age. If you don’t believe you are enough, you are probably driven (or paralyzed) by the feeling that you need to do and be more. And if you look successful and happy on the outside, the other people in your life might not really notice or call you on it. If you have an inner voice that tells you that you are not enough in some way, how is it impacting you? Many states have already chosen not to include abortion coverage, forcing those who find themselves in need of an abortion also burdened with paying for the procedure out of pocket. The new regulations would require facilities to either make costly changes, therefore increasing the cost of their services, or may even force them to close their doors. I’ve had enough of hearing stories of people not being able to get the care they need because they have no way to pay for it. Whether you are in Pennsylvania or another state, speak up and help us declare that we’ve had enough of the attacks on women.
We have failed to move beyond threatening rhetoric, empty promises, and no-win compromises; and we are being sold out by those who would have us believe they are leading us to victory.
Then they disappear until the next crisis comes along, and we jump on their wheel-less bandwagon once again. Bombastic rhetoric not followed by appropriate action is nothing but hot air and a waste of time and resources.
His call, and it should be your call, says loudly and clearly that enough is truly enough, and here is what we are going to do to show we mean it this time.
So what are the logical questions one must ask him or herself in the process of formulating such a plan to accomplish that goal. It’s a dummy or an idiot who believes once blacks start successful businesses in great numbers that there will not be some push back from racists in the majority population. However it’s greatest and most tasteful fruits remain out of the reach of blacks as a whole not because we are not trying hard enough, but because of shallow thinking.
That you really need to be thinner, smarter, fitter, or MORE outgoing, confident, successful, financially secure, or whatever? What would you do differently if there was no more waiting to be thinner, brighter, shinier, or more perfect? And I’d love for you to share your comments, thoughts, and experiences as you move forward. I believe that knowing this and not letting her stop us is more powerful than getting perfectionistic about eliminating her.

I am definietly 100% male and dogged by some of the same horrible overwhelming feelings and (I think) just as ashamed of the bulge protruding over my belt as many women are embarassed by being overweight. But first make me a little cake of it and bring it to me, and afterward make something for yourself and your son. This year, in Pennsylvania, an abortion ban in the state exchange was the Senate’s third order of business. While Pennsylvanians need so much else-including access to better jobs and better education- the legislature has spent over 30 percent of their days working to restrict access to a safe, legal abortion.
And I’ve definitely had enough of the government telling me what I can do with my body. Do we need just one more march on Washington, in New York, and now in Cleveland, Ohio, before we truly mean “enough is enough”?
But right now we are so predictable, so shallow, and so vulnerable to “Rapolutionaries” and “Maach leaders.” We are willing to walk 130 miles because we think it will change what happened in Ferguson.
If you want to see and be a part of a monumental effort and a positive solution that no one else is offering to Black people, you should join. However, what they have is something that they deny blacks and that is money or seed money or risk capital which they can call upon and use to pursue their business ambitions. Realistically answer the questions above and we take our first steps toward success in this endeavor. While it moved quickly but hasn’t passed just yet, no other medical procedure was excluded from the exchanges in such a way.
We are willing to drive, fly, or ride a bus to Washington to “maach,” while along the way we spend thousands of dollars to get there, stay there, and eat there, only to leave no better off than we were before we left home. Here’s one answer: Bob Law and a group of activists in New York City have put out a call for a period of redirecting Black dollars away from businesses that earn tremendous profits from Black consumers. Women who struggle with perfectionism worry about being judged by others—because they are so aware of how critical they are of themselves. Women who don’t feel good enough tend to live with their eyes on the future instead of feeling like they can enjoy the present moment. It doesn’t come with a number on the scale or a pant size or a number on your paycheck.
The jar of flour was not spent, neither did the jug of oil become empty, according to the word of the Lord that he spoke by Elijah.
Too many women struggle to earn it through achievement only to find themselves very successful and still not feeling worthy.

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