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Growing children love adventurous sports, but they’re experts at getting themselves into situations that terrify parents. Stohlquist have a great reputation for safety gear and their Nemo vest is among the leading options for babies and small children. The Child Escape is a low profile vest covered in durable 200 denier oxford nylon, with generous front and back flotation panels. The Phantom is an extremely neat neoprene-covered life vest that’s ideal for kids weighing between 50 and 90 lbs. This budget vest from Stearns is USCG-approved and will support any child from 50 to 90 pounds. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
It’s never too early to introduce your child to water-based activities, whether that means a yachting trip or just playing beside the pool. A life vest for a newborn or young baby has to give excellent head support, because unlike an adult or older child small babies can’t help to keep their own head up.
What really inspires confidence about the Nemo is its flotation capability, especially the large double collar. If an infant ends up in the water the Nemo will do a great job of keeping them afloat until they can be recovered.
The Nemo is very adjustable but for more petite babies under 6 months old it might be difficult to get a fully secure fit. The O’Neill Wake is another good choice for smaller babies and also has the USCG Type II designation. Sprint Aquatics Buoyancy Wrap: "The Velcro means it can be positioned almost anywhere along the arms or lower legs for additional support without limiting movement," says Lees.
West marine ultra-slim manual inflatable belt pack life, West marine's ulta-slim manual inflatable belt pack life jacket offers a low-profile, slim design that provides maximum comfort and maneuverability while paddling. Onyx m-24 belt pack - manual inflatable life jacket [pfd, Inflatable life jacket inflates by manual activation or oral inflation? Life vest reviews - life jacket, We have unbiased life vest reviews and buying tips of the top 10 best life jackets on our website. Stearns suspenders manually inflatable belt-pack life jacket, I am getting into stand up paddling, and although i have a really nice life vest for kayak paddling, i was finding that the fit of it didn't really work very well for.
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Whether you’re scrambling around rock pools or enjoying a family trip on a yacht, you’ll feel a lot more relaxed if your kids are properly kitted out with effective flotation vests.
Because it’s meant for older children who can keep their head up it doesn’t have a collar and is designed to keep the wearer floating safely upright. There’s a flat pocket on the lower right, which is perfect for holding a safety whistle or other small items.
Obviously that means it’s never too early to fit them out with the right safety equipment either and the most important piece of gear is a good life jacket.
It’s a lightweight, low profile, type 2 PFD (necessary for this age) with a nylon shell, secured by a front zip and a backup quick release buckle at the waist.
It provides excellent support to a baby’s head and neck so should ensure that the occupant floats safely with their mouth and nose well clear of the surface. Recovery will also be easy; there’s a large, sturdy grab loop behind the collar, so a bobbing baby can be safely retrieved.
It’s quite bulky but gives very good head and neck support, and it also seems extremely secure; it has two waist buckles as well as an adjustable crotch strap.
She can't swim or float independently, but she can hold onto this noodle with adults hands on safety assistance.
The best life jackets for children won’t interfere with their fun but can be relied on to keep them afloat when needed. It’s a high performance but affordable life vest that’s ideal for children from 50-90lbs, and it’s been carefully designed to let them enjoy themselves freely without compromising protection. An anchor point on the left breast allows other gear to be strapped or tied on – this would be an ideal place for a strobe lamp if you were sailing at night. If you’re having trouble finding a vest to fit your child the Stearns is probably just what you’re looking for; three straps, two of them running right round the body, make it both easily adjustable and incredibly secure.
Also look for secure fastenings and high visibility; an infant will be totally dependent on the vest to stay safely afloat. It’s fully adjustable for security and comfort, should fit most children down to 3 months old and comes with US Coast Guard approval. A common problem with infant life jackets is the front panel riding up over the baby’s face, which is uncomfortable and can even interfere with their breathing. Mustang Survival have been making life jackets and immersion suits for the military, Coast Guard and even NASA for nearly 50 years.
One point that’s less good is the color options, most of them heavily based on blue and not as visible as they could be. Check out what she had to say, as well as the Red Cross's free First Aid app for iPhones and Androids, which has a section on water safety.

Because it's neoprene and soft, it can be used for indoor therapy and support, too." Find 'em at Sam's Club, BJ's, Wal-mart and Academy stores.
A front zip and two quick-release belts hold it secure and allow easy adjustment at the same time. It is slightly bulkier than some of the others but it’s effective, sturdy and the red version is highly visible. The Lil’ Legends is available in youth, child or infant sizes, and the infant size is ideal for babies under 20 lb. Then check out flotation devices and swim aids (which help position a child for learning to swim) recommended by experts and parents alike. There are also hi-vis reflective strips on the chest, and the logo on the upper back is reflective too. This vest gives plenty of buoyancy and because it’s so thin it’s ideal for wear in a small boat – it doesn’t get in the way at all.
Unfortunately it doesn’t stand out well against water and could delay recovery of an infant, so we don’t recommend this color. It has a large collar with good head support, a crotch strap and a cutaway neck for comfort. Since pools have different policies on what kind of gear is allowed, you may have to advocate for your child's needs. The vest secures with a heavy duty zip and there’s a waist belt for security, complete with quick release buckle. It does have one drawback compared to the Stohlquist – it’s a little bit more restrictive, and might rub under the arms.
It doesn’t have a crotch strap, though, and it also doesn’t fit very slim bodies; if your child is tall and thin this might not be the best choice. Whereas vest devices actually work with the human body's natural positioning in the water.
I agree with the post above but the other problem with the water wings is that they keep only arms afloat - so as an example, if a child wants to looks at their feet and puts their head underwater, they can get stuck - their arms are still floating above water but now they are floating upside down with their head stuck below water.

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