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Vitamin D is not really a vitamin; a vitamin is a nutrient we have to consume because we don’t make it. For anyone skeptical about moving to a whole-food, plant-based diet, keep in mind that everything our bodies need for optimal health and nutrition can be better obtained from plants than from animals. Add your email address and get amazing recipes, nutritional tips, and other goodies delivered right to your inbox! Opt for 100% pure maple syrup, date paste, or date syrup when applicable instead of agave, coconut nectar, or honey and (mineral-rich) blackstrap molasses if the strong taste works in a particular recipe. Since chocolate typically contains sugar, you can opt to omit these from a recipe or you can swap it out for grain-sweetened chocolate chips, cacao powder, cacao nibs, or raw cacao paste instead to avoid all sugar. Food tastes more fabulous when it is all thrown together (or politely placed strategically) into a big bowl and perhaps drizzled with a sauce.
The most powerful inspiration to eat more veggies (and love them, too) is a delicious dressing or sauce. No matter what your philosophy, I don’t think anyone can deny that healthy eating includes lots of vegetables and fruit plus minimizing processed foods.  Despite school cafeterias everywhere, we all know that Fruit Loops, pizza, frozen tater tots, and jello pudding are NOT part of a healthy diet. Just to give you an idea of how these meal plans are structured, here is what I strive to eat everyday.
Luckily I never developed a coffee or soda habit so these are not expenses for me.  Also, I rarely eat bread or pasta (I’m slightly sensitive to wheat) so I tend to eat more whole grains instead.  My personal challenge is and always will be minimizing desserts and sweet snacks! My salad dressings don’t include oil – they are usually just straight balsamic vinegar or I use one of Dr. Wherever I didn’t have the exact ingredient for a recipe I either left it out or substituted something else.  Subs and eliminations are listed.
So that means for the next 3 weeks I have $128 left in my food budget (an average of $42.66 per week). Jennifer Houghton is a yoga & fitness teacher, blogger, and green homesteader living in the British Columbia mountains. The most common health concerns that people have can be alleviated by this one simple step. Additionally, when we follow plant based diets and consume plant foods, we reduce our intake of processed foods that impede our bodies’ ability to function at its highest potential.
My site was launched after I saw the need to educate people on the real facts of Herbalife Products and the Benefits of working at home as a Personal Wellness Coach with Herbalife International. If you’d like a quick summary on why diets dominated by whole and minimally processed plant foods will help you achieve long-term health, vitality and happiness, click here. Many people have successfully lost weight multiple times in their lives only to gain it all back and more. Join us to learn all about a Whole Food Plant Based diet to start reaping the BENEFITS of a truly HEALTHY body! The original Plantastic Life Introductory Class on Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) diets is now available free as a three-part video series. Our mission is listed here.  As this site evolves, we hope to be able to provide information, resources and services to help people who agree with this mission.
We believe that achieving long term health and vitality is under the control of the individual, NOT the individual’s doctor. Do You Need to Supplement With EPA and DHA If You Follow a Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle? Whatever is your current eating habits , be it intermittent fasting or low card experiment or taking 6 meals a day – taking plant-based diet will turn out to be the key . Now the question is if leafy vegetables are not your energy source from WFPB diet , what is ?
Most of the Americans are accustomed to dinner plates furnished with meat along with other supplements .
Each year USA spends millions of dollars on supplements, herbs , legumes , vitamins and other laxatives to loosen your poop. Most of the people who have turned vegetarian for health reasons have sticked to it for ethical reasons with a desire to do their level best to minimize sufferings for other beings.
The 2006 UN report warns of the massive impact on land , water and ecosystem diversity of the word as well as climate change. Frankly speaking it is not easy to get started with a whole foods plant based diet ( WFPB diet ) regime right away .
Another way is to start by eliminating red meat and then poultry and seafood gradually in three months or six months period . Judging by the feedback from people who are trying to adopt a WFPB diet , cutting out dairy is the hardest step. After dairy products has been cut off , you can start with red meat , egg, high fat fish etc . You give yourself 30 day transition period before you fully get started with plant based diet regime . Remember that old Alka Seltzer ad with the guy groaning that he couldn’t believe he ate the whole thing? It is a curious fact that in the US, one of the most affluent nations in the world, our quantity and quality of life has steadily diminished over the last ten years. According to the USDA, those eating a SAD eat about 12% of their calories in plant-based foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes).
At the other end of the spectrum are the proponents of a whole food plant-plant based diet.
Just looking at those graphs makes me pause.  It is a clear picture of how far apart the the Standard American Diet and a whole food plant-based diet really are.

First modify the standard diet by eating less red meat, eating instead, more fish and poultry.
The next stage involves giving up all meat except fish and small amounts of “white meats.” Try eating meatless lunches and add a fruit smoothie to your daily juice. Finally there is actually adopting a primarily whole food plant-based diet (sometimes called vegan) where you get your nutrition from whole grains, vegetables and plant starches, quit all animal products (meat, dairy and eggs) and cut out most oils and processed foods. This entry was posted in diabetes, diary-free food, gluten-free food, John McDougall, plant based diet, T. 12 Responses to The Journey From the Standard American Diet to a Whole Food Plant-based Diet .
Pingback: Local Business Consultant The Journey From the Normal American Diet to a Whole Food Plant-based Diet . Food based primarily on unprocessed (or minimally processed) vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes.
As a totally recovered Rheumatoid Arthritis patient, a life-long vegetarian, proficient cook, amateur gardener, certified health and fitness consultant and life coach I use by education and experience to help you move towards a plant based diet. Together we create a simple guide to planning, shopping, cooking and even growing great food. 21 Healthy Food Plan MealsMake a Salad Base that Last All WeekAmazing Secrets of Coconut Oil: You May Not Know! A Nutritarian diet is a way of eating which bases food choices on maximizing the micronutrients per calorie. I moved over to a plant-based diet in January of this year and I couldn’t feel better. I can’t help myself to notice how there is no room left for good cold pressed oils of like olive, hemp, etc. We simply don’t ever need to consume animal-based foods to get any of the good nutrition we need. It’s important to note that we need small amounts of cholesterol to help support our cell membranes and some of the tissues surrounding our nerves, but our bodies can manufacture all the cholesterol we need. Their belief is that we cannot possibly get all the protein we need from a plant-based diet. People on plant-based diets can sometimes have lower levels of these vitamins, but there are ways to increase these nutrients, and supplements are always an option. Opting for whole grain flours, whole food sweeteners, and oil-free options enables infinite versatility for wholesome, healthy deliciousness! Use them as treats only, especially if you are trying to lose weight, maintain weight loss, or if you are dealing with a health condition.
Since veggies have the most nutritional bang for their caloric buck compared to all other foods, any excuse to eat more is a health-promoting win-win. Unlike veggies, oil is the most calorie-dense food, offering upwards of 2000 calories and 216 grams of fat per cup! Fuhrman’s book Eat to Live, I came to understand how important greens are for health.  Another habit I’ve developed is eating a BIG green salad almost daily.
I however enjoyed reading your menu since you eat a lot of the same foods we eat like split pea soup and nuts for snacks! Eact time I shop at my local health food store or farmer’s market for organic foods and other healthy ingredients and products, I spend a lot more than I would like to. Things like obesity, poor sleep, bad skin, accelerated aging, inflammation, physical pain, and lack of energy can all be positively affected by increasing the intake of plants and natural foods.
This enables better digestive health and waste elimination, flushes toxins, and enhances nutrient absorption. Any diet program or fad diet (no matter how loony) works in the short term, but it is estimated that 95% of all people who attempt to lose weight fail to keep the weight off in the long term (5 years or longer). By transitioning to a WFPB lifestyle, you will lose weight if you need to, and you’ll lose weight as you regain your health. This diet has the potential to make you healthier , slimmer, stronger and more energetic which can increase your life expectancy. Throughout the years they have developed a relationship with foods with addiction , habits and choices. Many people resort to plant based diet for weight loss , improve heart health, staying healthy , prevent diabetes, lower BP and so on. Tofu , tempeh , wheat gluten , edamme beans can add fiber and healthy protein to your meal .
The current supply of tuna and salmon will have hard time keeping up with the overwhelming demand worldwide . The ready-to-eat version by Trader Joe is the one you will love over greens with tomatoes , olive oil , avocado and balsamic vinegar . Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations ( CAFOs) creates the worst kinds of pollutions with methane emissions and harmful effluents that pollute the water bodies. You can start by minimizing your dairy intake 2-3 days a week and then gradually 5-7 days a week. The problem is come when remembering to connect the information to our overall dietary habits and quality of life. They suggest that 90% of the diet should come from plant-based products,  5% or less from animal-based products and the processed foods should be cut to 5% or less.
It overwhelmingly suggests that few people (even if they are willing) are prepared to make that drastic of a change over night.
There are even a few who get radical and eat vegetarian on weekdays and revert to being omnivores on the weekend.

Give up all meats and fish, but still use dairy and eggs while cutting down on the fat in your diet.
Colin Campbell, vegan, vegetarian, Whole Food Plant-Based Diet and Chronic Disease, Whole Food Plant-Based nutrition and tagged cancer, diabetes, Health, heart disease, plant-based food, processed food, SAD, Vegetarianism. There are serious health problems from eating meat from animals raised artificially (jammed in cages,  fed unnatural food, pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics). Plant-based foods also contain dietary fiber and beta-carotene, where animal products do not. The truth is I get all the protein I need from beans, nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole grains like oats and quinoa. For those of us living in northern climates, especially in the winter months, a supplement will do the trick.
In animals, the microorganisms producing the B12 reside in the large intestine, or in the case of ruminants (cows, sheep, goats), the rumen (first stomach chamber). No limitations exist for the potential creativity and nutritional aptitude you can display via this mode of feasting.
Because it is more challenging to find bottled oil-free dressings at the store, I love whipping up a simple and quick recipe at home, storing it in an airtight container in the fridge, and using it all week. Since you like split pea soup you might want to try The Prudent Homemakers Rosemary white bean soup, it’ts tasty frugal and whole. I just made some carob and coconut balls, raw food, that would so cure your sweet tooth, and their is no sugar.
Thank you so much for sharing this valuable post with us on the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Hop! Plants and vegetables are full of macro and micronutrients that provide our bodies with everything we need for a healthy and vibrant life. As a society, we’ve come to accept that common discomforts like headaches, constant fatigue, PMS, and aches and pains are just part of life. We hope that the videos, in addition to the blog articles and other resources on this site, will help to persuade you to consider transitioning to a WFPB lifestyle. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your pediatrician or family doctor. In fact diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer (which are on the increase) are directly traceable to the food we eat.
The kicker is that the vast majority of calories are consumed in oils, fats, packaged food and refined grain products.
Of course, your quality of life (health, well-being and longevity) is on a complimentary continuum where are concurrently choosing your quality of life.
Low-calorie, nutrient dense foods are at the base of the pyramid, and high-calorie, nutrient poor foods are at the top. The protein level of nuts and seeds is actually quite high compared to animal-based proteins. Plants can be a good source of B12; they must be grown in organic soil where there are lots of microorganisms to produce the B12. If you need help with meal planning or transitioning to a plant-based diet, contact me for nutrition counseling or my other nutrition services that I offer. By eating at least two meals packed with veggies every day, and snacking on fruits and veggies in between, the quality of your health and ultimately your life will drastically improve. We grumble through them and maybe turn to the pharmacy for relief, but what we end up doing is muting the message our bodies are trying to send to us. You have a much greater chance to maintain weight loss if you feel great once the weight comes off. Once convinced, we hope this site will inspire you to begin a WFPB journey that will lead you to abundant and exuberant health! Byers of the University of Colorado Health Science Center illustrates that fruits and vegetables can protect you against all intestine and stomach related cancers.
It takes up 5k to 17k gallons of water to make beef for one hamburger , according to a report published in US geological survey . If they bring up the topic , you can share your understanding  and knowledge you gained throughout your endeavor .
Nuts and seeds do contain high levels of fat as well, but the fat in nuts and seeds is distinctly different and more healthful than animal-based sources.
In the days before the wide-spread use of pesticides, when we didn’t have to be so meticulous about cleaning our food, having a little soil attached to the plants grown in organic soil always gave us enough B12. Dairy milk is designed to accelerate the growth of the calf so much that the calf reaches 1,000 lbs weight by the end of its first year .
It is quite impossible to get enough calories from only leafy vegetables for a balanced diet .
It was a process – often three steps forward and two back.  We are still working on cutting down oils and refined foods.  The important part is that we keep at it! It also means exploring and discovering the joys of whole foods in their natural state and using them to elevate your health.

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