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admin | reflection of the past meaning | 26.03.2015
NOW THAT YOU understand what orthodox Muslims are supposed to do according to their teachings, what can you do about it?
Have you ever wondered what your LIFE’S PURPOSE is or if you even have a purpose here at all?
I still have so much to learn, experience and figure out but at least my eyes are open to the world outside of myself. With all of that said, I am so honored and blessed to be one of the participating Interior Designers in this seasons design renovations with ROOM SERVICE ATLANTA  benefiting the boys and girls at the United Methodist Children’s Home in Decatur, Georgia.
RSA is an organization that brings together local designers to give back to the city of Atlanta. This Spring we are working together to renovate and decorate a Girls Bungalow that is in desperate need of some TLC. Contact me directly if you’re interested in finding out more about our Interior Design Services. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. So, now that you know more about what polluted runoff is, where it comes from, and how it affects you, what can you do about it? Don’t leave grass clippings and leaves in the street when you help with the yard work. This blog looks at how we can focus our thoughts on the things we can control and do something about, rather than those we have no control over and can do nothing about at this stage.
The grief we feel around the many things we have lost due to CFS-  the anger, the frustration – all contribute to a feeling of helplessness.
Because of all the things we can’t do anymore, because of our physical limitations, we feel a lost sense of identity, sense of purpose and sense of belonging. All this can be very overwhelming, especially at the beginning of the illness, and there is definitely an emotional process to be worked through and acknowledged. But once we’ve had some time to adjust, we need to get a little more practical in order to gain some power back over this debilitating, confusing and stigmatizing illness. But once again, like controlling our thoughts, it’s a matter of pulling our focus back to the present moment, rather than focussing on the past or the future. I maintain that focussing on our past and future is one of the main contributors to depression and anxiety, but that’s another blog post! Finding things that we can do and can control while living with CFS can often mean we have to think a little outside the square.
It also means we need to stop lamenting that we can’t do things the same way or to the same extent as what we could in the past.
Often, because we can’t do certain things the way we used to or can’t do them at all, we get upset and we feel defeated by this fact. So, today we’re going to focus on what we can do, which gives us a chance to stand in a place of empowerment rather than victimhood. Well, I’ve been in that position many times and there are things you can do in that situation. If we can’t do it the way we once did it or the way we want to do it, we often won’t do it at all.
Right at this moment, if there’s something we really need to get done, we have to get past perfectionism and just find a way to do it.

Fighting those perfectionist demons can be challenging, but the feeling of accomplishment can still be rewarding whether it’s exactly how we wanted to do it or not.
It tests my recovering perfectionism, but I’m still getting something done that I really want to get done. So, for instance, with the washing or the dishes, or other household chores, we can break them down into small steps.
So even if you have to break it down into 5 minute chunks or 15 minutes, have a look of what you can do as opposed to what you can’t do.
It may not be the way you ideally would want to do it, but whatever the task is, it still gets done, and you get to feel a sense of accomplishment for having done it, and also get something done that needed to be done so that your household works and you’re able to manage your illness better (ie you have dishes to eat your meals off!).
You can also break down more enjoyable tasks that lift your spirit into similar bite-sized chunks, such as writing a blog (a paragraph a day), gardening or scrapbooking – whatever your passion is!
One of the major things I know I can always do is use various forms of distraction to manage my CFS.
So I can distract myself by listening to a podcast that I’ve downloaded to my phone or mp3 player, an audiobook, the radio, or I listen to music. As mentioned in previous blogs, I focus my energies outward so my mind doesn’t have a chance to focus on what I can’t do, or worry about other things.
Following our passions and our purpose despite having CFS is a topic I could go on forever about, as it’s a topic I’m very passionate about myself.
This amazing invention called the internet has opened up myriad opportunities for people with CFS to still be able to follow their passions and purpose online.
But what we can do is write blog articles about these things, or join forums and share our expertise, or read other people’s blogs on these topics and support them. There are so many ways to still stay involved in things that we have loved doing in the past, and there also many ways to ignite new passions for things we didn’t even know about.
Often it’s just a matter of putting that perfectionism (aka procrastination) aside and just giving it a go! Accept there’s nothing you can do, and worrying about it does nothing more than cause you angst. Anxiety is often caused by getting too far ahead in our thinking and catastrophizing – thinking of all the worst things that might happen (and being dramatic about it!
So, sometimes the best and most powerful thing we can do is to acknowledge there’s nothing we can do, and be okay with that! Your action step for today is to think of one thing you could do right now, that would serve your physical, mental or spiritual health, and then do it. Day 11: 31 Day To A Better CFS Life – 5 Ways To Combat Spoonie Mother Guilt on Mother’s Day! If you'd like to get notified of new blog posts, videos or audios, please sign up here and we'll keep you up-to-date. I truly believe we ALL have a grater purpose in life and we’re not all here ‘just because’. There is no doubt that we live in a self centered, self motivated, all about me society….we are born that way. I do feel like I have a lot to give and a lot people to help, I just don’t quite know how or when yet.
One shelter at a time, they gather talent to come together and help create comfortable, relaxing, and inspiring interiors for homeless families and children.

The girls that will eventually inhabit this home have spent most of their lives in foster homes.
I am completely transforming a studio apartment in the Smith Cottage which will house girls ages 17 – 21 who are part of the UMCH’s independent living program. I am just now in the planning stages and will be sharing all of the progress along the way. Try Plexus Slim & Accelerator Today!What Can Plexus Do For You?It isn’t a secret that being overweight has become a worldwideepidemic. You make choices everyday in your home, at school, and with your money that can effect stormwater pollution.
We are only victims if we say we are, and I’m here to say, on behalf of people with CFS and other chronic illnesses, that we are NOT victims. I still take on massive challenges like attempting to write 31 blogs in 31 consecutive days!
And it’s all a matter of context as to whether we say it needs to be a certain way or not.
There are ways of doing things to follow your passions, even if you have a teeny bit of energy.
I’ve heard from others that it is life-changing to discover your purpose and figure out why you’re here.
Through self discovery, life experiences and growth it is liberating to shift focus from ME to OTHERS. We only have a few short weeks to complete our design renovation and pull this all together as we’re scheduled to install the week of May 13th.
In fact, most people know even less than they think they know because of the excessive application of taqiyya (religious deception).Once enough of us are educated, we can vote people into office who understand the situation. It is a grassroots organization devoted to a public awareness of the basic teachings of Islam.One uplifting task you can pursue that indirectly weakens the influence of orthodox Islam is to help girls.
I am still on my path to discovery, inching closer and closer and I can’t wait to finally get there! These girls have never really had a place to call home, a place that is inviting and warm and inspiring. In fact, theCenters for Disease Control reports that 95% of all diets andweight loss programs fail!Finally there is an all-natural, healthy solution to help you loseweight. The synergistic effect of Plexus Slim and Acceleratortaken together can help you lose more weight—faster thanyou ever thought possible.
In this moment what can I do about that thing I’m worrying about, what can I do about that task I want to get done.
And we can push for initiatives and policies appropriate to our new understanding.But until enough people understand, the policies and politicians will not have enough support to get anything done.

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