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After eating purely vegan, Lopez is now adding other foods to her diet and encouraging others to eat more veggies. Sign up here for exclusive access to all your favorite celebrities and breaking entertainment news! Written by Elena WilkinsHave you ever wondered if becoming vegan is safe and sustainable or if it is as hard, and possibly dangerous, as the media makes it seem? Plant-Based: a person who might eat an exclusively vegan diet, or a person who decides to eat a predominately plant-based diet with a small inclusion of flesh products.
In our animal-food crazed age it is very easy to believe that to be healthy or fit we have to eat a lot of protein.
In fact, plant protein is a superior form of protein and is highly digestible, compared to its animal counterparts!
If you decide to eat a wholly plant based (vegan) diet, to ensure you get enough protein, whether you are an athlete, a pregnant and nursing mama or have little ones to think about, simply eat a healthy, junk free, plant based diet, including as many various plants as you can, including grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, greens, fruits and veggies. Now that we have protein covered, you should know that there are two types of vegans–those who are health-minded, and those who are not. Don’t be fooled to believe that if you become vegan, you will magically become healthy. I talk about the topics of junk vegan foods, carbs, supplementation, protein,  and many other things in these articles, sharing with you exactly what not to do.
So, while we all can enjoy an occasional sweet, we need to make sure it is as processed sugar free as possible, unless we want to mess up our immune system, make our body acidic and mess with our hormones. In Sugar is MORE addicting that Cocaine I talk about healthy sugar alternatives and ways you can overcome sugar addictions.
While I use coconut oil as my skin moisturizer and make up remover, I keep all oils OUT OF MY FOOD! You can read an in-depth scientific research on this oily topic in the There are NO healthy oils article. While pregnant, I taught 10 hours of fitness classes a week, until the day I went into labor.
For those who decide to consume a whole foods plant based diet, there is virtually no need for supplements, except for B12. One of the greatest benefits of being whole foods vegan before, during and after my pregnancy, and including regular exercise into my daily routine,  was the quick weight loss I experienced post partum, and the fact that I did not gain any unneeded fat. A whole foods, plant based diet (WFPBD) offers a natural treatment for hypothyroidism–I successfully reversed hypothyroidism with a plant based diet.
If you transitioned to a well-taught plan based diet and learn the basics, living healthy becomes easy. If you are a healthy vegan, share your transition to a plant based diet story with others in the comment section. When my blood pleasure drops I make the worst food choices to make it to the end of the day without cancelling plans. When you clean up your diet and eat small meals throughout the day, your blood pressure should normalize. Hello, my name is Savannah and I have been vegetarian for two years and I can’t stand holding back the transition to vegan. Savannah, no specific sites, but my site has a lot of packable recipes, depending on what you love most: soups, main courses, sandwiches, rolls, etc.
You also mentioned that you might be supplementing with iron–I would stay away from that, since vegan diet has plenty of healthy iron sources if you eat whole foods. Beyond this I cannot say anything else, unless I evaluate your food intake and health history to see if there is something we are missing.
I’m a 16 years old, and I have been doing research for a while now and I have been wanted to go vegan. Hi Elena, I’m not sure if this is a common side effect but for the first two weeks of starting my vegan diet, I had a funny taste in my mouth and progressively smelly breathe. After finally converting fully to vegan 2 weeks ago I have lost most of my breast milk supply and have noticed my 15 month old has developed eczema!! The eczema might be coincidental or, if you breast feed exclusively and made a quick switch, rather than a smooth transition into plant based diet, you might have detoxed too quick and it affected your milk.
Hi Elena, I’ve decided to make the switch to Veganism after 18 months Vegetarian, partly influenced after watching Cowspiracy.
Start where you are now, and do what your consciousness, your finances and your spouse can afford. Hi Elena, I appreciate the time and effort that you have put into educating both non-vegans and vegans about this lifestyle.
I am really passionate about helping out the animals in our world by going vegetarian and eventually vegan. Phoebe, there are a lot of sites they can visit, and it would be good for them to schedule a consult with me to ask any questions they might have, to help them overcome their concerns.

As for hair loss, no, I have worked with hundreds of peoples to date who go cold turkey vegan overnight and never experienced anything like that. If you need help with navigating a healthy plant based diet, make sure to enroll in Body by Plants, so I can help. Just become vegan 6 months ago from been vegetarian and the first few months I felt just great till my hair like yours did too start to fall out do much and started you be really worry about but didn’t give up and now I’m just taking some natural tablets for vitamin supplement and see how it will go! I am young, really young still in my early teens, i have recently been shown the light of the cruelty and inhuman ways of factory farming.
Elena, I have been reading your website for about a year and a half now after starting on the Daniel diet and then trying to transition to full time plant-based vegan after looking at many of your posts.
People are used to seeing me be kind of thickish, but when I started eating [vegan], right away I dropped like 8 to 10 pounds. Meat always prompts me to start binging so since cutting it out I've been eating a lot less. You probably have seen ads for protein supplements (mostly whey products), protein bars, or even milk commercials, telling you how many grams of protein you will get in each serving. In fact, all plants have protein and we need no magic protein supplements, or special food combining to ensure that we get enough protein in our bodies to have optimal health.
Just like with any other diet, you have to be conscious of the quality of the foods you are eating.
A study had shown (cited in the article I just linked to) that lab animals preferred sugar water to cocaine over 90% of the time! The study demonstrated that all three types of fat–saturated animal fat, monounsaturated (olive oil), and polyunsaturated (EFA)–were associated with a significant increase in new atherosclerotic lesions.
When you read my Vegan Done Wrong series you will learn the most beneficial way to structure your vegan diet. I have not heard of anyone dying of eating too much kale or having too many green smoothies. I dedicated many articles to revel in this fact. I have tried to gradually go vegan with my diet and cutting out things like sugar and oil which for the majority of the tweaks has been working but when it comes to sugar its hard to stay away. Normally it would take a lot longer than 7 months to get low on B12, unless you were already low and the change pushed you over the edge. My mom has autoimmune diseases and I was wondering, could a vegan life style be beneficial for her.
After a while of eating clean, most will end up having stomach cramps, since chicken tenders are pretty heavy on your stomach. Fortunately this passed but I wonder whether this has anything to do with stopping all dairy and meat products.
I am now currently taking vitamin b12 and I do make a lot of seaweed shake like 3 times a week along with grapefruits and papaya.
I am a 16yo female and have recently been considering the transition from an animal consuming diet to a vegan lifestyle.
I lost a lot of weight very quickly (25 lbs in 3 weeks), and was feeling good, but my hair started falling out – a lot.
In my program we always make sure that we eat a lot of diverse foods (soy is fine :)), and take B12. It is either malabsorption of nutrients, or lack of B12, or, it could be seasonal (unless it was really bad).
If you eat junk, sugary, processed and fat laden vegan products, while you will be saving lives of animals, you will be killing yourself in the process. Most importantly, the growth of these lesions did not stop when polyunsaturated fats of the w-6 type (linoleic acid) and monounsaturated fats (olive oil) were substituted for saturated fats. You can also learn whether you should become Raw Vegan in my article which discusses pros and cons of the choice. I never seem to find any other than a PB+J and that is the hardest part of the diet, eating at school. One of the things to know also is that for some people supplementation does not work, if their gut is not working properly or if they have a genetic mutation that would prevent it. If I were to cheat and have some chicken tenders (from a restaurant) once a month, how would my body react? The only way your period would stop on this (or any) diet, is if you loose too much weight. Would I be be chastised for wearing these items while following an otherwise Vegan lifestyle?
I know I’m going cold turkey to be on this vegan diet and just wanted to know your feedback on what vegan diet to start is it good to go raw? I am currently paskatarian because they think I should still be eating some form of meat, I eat as little as I can though. But people with serious illnesses who might have difficulty processing foods in their body or who require great care to be taken in that regard, unless that person is willing to make their diet a full time job and constantly monitor via blood tests they should not take going vegan lightly.

It was a lot like when I had my baby last year and your hair falls out post partum for a while, except it was a lot worse. I would highly recommend that your parents schedule an appointment with me to discuss the details and advantages of a plant based diet.
I have always had very good teeth health (only two small cavities in 23 years even without professional dental care for about 16 years) and so I found this really odd.
I do not care if your mailman, your doctor, your best buddy or the best known health food blogger tells you otherwise. Only by decreasing all fat intake–including poly- and monounsaturated fats–did the lesions stop growing. I suggest to anyone who has any serious illness to discuss going vegan with their doctor, to take supplements accordingly, and make sure you understand what your body needs, how much, and that you are able to keep it up. My doctor said it was because I was not eating meat or dairy and sent me to an endocrinologist. While researching natural dental health options I found several sources that claim a vegan diet is very bad for oral health. Mum is worried that I won’t keep developing properly and it will have bad effects on me. The endocrinologist said my thyroid looked fine and said it was all the soy I was eating, which can act like estrogen (but I wasn’t eating much soy). Should I slowly cut off meat and then dairy?(I did not eat a lot of meat and dairy before this change) I’m EXTREMLY tired.
I am 14, so I understand and respect her decisions but I don’t know what else I can show her that will reassure her that it will be okay.
For me, the best way to be Vegan is to only eat fresh home cooked food without any processed foods. So finally I got a referral to a dermatologist who told me it was called telogen effluvium, and that I had just shocked my system by going vegan cold turkey and that it would all come back (which it did). Do you know any websites or articles that are good for parents and that will cover all her questions?? Eating in restaurants who claim to have vegan food often have meat products and processed foods too so I would not do that either. The advice featured for teeth health seems to completely contradict what I have read the past year for health.
If you have food allergies or intolerance such as to gluten or to beans you have to take that into consideration. Going vegan doesn’t automatically remove all of your allergies but your body chemistry can change overnight at any time so it may.
But I’m wondering if I became deficient in something back then because of the nutrient poor foods I was eating and everyone around me blamed it on not eating meat and dairy. You can heal your body with food but not every food is good or bad for everyone., I do agree that sugar is unnecessary except in small doses once in a while. Just curious for your thoughts since you’ve done so much research, thank you so much! Macrobiotic, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Paleo, vegan, zone, whatever you decide to do be smart and know your body.
What inspired you to get involved with the initiative?A lot of these women, when I met them a year ago, some of them lived in their cars. But most importantly, don’t be one of those militant vegans who preach to the people who eat meat. The majority of the other women had seen if not one or more members of their family wiped out, gone.
I just couldn’t fathom going down to New Orleans to do the Essence Music Festival and not leaving some kind of door opening or something. And once people graduate they will become mentors themselves and pay it forward to the next group of women.Will this be an ongoing effort for your foundation to continue at future Essence Music Festivals?Absolutely. I’m in the studio right now, trying to get a couple of tracks out there for people to hear over the summer.
And even a lot better now, because I’m in much better shape than I was in the last 10 years. Can fans expect you to record for another blockbuster in the near future?I certainly hope so.

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