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In the process of your wedding preparation you come across the variety of items that are meant to be important parts of the wedding successful unfolding. But till that moment, which now seems so far away from you, you still have the planning to do, with everything that involves an organization of such extent.
On the occasion of her wedding preparations, my friend was unaware of the fact that she should draw a checklist with the items to be bought or to be taken care of, or the ones that needed to be ordered and not paid for yet. So, the moment I caught her writing these careless notes, I blamed on the excitement of her upcoming event; I could understand her quite well, this was actually the reason I offered to help her draw a wedding planning checklist for her wedding preparations. Get a weekly list of wedding links, goodies and bargains found around the internet by Jenny!
The Wedding Specialists wants to be a great destination for anyone looking to make the best of the best day of a lifetime.
Wedding Planner Confettata Swarowski Dettagli preziosi per un matrimonio classico e ricercato.
Matrimonio sul Veliero Location di lusso e allestimenti floreali a tema per un evento fuori dal comune.
WedPlanner Pro will give you a seamless, reliable way to manage your client information in a centralized place to keep your business and clients organized.
WedPlanner Pro gives you a centralized place where you can easily collaborate with your clients. Invite the bride the groom the parents to collaborate, discuss and keep track of the budget, payments, RSVP and more. Let WedPlanner Pro save you time and take away the hassle of organizing clients and collaborating with clients. Lucky for us wedding planner Andri of Always Andri Wedding Design is on hand with her expert wedding planning tips on budgeting for your wedding and she has even designed a FREE wedding budget spreadsheet just for you. As I mentioned in my last post on planning tips for newly engaged couples, a key area to consider as you start wedding planning is the budget. Having done your research you will now have some guide prices to work towards and you can start thinking about how much you want to spend. As a rough guide, I would designate 40-50% of your budget for your reception (including the venue, food and drink costs), leaving the rest of your budget to cover everything else. It’s always a good idea to use gifted money for a particular area of the wedding (such as the flowers or drinks) and give them some input into that particular element.

One of the first things I do for my clients is set up a budget spreadsheet where I list everything needed for the wedding, especially the little things like postage for invitations, alteration costs for dresses, accessories and so on, and allocate the estimated spend. Inevitably things may end up costing more than you thought or something might come up that you hadn’t budgeted for, so always cost in a contingency budget.
Finally, whatever your budget is there will always be areas where, with a little time and some creativity, you can make great savings. Thanks so much to London wedding planner extraordinarre Andri for sharing these brilliant tips.
Love this post because I just finished creating one myself but nothing as cute and darling as this…only in my countries currency. I have wedding my cousin and i want to capture wedding photos but i don’t know which planning go for photo shoot my cousin can u answered me which planning can i am going for wedding photography? You have decided that due to a restricted budget you have to stick to the option of organizing all by yourselves the event that is raised to the dimensions of a destiny meant to change the rest of your life.
And as any other planning, this activity requires the drawing of a worksheet with every step to be marked and tracked carefully, thus being all the time present in the evolution of your plan.
In order to have your plan thoroughly carried to a happy end then you need to have beside the worksheets that contain the details of your wedding, the costs of the expenditures, a wedding planner checklist.
Anyway, she used to do all these check ups on sheets of paper spread all over the place in her house.
We gathered all the notes and step by step we inserted on a workbook page of the Microsoft’s Excel program all the things that were written on the notes.
It will keep everything together even with so much going on you will have extra time to find those new clients. It really does depend on a number of factors, including the style, location and date of the wedding.
This is when prioritising the most important elements of your wedding becomes crucial, as you may want to allocate more money to certain areas and source them early. Be aware that just because something’s important to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend more on it, so much as it’s something you won’t want to compromise on. If so it’s worth talking to them early on to establish what they’re expecting in return: is it a no obligation gift or are they going to want a large say in what the money is being spent on? If you feel it’s going to compromise the kind of wedding you want then consider declining their generosity.

I also add a column for the actual spend – you can then compare the two columns and reallocate funds within your budget if necessary to keep to your target. Have a figure you’d like to spend and then another figure that if really pushed you could stretch to.
We’ll be looking at that in a later post in this series so don’t worry if you’re feeling the financial strain, I might just have some money-saving tips for you! I totally agree with you to ignore what magazines say about your “local” budget and do your research!
Once the wedding event is over you are acknowledged that nothing in the future life will be the same again.
The worksheets you are creating are part of a bigger picture called wedding planner, this one needing to comprise in its turn the following:  wedding budget worksheet, planning calendar checklist, final phase calendar checklist, seating arrangements, and more. This one is supposed to help you keep track of everything that is performed together with the planning, in this way you could be able to see which article has been taken care of and which one still needs to be accomplished.
I was surprised to see her doing that, since I have known her from the college times and have noticed that she was more organized than I was.
How can you keep track of your expenditure and stop your budget from spiralling out of control? Once you’ve established these logistics, you can start looking into the different costs in each area. And because of these implications, all your senses are penetrated by a tension that won’t be released till the last echoes of your wedding celebration will be heard. Especially on the period of taking an exam, she always used to do check up lists with the topics she had to prepare and she never missed once to mark the topics she had learned or are about to be revised.
I may not have a certificate for it, but every friend I’ve helped so far can vouch for my talent. Disregard the average prices magazines give you and concentrate on researching suppliers in your chosen location to build your own list of prices.
By researching these costs you will then have a realistic idea of what you can get for your money.

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