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I don’t like being comfy when working, a little discomfort spurs me on to finish whatever writing needs to get done. Besides the classical to-do list, I may add, a “not to-do list” has proven just as important and motivating for me! To give you an example of what I mean, besides my usual to-do list, I also make a not-to-do list in which I write, for example, that I should never spend more than 10 minutes browsing facebook or IM-ing. Andrew Kardon has been writing professionally about everything from the Muppets to Online Shopping to Healthcare for years.
4 Productivity Tips To Help Small Business Owners Stay Focused You are using an outdated browser.
While trying to do tasks that require lots of concentration, try moving a little bit, like tapping your foot, moving your leg, or chewing gum.
Listening to music while you work may help you concentrate, it’s a trick that many people use. You have to learn to realize when your attention is lacking or wondering to something else so that you can learn how to regain it. 3 Ways to Stay Focused While You Work Online - DuoParadigms Public Relations & Design, Inc. This light-resource program runs in the background of my computers and tracks what I’m doing.
Our job is to provide effective communication using the tools of design and public relations.
About Our BlogOur desire is to help you grow as a leader, a designer, a communicator, and most of all, as a child of God! I used to think there was a top secret method, or some magical master school plan that experienced homeschooling moms used. It seems like a breeze to have focus, but here is the truth- when your phone is ringing, and ringing, and ringing, and you have a baby on your hip, and one at your knee, and the other one sitting and waiting patiently for instruction: it is easy to lose focus, to become discouraged, and to question if you have made the best decision for your child to homeschool them.
For me, that means that I stay up late or get up early to take care of the important things that demand my attention and my focus. If I have a pile of laundry or a sink full of dishes, it is easy for me to become distracted. Think how much better Date Nights will be if you are in a Focus Zone, only thinking of the one you love, right there and then. You can have all the pretty planners in the whole wide world but if you don’t use them then why waste time?
A very wise friend of mine shared with me that anytime of the day I feel like it’s just not going right, that’s when, right then and there, I can restart my day. Writing books is Stephanie’s “other” job and she is the proud Author and Illustrator to five children’s books with more on the way. Demetria is a homeschooling mom , "mompreneur" , and tech enthusiast who lives in the Silicon Valley with her husband, two daughters, and a dog named Shaggy.
How to stay focused in 2013- in today’s post, we are going to cover the big subject How to stay focused in 2013, i have 5 ways to keep you focused, and working on how to stay focused in 2013, when you are working from the comfort of your home. You have the ability to make tons of money working from home, when your fully focused and have no distractions. If your a newbie to this work from home thing like me, then the transition can be really tough, you have to be able to motivate yourself! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog How to stay focused-While working online, hope you enjoyed! Usually when I’m busy with tons of writing on my plate, I can knock each one off no problem.
But sometimes you just feel so overwhelmed by everything that you don’t even know where to begin. At my first job, I had this massive amount of paperwork that needed to be sorted a certain way. A clutter-free desk will look nicer and give off a sort of calming feeling, but also the act of cleaning things up will give you that sense of accomplishment.
I know Mondays tend to be a bit scattered, and Fridays are filled with thoughts of the weekend — so I block out the days and times where I can accomplish the most with the least resistance (from myself).
This is usually the little extra boost of motivation I need to keep myself from being distracted by facebook for the next hour, by simply quitting it once I remember about the “not to-do”! 123 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Content Curation 116 SEO and Content Marketing: Are They Actually Different?
Whether your ADHD is serious or mild, it’s helpful to have a few strategies to improve concentration. Music activates the part of the brain that’s in charge of controlling external stimuli that steal your attention. When this happens, you can use one of these techniques to bring your attention back to the task at hand. May patients with ADHD have problems starting projects because they don’t understand what exactly they have to do.

If you repeat a simple phrase to yourself, like “finish the project”, over and over again, you’ll have an easier time concentrating. If instead if getting distracted randomly, you previously identify the hardest parts of the task, you can plan accordingly so that you can take a break, Doing this will make it a little easier to get back to.
If this is your case, the best we can suggest is that you go to a specialist so that they can give you a diagnose and tell you the best course of treatment.
Part of my problem is caused by social networking, which is a legitimate business activity. In a matter of minutes, I can find myself gone from my desk and inside the kitchen pantry, rummaging around for some key ingredient to create some delectable concoction. Often, when I get down to crunch time, also known as launch day, I come across a slew of last minute fixes, edits, modifications, pages that need tweaked, images that need resizing, etc. I rarely pay more than a few few dollars for an app, so believe me, when I say this one is worth the expense. Or, when a friend is talking with you, listening and being focused on every word she speaks sends her a message that you know what she is saying is valuable and important. If we have the mindset that we can START OUR DAYS OVER ANYTIME, then we give ourselves permission to move forward without regret and criticism. In those moments we must decide to commit to keep our focus, or let the interruptions and distractions take priority, and commit to them instead. As a Pastor's wife she has a strong desire to share Bible based lessons with her children just as her parents did then she was a young child. She currently runs two podcasts, blogs, writes music, and spends lots of time at coffee shops. If you want to make money online or grow your Home Business or MLM Online i'm here to show you how to create a Tsunami of leads, how to supper charge your Online branding and marketing for free. Toss in a zillion distractions, and even if you do finally dive in, you’ll quickly be pulled right back out. Getting dressed just helps re-focus your head and get you in the right frame of mind to work. While you can’t ship them off to Siberia (please do not try this at home), you can try to adjust your work schedule around your kids. Instead, I’m going to try to limit myself to reading and responding to emails every hour. But make sure your chair is comfortable with enough back support, and that you have wrist guards for your keyboard and even mouse if needed. I can actually tune out the words, but having that background noise is really important for me to keep hyped and productive.
Whether it's feature articles, news stories or blog posts, I can magically tie it all into pop culture to make your content current. If you love this post, please share it with your friends and subscribe to the Daily Mayo Book Lover's Club! 114 Image: 11 Ways Marketers Can Improve Their Relationship with Sales 11 Ways Marketers Can Improve Their Relationship with Sales 105 Image: New to All the Book Marketing Stuff?
It’s been proven that this type of movement may help you concentrate on long tasks without interruptions. If something is in your field of vision that shouldn’t be, put it somewhere else so you can keep your mind on the task at hand. Thanks to smartphones, you can have your schedule right in front of you so it’s easier to follow.
By breaking down the task into smaller projects will help you feel motivated and make you want to keep going.
If you take your time to find out what the assignment really is, you’ll be understand it better ad it will seem easier. There are different kinds of medications and therapies that can help the main symptoms of ADHD in adults. I routinely monitor our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram accounts all during the day, which is important to our marketing strategy, but it does a number on my productivity. Or if I don’t make it to the kitchen out of sheer will resistance, I still lose valuable minutes out of my day. I’ve started creating a list as I go along, which alleviates my mental concern about forgetting something crucial.
Get yourself in the habit of checking your accounts on a schedule and resist the temptation to check them all haphazardly throughout the day. I could hardly imagine them pulling their hair out, raising their voices, or begging their children to read just one more paragraph before taking a break. If I find I am letting time slip through the hourglass like sand then I know I need to WORK to protect that time.
The To-Do list in my mind is kind of like the closing credits that scroll at the end of a great movie. There is a scene where the famous pitcher, Billy Chapel (played by Kevin Costner) is at the plate.

When our children are talking to us being focused on them for that moment can make such an impact on their lives. It’s okay to plan a time to focus on your health, on your education, on your beauty, on your reading, on your hobbies. That said, I also have a color coded planner calendar in my mobile phone, and reminders set with alarms to keep me on track. So in an effort to help myself get motivated, I’ve come up with a list of 10 ways to stay focused and get the job done. I’m either getting caught up in the music and not paying attention to my writing, or I spend half my time digging through iTunes trying to find a song I like.
Probably helps if you get yourself a little timer too so you know not to look at Facebook until that bell dings. If you have a lot of time to dedicate to the task, this focus will work better: if you have 20 days to turn in a 20 page project, 20 1 page a day. No, these ladies were professional homeschool experts, hair kept neatly, unwrinkled clothes, make-up done, perfectly poised, and ready to share about their perfect homeschool life while sipping a cup of coffee and knitting a sweater for the homeless. A moment in time or a place you go to in your mind where you can mute every distraction and be in the moment. I know, I know, believe me I know it is a hard thing to do, especially when you are trying to get dinner on the table and someone is competing for your attention, and you are trying not to burn anything. Now, I imagine there were times when this rule was broken, but most of the time everyone at the table respected and liked this rule because they enjoyed bonding with one another after a long day. I also find myself more productive in the early mornings and right before lunch, like around 11:30. Banks business suits I wore as a pharma rep, but I put on a comfortable ensemble (not necessarily one that’s appropriate anywhere, but the pool, but dressed all the same) each day before starting. I don’t have to worry about forgetting to go back and change something, so I can stay focused and systematically check off the to-dos, instead of hopping around all over the place.
And friends, this doesn’t only go for homeschool schedules; this Focus Zone can be applied to every area of your life.
In moments like those, if I need to, I kneel down to their height, look into their big blue eyes, and say, “I am making dinner, and what you need to tell me is too important for me to miss. There is something about full tummies that make everyone happier, so get them while they are full and happy. Boring tasks become 50 times more difficult to finish when your back is screaming at you in pain. If it’s real heavy stuff that I need to focus, I find the music actually distracts me more nowadays.
Those memories will not easily be forgotten and hopefully will be passed on to future generations. He becomes so focused on what he is doing, right there in that moment, that he mutes the crowd, and pitches with perfection. This is a great way to teach them patience while helping them understand that what they have to say matters so much that it deserves complete focus from you. This is a skill I have developed over many years (first while trying to study in a house with 8 other people).How do I stop listening? When I write, the words first blossom inside my head, and then I transfer them to the computer.
Usually, I choose my bedroom; but sometimes, I have retreated to a closet or even the locked bathroom.
By breaking down the bigger picture, you’ll have smaller bites that will be way easier to chew. So, drink away.Occupy the LittlesIf you have little kids underfoot like I do, they are the biggest distraction.
Studies show that block tasking is much more efficient (specifically, 90-minute sessions of work followed by 20 minutes of rest).
Usually, mornings are spent in blog work, afternoons are for writing, and evenings are for anything I failed to finish earlier.Take BreaksThe above study indicates that periods of intense work followed by short breaks of 20 minutes or so follow the body’s natural ultradian rhythm. I probably wouldn’t take nearly as many breaks if I didn’t have interruptions from children, but I do find I can stay focused while writing and think clearer after I return to work after a short break.Find Your Focus MusicCertain music inspires creativity. His music is quite intense, but for some reason, it helps me stay focused while writing.Hide Your PhoneFor some reason, I can’t ignore messages on my phone. The best way I have found to deal with this is to place my phone in a different room so I don’t hear it at all.If you need even more tips on how to stay focused while writing, check out my companion piece on Coffee Addicted Writer!How do you stay focused on writing? Find more helpful writing tips here! It doesn’t matter if I’m blogging, journaling, or trying to write a book, I just get so distracted!
For me, it’s better to have just one spot where I work, but I have a bad habit of trying to write in bed.

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