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No matter who you are or what you accomplish in life, there will always be someone else who has more money, better success, fancier clothes or nicer friends than you do.
When you love yourself (in a good way, not egoistically) and believe in your capabilities, it translates to the world as self-confidence. There are people who accept the changes that come in life with age, like the change of appearance and looks.
When you are constantly concerned about some imperfection in your body, you are always conscious and distracted. When you are distracted and conscious about your physical imperfection, you won’t be able to focus on the important aspects of your life. You need to be happy from within and be self satisfied, if you want the world to look up to you. As we charge through life trying to be "strong Black women," it can be tough to acknowledge when our self-esteem is low.
Travel, start a business, gain that promotion at work, start a family, get more involved in the community?
Be open to learning and avoid self glorification, attention seeking, controlling others, unnecessary competition, wanting to change and punish other people … these negativ tendencies only serve to weigh us down. On the other hand, there are people who take efforts to change things according to their will and happiness. When you take the help of plastic surgery to get rid of the imperfection, you put an end to your concerns. With plastic surgery, you can take care of other concerns and focus on work and relationships.
The first step to boosting your self-confidence is recognizing that you may need a little jolt. Learn to be content with who you are and what you have and you will better yourself for it.
The truth however is that self confidence develops and is strengthened through our life experiences.

Get the wheels rolling today …  and experience what feels like a beautiful burst of fresh air rushing into your life. In fact recognizing that we are all flawed human beings, having nothing to fear, nothing to prove, nothing to hide … takes away the pressure of pretense. Plastic surgeries have become so common now; people now want to bring in changes and improvements through plastic surgeries. Plastic surgery increases your self esteem because each time you look in the mirror, you feel satisfied, happy and confident.
As you pledge to be fierce and fabulous, Yahoo Shine has come up with three great ways to boost your confidence. We may not always believe that we are capable of weathering the storms and overcoming obstacles without being knocked down and out, but if we have self confidence, it propels us to act, take risks and give our best.
First because your outward appearance determines the type of impression people will have when they first meet you — and first impressions are usually the most lasting. The thrill of discovering new things, experiencing life, and conquering challenges builds self confidence.
Dress appropriately, get your hair done, wear make-up (if you choose), keep up with fashion trends, and ALWAYS WEAR A SMILE. This grows your self confidence – as it shows that you are not just drifting through life, you have purpose. Keep your energy levels high by eating well, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep. There’s a feeling of happiness that sets in when you are of positive influence, knowing that most people who meet you would be happy they did. Focus more on looking inward at your intentions and always try to operate from a good place.
This may sound superficial, but looking good does often translate into feeling good, hence confident!
Each goal when achieved, moves us forward and closer to bigger ones, resulting in feelings of accomplishment and fulfillment, breeding self confidence.

Avoid feelings of sluggishness, helplessness or hopelessness; also stop procrastinating, these are energy-drainers. Instead, be determined to improve your life, to be a positive influence to those around you. Unhappiness is mostly caused by fear of some kind – fear of loss, rejection, the unknown, fear of being perceived as weak, or simply some built up anger and other unresolved negative emotions. The positive karma you put out will come right back at you, helping nurture your confidence. It is also important to spend time with yourself in order to discover and understand your shortcomings, and then be determined to IMPROVE on them.
Hence embracing the good, the bad and the ugly and working on these helps build self-confidence.
It is important to define yourself by the things that matter to YOU, not by other people’s expectations and selfish desires. As human beings, it is difficult to feel confident when the people around you are constantly telling you how unworthy you are. Yahoo Shine suggests "running a 5K or organizing your digital photos." Smaller goals -- like going to the gym five times a week or cleaning out that front hall closet -- can give you a boost too.
Daily baths come highly recommended; so do the use of mouthwash, deodorants, sweet smelling body lotions and other forms of personal grooming. Not being constantly swayed or easily knocked off the path you have chosen helps build self-confidence.

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