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Listen To Music:Whether you choose the radio, an mp3 player, or your favorite playlist on the computer, music will help you be more excited about cleaning. Reading a housekeeping book or article can actually give you the tips and motivation you need to get started. You’ll be more likely to get rid of things if you think you can make a little money for something else you really want. We’ve got a natural flare for getting things spick-and-span but when it comes to doing a quick home clean we know it doesn’t come easily to everyone.
Things stand a much better chance of getting done if you actually know what you have to do!
If you really find cleaning challenging, and the thought of a nice clean space is not enough of an incentive, reward yourself with something worthwhile. Anyway, a couple years ago my sister (from Joyful Homemaking) and I started the Think Tank, so those that want to share can share, and those that want to be inspired can do that too. Thank you for a wonderful party Carrie and all the creative ideas here and on your own blog!

I’m so inspired on my last day of homeschooling to get cleaning and declutter this summer!!
Carrie, thank you so much for featuring my post, 5 Ways To Use Greek Yogurt As A Healthy Substitute. Tips from cleaning professionals on how to keep a house clean in less time, and make it easier to stay clean. This infographic, titled Dental Health shows that how to get your mouth clean and healthy, and keep it that way.
31 Ways to Clean the Stubbornly dirty things in your home - Kitchen cleaning hacks and tips, laundry cleaning hacks and tips, living and bedroom cleaning tips, and bathroom cleaning hacks for those really hard to clean things around the house.
For those who don’t like cleaning it can be a grey cloud over the rest of your day, or even your week, so the sooner you get it done, the better. Make yourself a schedule for the day, listing exactly what you what to clean and in which order you can most effectively do everything.
Set yourself up a cleaning bucket with sprays, cloths, wipes etc and have a vacuum cleaner nearby at all times too.

It could be something as simple as a nice cup of tea and biscuits or an indulgent purchase like a new handbag? Great tips to keep your house looking good without spending every day cleaning and decluttering it! Really getting dressed down to comfy shoes can help tell your mind that you've got work to do. Plus, if you start in the morning and find yourself overwhelmed you can take plenty of breaks without worrying about running out of time or needing to stop and do the school run. You may want to go room by room and clean everything completely or run your schedule in order of task – for example, doing all the hovering or dusting in one go.
Let everyone in the family have a turn at controlling the music, and give some limited chore choices to keep your work-force happy.

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