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This is a great book that shares knowledge on building self esteem with young children and also teaching values early on in their life.  The book is a great reminder that as parents and caretakers of children we need to remember to be positive, constructive and praise them as they learn a lot during their childhood from the people who are around them. The authors, Diana and Julia Loomans, have created a book which combines many ideas, thoughts, techniques and processes in one easy to read book which can be used as a reference for parents.  All of the examples and ideas in the book have been tested to ensure that they work and that they are in line with the main principles of the book which is that parents respect their children not control them which allows them to build and develop self esteem. My oldest daughter has come such a long way in such a little time, it almost doesn’t seem possible.
It took a while, and it was worth every last bit of effort from her father and I, because she holds her head high, gets better grades, chooses better friends, but she’s still the girl who befriends someone who is being picked on. I’m not really sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way we became very close.
We are all different, our children respond to different things some of the things I listed below might not work with your child, but do with mine.
Let them make mistakes – I try to let my kids experience things, because I want them to leave home knowing as much about the world, and how it works as possible. When I started teaching Catie about hair, we started with experimenting with all the best hair care products for her hair.
When I think of the Dove brand, I think of all the amazing things they have done to help women of all ages realize just how beautiful they are. Catie and I have used Dove Pure Care Dry Oil hair care products, and it’s loaded with benefits, but the one I am most excited about – It works great on all hair types!  It also does an amazing job making my hair fell smooth and silky, and it’s easier for me to manage when it feel healthy and happy.
Whether you’re a mom, or a teen hair matters!  When our hair looks great, and feels silky smooth it’s an instant confidence booster! Dove Pure Care Dry Oil collection nourishes your hair, without leaving it feeling yucky and greasy, it’s proven to absorb quickly, thanks to the featured blend of Coconut oil and Macadamia oil it absorbs quickly, and Dove wants you to try Dove Pure Care Dry Oil hair care products.  Oh, WAIT! My daughter and I can’t share shampoo, conditioner, or many other hair care products because our hair type is extremely different.
If for some crazy reason you are not completely satisfied with Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil system, the lovely people at Dove will refund your purchase. For more information about the Dove Silky Hair Dare Sweepstakes be sure to swing by the Dove website here. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Unfortunately, I’m learning that the more common an idea is in our culture, the more cautious I need to be about absorbing it. You see, self-esteem is a good and healthy thing; but the source of self-esteem must be gauged carefully.
Let them know that they matter and that you notice them, without constantly offering praise. Encourage them to explore their God-given talents and abilities, and then to hone them and use them in ways that honor Him.
Teens today are under a lot of stress, but there are many ways to build self esteem and confidence. Kathleen struggled with low self esteem for most of her life and ended up making many poor choices in order to fit in with her peers.
There are so many external pressures on kids today: broken homes, poverty, alcoholic parents, drug abuse, promiscuity, eating disorders, self-injury. For most teens, starting on the outside is the easiest way to begin to develop the internal stuff.
Our thoughts create our reality and learning how to harness the power of our own minds is the most important thing anyone can achieve in their lifetime. Set an intention and decide right now that this is going to be a great prom season and the best time of your life so far. Helping them to discover what makes them unique and how they can use their own gifts, skills and talents to benefit others. Creating a fail-safe home by co-creating ground rules and consequences so teens are a part of the process and solution. Is community involvement such as an after school job or volunteering very valuable for teens' self-esteem? The earlier we grasp these principals and apply them in our lives, the less we'll have to unlearn later on.
By planting the seeds of possibility thinking in teens early on we are helping them create a life that they absolutely love. LoveToKnow Teens thanks Kathleen for sharing her insightful advice on ways to build self esteem. People often confuse self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love and interchangeably use these qualities. Before I discuss the top 7, I would like to clearly distinguish the difference between these three qualities.
Self-confidence is about being confident in yourself – how you feel or view your abilities, your power and your own personal judgement.
Going on a new adventure, exploring the world and traveling offers huge potential to enhance self-confidence. When you find yourself lacking in self-confidence, try to get out of your comfort zone and explore.
As you depart the boundary of your family surroundings to travel the world, you will immediately get exposed to “the unknown”. Building anything from scratch whether it is business, a house or creative crafts won’t happen overnight. Sometimes when we are so down on ourselves and the extreme lack of self-esteem has a big hit, we may end up feeling like we are incapable, worthless and feeling like we have nothing to contribute to the world or others. Human beings tend to stumble and fall along the way even when achieving something that is beneficial and useful outside their comfort zone or within their usual daily routine. Therefore being ambitious and staying ambitious no matter what comes along, be it hard bumps or even failures, will eventually lead to success. Hi, I'm the founder of Fashion Travel Accessories offering products and tips on fashion travel, everyday fashion, beauty, travel accessories, what to wear and pack for different destinations, packing list, how to pack fashionably and functionally for short and extended vacations and aiming to inspire you to travel more and to travel in style. We deliver sales strategies, tips and resources from the World's Best Trainers and Thought Leaders to your inbox, weekly. Parents can do much to insure that children grow up with the high self esteem that will support their happiness, relationships, fulfillment, and success. Look with the child to identify what may be missing that if put into place would allow him to be more effective, rather than looking for what’s wrong with them.
Regularly support children to see the other person’s perspective and to possess empathy and understanding. Set the example of forgiveness by forgiving yourself, forgiving your children, and forgiving others so that your children might learn to do the same. Live with gratitude and support your children to be aware of and grateful for their many blessings. Teach children the art of visioning and support them to create a written personal vision for every aspect of their lives and to co-create a family vision with all family members. Teach them to identify their most prevalent emotional response to stressful situations and to create mood-free interpretations at will that are free of anger, sadness, and fear by developing empathy for the other person’s perspective.

Read previous post:Great Things Happen From The InsideIf an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. I love sharing travel adventures, tech gadgets, recipes, parenting struggles (success), crafts, helpful tips, giveaways and sweepstakes, product reviews, and more. They’re always spoken with the best of intentions, aiming to build up the self-esteem of the hearer.
Being too aware of our own strengths can breed vanity, pride, self-centeredness, entitlement, snobbishness, and a host of other sins.
It’s important to recognize that despite our best efforts, our kids are constantly receiving messages from our culture and from other people. Kids should be serving at home, serving in church ministries, serving in outreach opportunities, and serving in their communities.
I’m grateful for opportunities to share what God is teaching me, and to learn from others, as well.
LoveToKnow Teens was privileged to speak with motivational expert Kathleen Hassan, The Teen Confidence Coach, about how to build self esteem to be happy and confident through the teen years.
Gradually, however, she was able to rebuild her life and discovered her voice and power from within. Because we live in a global society, kids today are comparing themselves to everyone in the world. Our society places so much value on these qualities, which creates a false illusion that anything short of that is bad or unwanted. It is very easy to become overwhelmed by these challenges and as a result keep our focus on what's wrong. Any time you do something external for yourself such as wearing a nice outfit, getting your nails done, or getting a great new haircut, all of these external actions send a powerful message to your subconscious mind that says "I am worthy and deserving of good things."One of the most powerful things teens can do to tap into their potential is to hang around with positive people.
Becoming aware of our thoughts and consciously choosing thoughts that will bring about a desired outcome is the secret of success.
By quieting the mind and focusing on breathing, we notice how often our minds wander and we can learn how to train our thoughts to return to the breath. If you find yourself saying something negative, such as "I'm such a loser," consciously tell yourself to stop. But unfortunately trying to buy self-esteem always backfires and only creates a sense of entitlement rather than empowerment. Any time we have the opportunity to try something new we are stretching ourselves and building our self-confidence muscles. Establishing rituals and the daily repetition and practice of success skills will help build the foundation and habits for a lifetime of achievement. Our choices are based on our beliefs and our beliefs are simply thoughts that we've played over and over again and have accepted as our truth. When we get stuck in habitual negative patterns of fear, worry and stress the harder it becomes to regain our sense of power and joy.
Rather than just accepting whatever comes along, today's teens have the power to manifest abundance, happiness, and well-being and as a result they will have the power to change and heal the world. These qualities are not exactly the same; however they do support and stem from each other. It also refers to how you feel about yourself overall, which develops overtime from your life experiences and situations that have shaped how you look at yourself today. It is a process of acquiring new abilities, skills, strength and increasing self-knowledge.
This is why travel is definitely one of the best therapies to develop and eventually gain self-confidence because not only you are seeing the world but you also get to experience and apply new knowledge you’ve learnt. Throughout your travels, you potentially increase self-confidence by whole-heartedly embracing new adventures of your soul. However, if you decide to build or develop something that you are passionate about, that drive can boost your confidence because it’s something that you have uniquely created from your own imagination and skills that you thought out. For me, ambitious is someone who is a go-getter, someone who fights and chase over their dreams and accomplishes their goals no matter how long it may take. There is no doubt, be ambitious, one must develop and maintain the traits and characteristics of an ambitious person.
We all know that we need companionships, friends or soul mates in our lives but wouldn’t you rather be alone than being with these people who are only dragging you down and ruining your self-esteem? If you are currently experiencing the same situation as I did in the past, I am not here to judge you or tell you what to do. I enjoy writing and sharing thoughts on self-help as it gives me inspiration and motivation in so many ways. Joe Rubino is one of the world’s foremost experts on the topic of elevating self-esteem known for his groundbreaking work in personal and leadership development.
They need to know that their very best efforts, apart from God, amount to filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6). Coming to understand that they’re full of faults and flaws but that God loves them anyway is one of the biggest possible boosts to self-esteem. Why do we praise children for their beauty, their abilities, and their intelligence, when they had absolutely no hand in making themselves that way? We must be alert to these messages, and spend time counteracting those that aren’t based in biblical truth. It took quite a while before she began filling in the blank with other words without my prompting. Studies are showing that large amounts of screen time are linked with higher rates of depression in young people. Overcoming her own struggles gave her the passion and purpose to transform the self esteem of teens worldwide. Advertisers spend billions of dollars each year to convince kids that they are not good enough without certain products and services - and it's working. We have lost our way and our kids are caught in the comparison trap without the right tools to dig their way out.
Our greatest challenge is to continually shift our focus back to what is great about our kids today. When you associate with people who have a good attitude, it will have a dramatic effect on your own energetic vibration, which will attract more of the same back to you.
It's not how many times the mind wanders, but how many times we can bring our attention back to the breath that builds inner-peace and self-confidence. If someone has something that you wish you had, instead of being jealous, add it to your wish list and say, "That's for me!" When you shift your energy from jealousy to intention, you become a magnet and attract more great things into your life. With focused attention and concentrated energy, anything you can dream you can achieve - as long as you believe. The problem is that most people spend all of their time thinking and focusing on what they don't want. The result is dependant self-esteem and when we get our sense of self from stuff, it will never be enough. We build self-esteem by taking risks and learning how to trust ourselves and our abilities.

By becoming aware and mindful of our thoughts and working towards self-mastery in harnessing the power of our minds, we can be, do or have anything we want in life. It’s important to keep reminding yourself that these three qualities are important factors in our lives because it keeps us focused, happy, healthy and positive. Being able to travel provides a sense of meaningful ability and power because we somehow immerse ourselves into unknown things.
You will also become more confident and start taking risks, perhaps doing something new or attempting to change the way you live your life. Regardless how long it may take you to achieve your goals, staying focused and positive are keys to success thus increasing your self-confidence.
Being ambitious is merely a choice that we make as we grow in life, in our career, in our childhood upbringing and surroundings. In return, you will see positive results in yourself and that is what we believe is a healthy self-esteem.
Well, from my experience I would rather be alone but it certainly took huge courage and long enough to come to term with being alone and away from my toxic so called friends. I am only here to share my experience and give advice to whoever this may be beneficial to. This is probably one of the toughest things or thoughts to overcome because comparing ourselves to others is sometimes uncontrollable. You may believe that you do not have any good things happening in your life, but every single person can find something good in his or her life, even if it is something very small. He is a personal development trainer, success coach and best-selling author of 11 books and multiple audio sets and videos on topics ranging from how to restore self-esteem, achieve business success, maximize joy and fulfillment in life and productivity in business. When I'm not blogging, you'll find me spending time with my family, traveling, cooking, geeking out on tech, plotting the next home improvement, create crafts with the kids, and hang with my pitbull Skittles and newest bunny, Bun Bun.
Some are highly intelligent, some are technically gifted, some are extremely compassionate.
Kathleen's philosophy is that teens today have the power within themselves to create a life they love, no matter what their circumstances. We need to hold a vision for what's possible and hold up a mirror for them to see their potential.
Hanging around with kids who like you for you takes all the pressure off trying to be something or someone you're not.
The next step is independent self-esteem and learning to be OK no matter what you've got going on externally. Another benefit to after school jobs or community involvement is the opportunity to interact with others, which raises self-esteem to the level of interdependence by seeing how what we do benefits others. In this blog post, I’d like to share with you the different ways to build confidence, self-esteem and unconditional self-love. For example you are likely to have healthy self-esteem if you grew up in a loving environment, with abundant encouragement, instructions on life skills, appropriate freedom and a supportive family.
Traveling can build self-confidence because it forces you to step out of your comfort zone to discover new places, learn new cultures, languages and possibly new skills that may come along the way. The overall outcomes will be worth it because you’ve proved to yourself that you were able to build something from scratch and accomplish your goals. When exploring yourself, it’s not just knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are but also about making an effort to try out something new such as new career, new lifestyle and new friendships.
We know that sometimes it’s hard to face the truth but it will only make us stronger emotionally and mentally as a person.
Ambition is a very powerful trait and can also mean having or showing a very strong desire and determination to succeed in life. We can choose to be ambitious in order to have a better life and become successful in whatever is important to us. I am not going to pretend here but that was definitely a horrible experience, as it completely ruined my self-esteem and self-confidence.
We can’t really judge these people who love to bring other people down or ruin other people’s lives because there are obviously various reasons as to why they are the way they are.
I also start to think how fortunate I am to have all these unstoppable and unlimited opportunities around me and that I can do it and I know that I can achieve whatever I desire. But resist the natural parental urge to praise them lavishly for those things that aren’t character-related. And since screen time can encourage laziness and lack of productivity, it really shouldn’t surprise us that depression can result.
We must teach our kids to recognize their abilities as God-given, not a source of sinful pride. We need to inspire our youth to believe that there is something inside of them superior to any external circumstance. While on the other hand, if your family mistreated you, overly criticised you, embarrassed or humiliated you, never supported you or paid attention to you then you will most likely develop a very low sense of self-esteem. Gradually, you will realise that you have gained the power of self-confidence that comes from meeting new people and acquiring new insights on life. Even changing your sense of fashion can slightly lift up your self-esteem, however appearance should not be the only way to improve self-esteem as there are more ways to do that. You may be ambitious to succeed in your new business venture, finishing university in order to have a good career or simply to be the best parent possible to your children.
I was dragged down and intoxicated with horrible beliefs that only cause my life to fall into depression.
I guess people who grew up in an abusive family, (drugs and alcohol) certainly have huge contributing factors that lead to them being toxic. If other people that are less fortunate than us have become successful it means that we can also do it. Our kids need to know they have been carefully chosen as stewards, and that they must be faithful to manage that sacred trust. Becoming wiser will enable us to easily manipulate life in a positive way and it will make us do better in our next ventures and thus in return enhance our self-esteem and self-confidence. People who had a very difficult upbringing tend to have very low self-esteem as a result they tend to possess various traits and characteristics such as envy, jealousy, abusiveness, insecurity, and being manipulative. No matter how much we try to avoid, it just won’t permanently go away but it seems to reappear especially when we find ourselves feeling down and low.
That we can make a difference and that we have something to offer — all of which are important aspects of self-esteem. Leaving these people behind in your life’s journey is not easy and simple and it certainly takes time and effort. To be honest, I’ve found myself comparing myself to other people who have better success and wealth than me only when I feel at my lowest and when my brain has been bombarded with the most self-depreciating thoughts. It will eventually happen and soon after you will become a new person and you will probably even be the person again before you were intoxicated with bad habits and beliefs.

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