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When we think negatively about ourselves, we often project that feeling on to others in the form of insults and gossip. In schools, offices, and public assemblies around the world, people constantly strive to sit at the back of the room. During group discussions many people never speak up because they’re afraid that people will judge them for saying something stupid. Along the same lines as personal appearance, physical fitness has a huge effect on self confidence. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedInThere are a million different resources and pieces advice out there from “experts” on how to build confidence, particularly self-confidence. After lifetimes of being subject to images and ideals that they cannot possibly live up to, people start to feel like they are “less than”.
So how did I get to this from being a “nice” guy that did all I could to avoid confrontation and anxiety-provoking situations?
Let’s have a look at the different things I have done that I believe contributed most to being as confident as I am today. Writing down the detailed answers to these questions, using as much emotive and descriptive language as possible, is a good starting point. I remember reading about a study at Oxford University: researchers asked all students in a class who had written down their goals.
There are plenty of free resources out there on how to write goals (including The Inspirational Lifestyle).
While there are far too many refuse-bin-worthy self-development books out there, your safest bet is to read the memoirs and how-to books which are written by people who have actually achieved something. It really is simple; if someone like Richard Branson is a billionaire, he’s probably a pretty reliable source of information on how to make money. Most of the time the reason you feel anxious or nervous about a situation you’re about to go into (e.g.
This is why I’ve titled this article “9 ways to build confidence from the outside in”, because I believe building confidence goes far beyond just reading inspirational or educational books etc. This is one of the scariest things for people to do – very few can do it sober without a background in cold-calling or sales of some kind. If you don’t have at least one hobby on the go at all times then what are you doing with your free time? 1) By learning a range of skills and having varied experiences you start building up transferable abilities. 2) You will eventually find those things that bring you the most pleasure and satisfaction (in a non-creepy way of course). Successful people always say “how can we do this?” whereas unsuccessful people generally say “why should we do this?” What kind of people do you spend the most time with? People showing you that anything is possible and that they believe you are capable of anything will go a long way towards helping you believe this yourself. Finally, the biggest lesson I ever really learned about developing true all-round confidence is that the only person I should compare myself to is… myself. Dan MunroDan is a lifestyle and success coach, with his own company The Inspirational Lifestyle Ltd. AboutOur mission at Addicted2Success is to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge of self development and life changing stories to the world. However, the thing about confidence is that it is not a constant, it’s a mode which is affected by numerous variables, some within our control but most outside of it.
You need to believe and accept that you can handle whatever shows up, and if you get knocked down you’ll simply spring up and keep going. Once you’ve changed your thinking around how you perceive yourself, the beauty is watching others respond. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Let’s all walk away from this with our head held high, shoulders back, and ready to take on the world. I especially love number seven and number nine; sitting right at the front and working out every day are two things that I swear by! If you need help thinking about your contribution, you can think about how each of these tips has the potential to make a substantial impact on my life and that of my sons and husband and potentially the children and spouses and coworkers of all of the people who read it. A vulnerable and anxious population consumes this guidance like they are starving for it… probably because they are.
This fear of being a substandard human being drives some of us to seek guidance, bringing us into contact with the murky, over-crowded world of self-help products and services.
But what I do have to offer is that I have completed the full journey, from shy, “nice” and trying to please everyone, all the way through to where I am now. I’m not saying these will work for you, but I am confident that you will improve your life in some way by trying these things, if nothing else.
The great thing is you don’t even need to be sure about it; you just need to have a direction to travel in.
Once you’ve done this make sure you re-read it regularly (at least twice per week) to remind yourself constantly about why it is you are getting out of bed. Research your field of interest, find out who are the most successful people within it, and then look for what they’ve written. Much better to listen to him than someone fresh from completing an MBA and spilling a bunch of inexperienced theory-based conjecture.

You are then thrown into a situation which requires you to be extroverted, talkative and social. Doing this is a really powerful way to build confidence, particularly if you’re single and approaching strangers with the intention of potential romance. I recommend constantly seeking out new hobbies and trying things out, no matter how doubtful you are about them. Over time less situations will seem totally unknown because you will have done something similar before. Confidence is often also described as “conscious competence”, which basically means that if you are doing something that you are skilled at, and you know that you are skilled, you feel confident. Until you develop a strong inner core of confidence that others cannot touch, you need to surround yourself with “can do” people in order to feed on their confidence. There is nothing to be gained in comparing myself to others or trying to live to others expectations.
There’s a million other things you can do, but I am sure that if you start with this list and TAKE ACTION rather than just read this and do nothing, then you will start to see big changes in how you feel about yourself. He lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and loves to share his advice and opinions on how to attain success. Yes fear is actually something wonderful: It is your indicator of where you can improve and find happiness. With new motivational videos, interviews, audio and more with your favourite entrepreneurs, life coaches, celebrities and inspirational people from all over the world.
And it’s pretty much common knowledge that confidence and accomplishment go hand in hand. Everything from our health (physical and financial) to our education and relationship status can have a bearing on our confidence levels.
She runs a monthly How to Raise your profile through media coverage workshop for small business owners and sole traders. Instead of trying to mold yourself into someone else, embrace what YOU bring to the table with your unique talents, perspectives and life experiences. When you don’t look good, it changes the way you carry yourself and interact with other people. They aren’t enthusiastic about what they’re doing and they don’t consider themselves important. By working out, you improve your physcial appearance, energize yourself, and accomplish something positive.
If you stop thinking about yourself and concentrate on the contribution you’re making to the rest of the world, you won’t worry as much about you own flaws.
There’s tons of lists like this around, but most of them feel kind of overly-simplified and unhelpful, but this one really had some good points to actually be put into use. We spend our days dancing in the kitchen, collecting rocks & chasing each other on the back lawn.
The dream of being able to overcome all fear and self-imposed limits by simply reading some advice is a very tempting dish indeed. People who lack self-confidence themselves can take a basic, theoretical knowledge of psychological research and use it to excrete volumes of garbage about how to build self-esteem and confidence. But in order to help others out there who are similar to me and serious about developing true, unbreakable inner confidence, I have taken some time to break down the steps I took to achieve this.
Try taking 30 minutes to write down a descriptive paragraph or two about what your life would look like if you could wave a magic wand and choose anything.
This will increase your sense of purpose in life, a reason to live in a way, which will increase your confidence. When the researchers revisited the students again about 20 years later, the small group who had written down goals were earning a combined income that was greater than the combined income of all 97% of their classmates. If you can get yourself to do this sober, during the day, it makes everything else seem a lot less scary. For example, I found I really enjoyed salsa dancing despite never having danced before, because it combined my previous experiences of playing in a band and doing martial arts. Confidence comes from setting your own expectations of yourself and then trying your best to live up to them. You can become confidence in a range of situations, and if you keep increasing the number of situations you feel confident in you will eventually feel confident in all of them.
While all the points you made sound pretty good, the 5th way is the one I can relate to the most.
We also know that a lack of confidence can be a destructive force in our own career or business development, even if we have the talent and capability to achieve our objectives. Even if we have achieved a level of success and fulfillment within our careers or built our business from an idea to reality, taking it to the next level and raising our game professionally, requires confidence as the fuel. Draw on your past experiences of coping through challenges (the times when you really didn’t think you were going to pull something off with a limited team or budget etc) to support this belief. Watch as teammates and your network respond to the new you, seeing a more assured individual destined for success and capable of navigating the challenges of growth in their midst. In long run this decreases spending because expensive clothes wear out less easily and stay in style longer than cheap clothes. By deciding to sit in the front row, you can get over this irrational fear and build your self confidence.
Having the discipline to work out not only makes you feel better, it creates positive momentum that you can build on the rest of the day. They then charge copious amounts of money for this drivel, which usually makes you feel great temporarily but does absolutely nothing to change your long term situation. See the secret is really no secret at all – it’s about constantly taking action in a way that pushes your comfort zone further out until you learn how to make any situation feel like it’s in your comfort zone.

Of course, to actually achieve this dream lifestyle, there are further steps you need to take… (read on). Imagine this: you’ve been studying accounting for three straights hours without interruption, when all of a sudden you’re dragged to a party. I am not saying that you shouldn’t compete with others, because that’s a great motivator too, but your results and progress should only be measured against your past self. I like to study a lot in order to prepare myself for tasks at hand but subsequently I study more than actually apply the knowledge I’ve gained. Fear is not something to be ashamed of, it is part of our humanity, and should be cherished for the rewarding challenges it presents us.
As a business owner myself, I’ve had to learn and encourage the small buinesses that I work with why confidence is the one must-have tool they need to build success. They’ll be much more willing to travel with you on the journey, trusting that you are equipped for the ride – and most importantly recognising that you trust in yourself to arrive at your destination. In most cases, significant improvements can be made by bathing and shaving frequently, wearing clean clothes, and being cognizant of the latest styles. Then recite it in front of the mirror aloud (or inside your head if you prefer) whenever you need a confidence boost. By making an effort to speak up at least once in every group discussion, you’ll become a better public speaker, more confident in your own thoughts, and recognized as a leader by your peers. The more you contribute to the world the more you’ll be rewarded with personal success and recognition.
Straight away you feel anxiety even though going to a party is not an unusual situation for you.
You’ll be amazed how much you have going for you and motivated to take that next step towards success. Remove luck by making sure that nothing and no-one can affect the achievement of your goal except for you. When you realise you are feeling anxiety about an upcoming situation and you suspect that it is because of being in the wrong state, try to figure out some in-between steps you can take.
Within a working team, higher-status individuals tended to be more admired, listened to, and had much more influence over group decisions.
Using our example above, rather than going straight to the party, you could have a chat on the phone with some close friends, followed by pre-drinks at your house with just a few people. Even if you aren’t in a hurry, you can increase your self confidence by putting some pep in your step. This way by the time you get to the party your state has gone from withdrawn to outgoing in easy to manage steps. You have spoken, now let your team, your boss, or your business partner, digest your contribution.
I have taken several workshops at Clickin Moms and have formed dozens of friendships online a result of sharing the learning experience together. I like my blog to have all my photos, but like I could link to blogs and say why and how much I liked a particular photo. Reply sueApril 12, 2014 at 5:58 PMLove that last paragraph, makes me want to keep practicing! You’ve got such dedication and that just inspired me to ensure that I schedule time every single day to work on it.
I build my confidence by always working on taking more pictures, which I have come to learn I don’t need the approval of others. As an aside, it is almost impossible to convey what photography means (to me) to those that are not photographically inclined. Reply EmmaApril 15, 2014 at 7:27 PMSuch a great post, I have only just taken baby steps into booking real life sessions, after being an avid photographer for ever. I am charging a complete pittance, but it is amazing how much I learn each time I am forced to consider what I know in order to create a sellable product.
I have so much to learn, but the internet is such a wealth of knowledge, and I have spent every spare second researching and learning, and trying to practice with any family member who has not gotten insanely sick of having their photograph taken.
In my life I have subscribed to countless mailing lists, and they always get trashed, this is the first that I have ever waited and been excited for, so that must say something grand!! Reply SaraApril 15, 2014 at 9:40 PMThat is awesome information and keep these tips coming!
Plus, I love going over the photos-it really provides me with a photography journal and helps me remember what happened a few months ago, or even last week.
I also think your suggestions about helping and complimenting other photographers is really perfect.
I’m a fine art photography student wrapping up my first semester, so I am at the beginning of my journey.
But even knowing I am a beginner and still have a lot to learn it can still be discouraging. I am seeking my first paying job but while I do, I take a ton of pictures of my daughter work to make sure I can capture the light, the subject, and edit her properly.
I have loved having someone to share ideas and photos with, learning settings and taking classes.

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