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There so many of our feelings and expressions that go unexpressed and rob countless people of blessings.
One of the finest ways to develop gratitude for the usual is to have periods set aside to imagine what life would be like if the usual were lost. May God give us gratitude to Himself, gratitude to our loved ones, and gratitude to our friends. Someone has said that it hurts more to have your arm cut off than it feels good to have it on. This entry was posted in Christian Living, Current Issues and tagged grateful, gratitude, thanks, thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day by Greg Burdine.
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Attempting to immerse in and understand the unsearchable depths of the gospel and the inexhaustible wonder of God’s grace  reduces you, humbles you, and compels you to fall before Him in worship and gratitude. Choose to be captivated by the memories of WHO God is and WHAT He has done, rather than whatever is overwhelming you right now. When I broaden my narrow context, and consider the world around me, I can consider others, consider their burdens, consider their hardships. We notice that you are using Internet Explorer version 9 or older which no longer supports Craftsy.
As we move past Thanksgiving and into the Christmas season of giving, our thoughts turn to counting our blessings in a meaningful way. Psalm 69:30 I will praise the name of God with song, And shall magnify Him with thanksgiving. You can start this project on the beginning of November or just in the week leading up to Thanksgiving, but regardless of when you begin, teach your kids that being thankful isn't limited to Thanksgiving Day. Sometimes, the most impactful way that children can learn to be thankful for what they have is by sharing it with others. They say it takes a village to raise a child these days and as parents, we know this is true.
Have some fun with giving thanks -- it doesn't have to be completely serious and introspective! I decided to share 15 fun ways we can show kindness to those who have helped us in big & small ways! Grab a brown box, embellish it, and put the “thank you” on the inside of the box {love this}!
Grab a brown paper lunch bag, fill it with a surprise, staple {or tie some cute baker’s twine}, and voila!
I love taking photos of my kids with gift and sending a postcard using postagram app , it’s easy, awesome and great for busy moms. A personal note of appreciation to a teacher or a verbal expression of gratitude to anyone doing a favor or kindness always brings a blessing.

Sometime each day think of the sorrow of losing a husband, or wife, or a child, or a pastor, or a church. Most of us have much more than we deserve, or for that matter, than anyone in previous generations has ever had. We are so prone to complain because the roses have thorns rather than to rejoice because the thorns have roses.
Check out this printable infographic for eight great ways to show how thankful you are, perfect for kids of all ages! For the best experience we suggest upgrading your browser to the latest version, or optionally downloading Google Chrome or Firefox. It can be discouraging to see materialism and selfishness abounding in our culture, but even more discouraging to realize that we can see our own children (and ourselves if we’re completely honest) taking everyday God-given blessings for granted. Give to others ~ When we give to others who are less fortunate, it reminds us to be thankful for what we have. Even the youngest kids can get in the spirit of giving thanks on Thanksgiving and we've found some fun, special and memorable ways to show them how.
There are countless ways you can give back during the Thanksgiving season and you can choose what works best for your family.
Have your children make a list of all the special people in their lives -- grandparents, friends, teachers, aunts and uncles -- and help them think of ways to show each of these people how much they mean to your children.
If you're hosting Thanksgiving this year, have your kids make placecards for each guest and include a reason they are thankful for that guest on their card.
Tell your children what you are thankful for and make giving thanks part of your daily routine, maybe at the breakfast or dinner table each day. Grab those cute striped straws, a bottle of Simply Lemonade, and print out this “You’re Simply the Best” printable at Queen B and Me. Grab a small jar, print out this free printable, and brighten someone’s day with special Hugs and Kisses! Thank guests for coming to a party or event with these brown paper sewn circles with a little surprise inside. Fill a baggie with a fun treat and hang it on the door using this fun idea and printable by Chickabug for How Does She. Write a message thanking your guests at an event or create a DIY chalkboard as a gift and deliver it with a thank you message on it. Such thinking will lead to gratitude in the heart and should lead to open expressions of that gratitude. Don’t lose gratitude because someone who has done something for you does something against you. By thoughtfulness, I’m talking about thinking differently, thinking deeply, thinking biblically. Hypothetically, if you truly expected “nothing” then every blessing would be an “unexpected surprise.” Every breath! We’ve been carried through every day by a faithful Father who has never failed us and never will.

The only solution to this problem is to be intentional about cultivating a thankful heart, not just around the holidays, but throughout the year. We have used the My Book of Thanks printable keepsake journal, which was created by homeschool mom Heather Bowen of Upside Down Homeschooling.
Donate to your favorite charity, volunteer in your community, and teach your children to do the same. I catch myself starting to complain about a bad day or too much work to do or another mess to clean up.
Grace and patience are also things to be grateful for, which are two qualities we need in good measure when building a foundation of thankfulness.
Try collecting all of the unused coats in your closets to donate to a local coat drive or sponsor another family's Thanksgiving meal (try calling your local elementary school and asking if they have any families in need). Pop notes in the mail from your kids (and you!), letting them know why they are thankful for them or, simply pick up the phone and call.
Make a Thanksgiving tree in your house by cutting out leaves from construction paper and having your kids add something they are thankful for on each leaf.
Don't forget to let your kids know what it is about them that you are thankful for, even if it's just that they put their dirty socks in the hamper that morning. And there are a lot of hurting people near me who need me to share Jesus and His love with them. If your children are too little to do it themselves, help them talk about their blessings and write it down for them.
I have to remember that my daughters are listening (even when I think they aren’t!) and will pick up my attitude. How you choose to give back isn't as important as the lesson you teach your children when you do. When is the last time you intentionally took time to be still, to quiet the soul and simply remember?
These things will make me thankful for who Jesus is, where God has placed me, what He has done for me! On Thanksgiving Day, everyone can choose to share what they've been thankful for over the month, or pick a couple of favorites. They aren’t quite the screaming monsters or insurmountable mountains that they appear to be. Every moment I spend thinking of ME or my problems, I’m not thinking of JESUS and OTHERS whom I could love and serve.
I will stop thinking about “what is happening to me” and begin experiencing “what God desires to do through me” to magnify Himself and bless others.
In the shadow of these memories, today’s problems grow smaller, and your heart grows bigger with gratitude.

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