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The cost of a romantic wedding proposal can range from very little to quite extravagant and expensive.
Puzzle-like Fit My husband came up with the most elaborate and creative way to propose! Disneyland Proposal My husband and I decided to go to Disneyland for Valentines Day because it wasn't too gushy with romance. Still have a question about romantic ways to propose?Use Google to search the site or Contact me.
Just like everything else, there is a right time, place and manner for proposing your partner so be very careful about it because any of these things are not appropriate then the chances of getting a “Yes” in reply are just about zero. If you watch romantic movies then you would surely know about this famous method of proposal.
Probably the oldest and most tested way of proposal is to bend down on your knees with a ring in your hand and ask your dream girl “Will you marry me?” Make sure the place, environment and time is correct for asking this important question. Girls simply love the guys who are brave enough to let the world know that about the relationship they have with them. Another really good option for proposing a girl is to propose her on some special day like, birthday, Christmas day, date you two met for the first time or Valentine’s day in order to make this occasion even more special for her. There are a great many ways to be romantic, but few are as simple and easy as sending a romantic text message good night.
But what can you do nightly that offers up an emotional connection with your lover, while still keeps things fun and exciting? Write Your Own PoemYou don't have to be a famous poet to take on this romantic good night idea, just a teensy bit creative.
During a night of dancing at a nightclub, arrange for them to give you a microphone for you to propose. Arrange for a skywriter to write a message in the sky while you enjoy a picnic in a park or on a beach. Especially when it comes to males, as they are not pretty good at expressing their feeling which is the reason why their proposal often gets rejected. With dim light of candles, fragrance of roses and slight music in the background, the environment is all set for a memorable proposal that you beautiful lady will remember throughout her life. Take your girl back to the place where you two met for the first time and surprise her with a proposal. If you are confident enough, propose her in front of many people and one way to do so is via radio. These romantic good night ideas might also work as short emails, instant messaging quips, or written on sticky notes for a loved one who returns home later than you.

Instead, express devotion for your loved one by doing something romantic that puts your love in the limelight and you both at center stage. Think sumptuous when it comes to your fare — lobster pasta with a delectable cream sauce, petite sirloin or a velvety chocolate and a cheese fondue accompanied by crusty bread and strawberries for dipping. Take turns asking each other intriguing love questions or dare your partner to do something silly to declare his love for you. Carry this secretly in your pocket (or have a friend place the bottle on the beach at a predetermined location). They arrange a special note from you for your loved one to notice a "Message In A Bottle" floating out to sea.
So to help all those guys, we have listed some extremely romantic ways to propose your girlfriend below on this page. Try to bring back those memories by recreating the same kind of environment like saying the same words that you said to her for the first time.
Simply call a FM radio station, express your feelings and then dedicate a romantic song to her. Moreover, it is this day that everyone wants to use to impress their loved ones and plan an innovative way to celebrate the occasion. A romantic way to celebrate is doing something together that you both love — whether that means dining on a sumptuous steak supper at home or savoring a romantic stroll. Once there, order up room service, book a relaxing couple’s massage, indulge yourselves in a romantic movie or take a stroll on the grounds.
Stroll hand-in-hand through an art gallery or museum, or enjoy a leisurely dinner and a bottle of your favorite wine at a cozy restaurant. You can also create a sentimental scavenger hunt by hiding sweet treats such as chocolate candies and Cupid cookies or intimate, thoughtful gifts for the other to find. Before they play the song have them tell your names and that say that you are in love and want to marry her. Routines are something that you do with regularity, but don't add anything connective or bonding to your relationship. You can also enjoy a heartfelt stage production or head to the movie theater for a romantic comedy. They also play your favorite songs and take professional photographs of this special moment. After dinner in a romantic restaurant, prearrange for the waiter to bring a dessert with "Will you marry me?" written on the plate with chocolate or raspberry syrup.18.
Rituals on the other hand, not only repeat on a scheduled basis, but they also offer something that enriches your relationship, or bonds the two of you together.

Keep a box of conversation hearts tucked in your purse; pull out a few to spark some sweet talk throughout the evening. Have each one of them wear a letter to spell out the words, "Will you marry me?" At the right moment, have them stand in the correct order, drop to one knee and ask her to marry you.5. Many people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing appreciation for the people they love or adore. If you play on a sports team together, choose a time during the game (such as a time out) when you can stop the game, drop to one knee, and propose. Some people take their loved ones for a romantic dinner at a restaurant while others may choose this day to propose or get married. Many people give greeting cards, chocolates, jewelry or flowers, particularly roses, to their partners or admirers on Valentine’s Day. It is also a time to appreciate friends in some social circles and cultures.Romantic Ways to Celebrate Valentines DayGo Out For A Romantic DinnerIf you don’t want to involve friends and intend to celebrate a quiet, romantic Valentine’s Day with your beloved, both of you can go out to enjoy a cozy dinner devoid of any disturbance. However, make sure that you choose a venue which provides excellent service and delectable recipes, else you will return cribbing and frustrated after the dinner with all the romance going for a six. Go For A Long DriveGoing for a romantic long drive on Valentine’s Day is also a great option, where just the two of you can enjoy each other’s company listening to some beautiful romantic songs.
Have a love note at each stop until she finds the ring and you on your knee ready to propose.14. When the singers leave, enter her workplace with a bottle of champagne, roses, and a ring.7. Make it a day to remember by gifting each other something unique and memorable.Give Yourself a Special GiftWhether it’s the dozen red roses you’re wishing someone would send you, that box of chocolates that you love, or the perfect card that you imagine your perfect guy giving you, give yourself a special gift that celebrates the uniqueness of you! You can even write a love sonnet or a limerick for your darling.Spend Quality Time With Loved OneMake time for what’s important and spend quality time with your loved ones.
Try to avoid distractions, such as surfing the internet, chatting on the phone while around people, or deciding to do other things by yourself or with another group of people.Go Out For A Romantic DinnerCreate romantic vouchersPutting together a series of romantic vouchers allows you to spread you gift out over a longer period. Spend some time thinking about what they would really appreciate, such as offering to cook them dinner, run them a bubble bath with candles, treat them to a massage or watch their favourite film.A day for Friends, not LoversValentine’s Day is traditionally a way to celebrate the romance in your life, but it’s also a good way to show friends how much you value them.
With some friends, you might give a card to say “Happy Valentine’s Day,” while with others you might go all out with a big party.

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