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Do you ever find yourself feeling like you’re going crazy about a week out from your period? Hmmm, maybe you’re finding that you’re bloating like a beached whale (or at least feel that way)? Join the Eat Life Balance community for weekly videos & inspiration on Health, Lifestyle, Eco-Beauty, Whole Foods, & Essential Oils! When you think of a fix for your hormonal imbalances, I’m guessing things like the birth control pill or hormone replacement therapy come to mind? Yes, hormones are complicated, but no, it doesn’t take synthetic hormones or the birth control pill to fix it. We are spending two full weeks talking digestion during the Wellness Challenge (early bird pricing on now), so whether or not you need to improve your actual bowel movements, there will be a lot of valuable information on the gut flora and how to improve it.
If you read my carbohydrate post this week, you know the importance of eating the right carbs at the right time to balance your blood sugar and energy. For women that experience PCOS, infertility or acne from high androgens (testosterone), step one is to balance their blood sugar. If you’ve experienced chronic stress, whether from food intolerances, relationships, work or poor self care, chances are your stress hormones are out of whack, particularly cortisol. We will be spending two weeks on this in the Wellness Challenge, but to get you started, could you aim to eat one-two servings of cruciferous veggies every day? If you are struggling with hormone issues, whether it’s fertility, terrible PMS, weight gain, moodiness, low energy or even cravings, join the Wellness Challenge and take the right steps to finally feel better in 2016.
This entry was posted in Nutrition Tip Tuesday and tagged acne, detox, digestion, energy, estrogen, hormones, PCOS, progesterone, testosterone, weight-loss, wellness challenge. Healthy Eating And LivingHealthy Eating And Living offers Corporate Wellness programs and Holistic Nutrition across Canada. You deserve to look and feel amazing, so get started with this delicious, quick & simple meal plan. The chakras refer to seven main energy centers along the spinal column through which the pranic life force powers our body. The fifth chakra, Vishuddha, resides at the thyroid gland in the throat and modulates the power of communication. This abbreviated communication with your chakras is intended to allow a connection to the energy of the body at the point where you are lying flat or sitting up, holding your spine straight.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Tweet Share Pin Reddit Stumble EmailTotal Shares 80When your hormones are spiking up and down it’s time to find out how to balance hormones naturally. Your liver is in charge of breaking down any extra hormones that the body doesn’t need. Life can start taking its toll on the liver especially if you have a history of bad eating choices. If you aren’t getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night on a regular basis there is no way that you can balance your hormones properly.
Add more polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids to your diet to create a natural hormone balance. The more you put your overall life choices into balance, the more you’re going to see results with your hormones. Some cosmetics contain triclosan, petrochemicals, lead and other heavy metals, phthalates, Methylbenzylidene, parabens, and many other chemicals that lead to endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, mood swings, lethargy, and much more. The Association of Reproductive Health Professionals says there is a trend towards the following diseases with pesticides in our food – Low sperm count, fewer males being born, early puberty for girls, cancer, low testosterone in males, lots of birth defects, and endocrine disruptors that can make our hormonal system hyperactive or block hormone production. Boys exposed to the pesticide endosulfan have delayed puberty, men in Missouri with lots of pesticides in their blood stream had low sperm production. And some of these chemicals cause genetic problems, changing the way genes are expressed… thus causing disease. Rats fed GMO corn and other crops had estrogen imbalances and had a 3 times the amount of mammary tumors (breast cancers) compared to control groups… and males had liver and kidney disease and a lot more. OMTimes MagazineOMTimes Magazine is one of the leading on-line content providers of positivity, wellness and personal empowerment. The paradigms of the past are out-dated, no doubt, but things seem somewhat scrambled and a bit upside down these days.
The intensity of life is accelerating, and globally, people are moving farther away from the basics of being human. This can be seen as a source of liberation, or intense confusion. Whatever you choose to label it, we all strive to be safe, healthy, happy, loved, and fulfilled. Think about it – most of us hit the ground running from the moment we wake in the morning until we flop into bed at night. Pay attention to how fast you dress in the morning, fix breakfast (if at all), brush your teeth, get the kids to school, and then start your commute in morning traffic, typically late for work. I know this is almost an impossible task for many, but it is critical that you find ways to slow yourself down – everyday.
Think about this – the more pots and pans you have to clean up preparing a home-cooked meal is a good thing because it means that you are eating healthier meals.

When you prepare fresh meals at home minus chemical food additives and preservatives, you are feeding your body higher quality, fresh and raw foods oozing with their original, natural nutrients. The safety of microwaves has always been a concern, but I must admit that I gave up my microwave primarily because it was making me a lazy cook. Microwave ovens are powered by, well, microwaves, and these are the same energy waves that power cell phones, WiFi, and radios.
I must admit that I never felt comfortable turning my microwave on because of the health effects, and it is true that microwaves do destroy food nutrients.
All cooking destroys some degree of nutrient value, but microwaves are the worst of the bunch because microwave ovens heat too quickly and too unevenly. Face it, microwaves don’t brown things, and they make food dry, mushy, and tasteless unless a battery of food enhancers are used. Microwaved food is notoriously over-cooked.
So you see … these really are two simple ways to restore a healthy balance in your life! Burn, Baby, Burn – The Niacin FlushOne of the key components to my Detox Program - and to any good Detox Program, for that matter - is using B3 niacin. When it comes down to it, they play a part in just about everything we do, experience and feel. Hormones regulate everything—sex drive, sensory perception, sleep, stress, growth, mood and metabolism. Many lifestyle decisions and diet factors contribute to hormone balance and adjusting a few simple elements of your nutrition and lifestyle can make big hormonal changes that enhance quality of life. Recent research proves that high leptin levels signal an increased risk for heart attack and cardiovascular disease[1]. Because leptin is secreted by adipose tissue (fat cells), one of the best ways to lower your levels is to lose weight.
Losing weight does more than just improve your health, it balances your hormones and improves your psychological state. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research studied the result of performing short bouts of exercises and determined that performing one set of 6×35 meter max-effort sprints twice each week was more effective at boosting hormone levels than longer cardio efforts[2].
It’s good to get some longer cardio in, but make sure you mix it up with shorter efforts a few times each week. Research indicates that exercise duration longer than 80 minutes negatively impacts testosterone levels[3].
4 Natural Solutions for Sinus ReliefELB’s Top Favorite ThingsThe 10 Easiest Lifestyle Changes you can make TODAY! There are four main principles that are the first steps in balancing your hormones and here is a tip for each. I’ve seen lots of clients with seemingly ‘normal’ digestion, that actually have a real imbalance of gut flora (the good and bad bacteria in your gut).
This is the absolute foundation of the Wellness Challenge because without balanced blood sugar, you have no hope of having balanced hormones, and every single meal plan you receive has high protein, low sugar recipes!
If you take away one thing from this, start your day with 25-30g of protein – you can try any of my shake recipes. Unfortunately, when your cortisol is in overdrive, it can actually deplete your progesterone. Throughout the Wellness Challenge, you will be taught super simple, yet impactful habits you can implement that are proven to balance cortisol. Visualize each one as a star where it rests, speak th name, picture in your mind the color, sound the mantra and breathe into the region. The liver requires phytonutrients that can be found in cruciferous veggies like cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli etc. Getting enough sleep is one of the best natural ways to balance hormones and one that simply can’t be ignored. You should be exercising regularly, eating a variety of healthy wholesome foods and promoting a stress-free lifestyle.
Eat Organic – Eat organic food because pesticides and hormones in non-organic foods play havoc with our immune system and hormonal system. Women exposed to the pesticide atrazine had low birth weight babies, menstrual problems, and men produce abnormal sperm.
GMO Crops – A study in the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology show that GMO crops cause hormonal imbalances. Try taking half of your meal home for tomorrow’s lunch, or split one meal with your spouse, child, or friend.
Because I AM busy, I found myself more dependent on my microwave than on my stainless-steel pots and pans. The debate on microwave safety will continue for as long as people use cell phones, WiFi, and radios. Microwaves can cause burns if the outside of the bottle feels cool, but the inside is boiling hot. The FDA may not have evaluated some of the statements.  This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Using natural medicine to cure herself from a diagnosis of Graves’ disease caused by aspartame, Dr.

In both men and women testosterone is an important hormone that regulates mood, sex drive, and energy levels.
By detox, I’m talking about supporting your liver, and removing the items you’re ingesting (food, chemicals, liquids) that are harmful to the body. Caffeine can disrupt hormonal levels and lead to fatigue, stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, weight gain and digestive problems.
Restricted chakras diminish our energy and may cause physical, mental and emotional suffering. Its seed syllable is the mantra “Vam.” The chakra is concerned with survival issues such as shelter, health, and solidity. This chakra is a storehouse of pranic life force and mediates our ability to extend our view beyond our individual life.
After that, see the star glow and then move your attention to the subsequent chakra in line. These supplements will help to clear out the liver so that it can eliminate excess hormones efficiently. When it comes to balancing hormones naturally, coconut oil should be on your list of must-have ingredients. They can also be taken in supplement form and should be included as part of your dietary daily requirements. Even if you’re suffering from too much estrogen activity, these natural sources of estrogen can help put your hormones back into balance.
As well, you should be consuming enough fiber to keep your body regular so that there is a balance of food in and waste out. Processed food has been shown to cause high insulin thus causing diabetes, high estrogen levels causing tumors, and high cortisol levels causing stress related depression, anxiety, and disease. Please discuss with your own, qualified health care provider before adding supplements or making any changes to your dietary program. And, as I only promote products that have made an impact on my health or in my life, I can say that these supplements were very effective.
Well, more and more research is showing that the good bacteria actually help metabolize excess estrogens, one of the most common hormone imbalances! We embrace an ethic of connectedness to the web of life and extend ourselves for the benefit of all beings.
The best way to do this is to find substitutes that you enjoy almost as much as your regular caffeine fixes.
These supplements can be taken in a variety of different forms including teas, capsules, liquid extracts etc.
Red clover is an herb that also provides phytoestrogens and can be taken if you don’t like strawberries or soy products.
You’ll feel better overall when a balance is put in and maintained in all areas of life. Today, she is one of the world’s leading experts in environmental toxicology and holistic health and nutrition.
If you are looking for a liver detox supplement (which I have taken religiously over the years), this is a great option. Stay away from plastic products and household chemicals that contain xeonestrogens, which are notorious for altering the production of hormones in the body.
Try walking barefoot outside, physically grounding yourself to the energy of the earth; or swim in the ocean, or a hot spring, lake or river to fortify the Muladhara chakra. If Ajna chakra is out of balance you may need to venture out of the safe haven of your comfortable life and learn something new. This chakra marries the ascent of pranic life force with consciousness, invoking both understanding and will. By applying some natural solutions to the problem, your body can once again start properly regulating the hormone levels and as a result you’ll start feeling great again. For example, if you like herbal teas you can switch over to them in lieu of coffee and colas. Cook with it, add it to smoothies and use it as a face cream to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
Inspire yourself to play a little more and generate the experiences that will feed your conversations. Fortify this chakra by bringing all the other chakras into balance and then trust the universe. Reflect on your ethics and values and consider what kind of person you want to be in the world.

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