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That’s because the majority of us pile on the weight at the weekends and shed pounds during the working week, according to new research. For just as there are sleep cycles, there are also weight loss cycles, the study has found. The researchers, at New York’s Cornell University, found that almost everyone loses weight on weekdays and gains weight on weekends.
But, crucially, what separates the slim from the heavy isn’t how much more they gain on weekends – it is how much they lose during the weekdays. The study, led by Dr Brian Wansink, looked into the impact that the seven-day cycle we live by has on weight. The main objective of the study was to observe whether weight fluctuation is dependent on the days of the week. Weekly weight patterns were then analysed across the three groups: weight losers, weight gainers and weight maintainers. Unexpectedly, the researchers found a difference between weight losers and weight gainers in these fluctuation patterns.

People who lost weight did so by cutting back on calories straight after the weekend and continuing so until Friday. The researchers add that ‘successful weight control is more likely to happen and for the long run if one is not too strict with one’s diet but allows for short-term splurges’. Follow us on Facebook for sneek peeks of inbound product, prior to we post it anywhere else. Booktopia eBooks - Do You Really Want to Lose Weight?, Psychologists Reveal Insights into Permanent Weight Loss - Real People, Real Stories, Real Results by Kate Swann. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information within this website is accurate at the time of publication. These people were classed as either weight losers (-3 per cent weight loss), weight gainers (+1 per cent weight gain), or weight maintainers (-3 per cent to 1 per cent weight change). Only weight measurements that were taken over at least seven consecutive days were included in the analysis.
People weighed more on Sundays and Mondays, with their weight steadily decreasing during the weekdays – reaching the lowest point on Friday.

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FAT MELTING SECRET: According to a recent clinical study, ladies who did 20 minutes of intense exercise lost THREE TIMES THE AMOUNT OF FAT as those who did 40 minutes of moderate exercise. In this ground-breaking book you'll learn:* How you can lose weight and keep it off* How to avoid the pain of yo-yo dieting* Strategies to keep the weight off permanently* How to motivate yourself for weight loss success* To understand how emotions and the past influence your weight* Tips to overcome the fear of your reflection* How to increase your happiness and decrease your weight Take action now to lose weight and keep it off.
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