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Sometimes, when I am agitated or anxious and I would find sitting difficult I choose to start with 10 or 15 minutes of mindful walking. There are lots of different ways to practice mindful walking, (one is outlined below and I will post some more in a few days!). Decide what amount of time you wish to spend walking and choose where you are going to walk, somewhere where you will not be distracted. Notice the intention to move, before you begin walking and acknowledge your intention and commitment to cultivating mindfulness through this practice. Start a little slower than you normally do and focus on your feet as they touch the ground. Your eyes are downcast, aimed a few steps ahead, and your awareness is with each foot, as you place it on the ground, focusing your attention on the direct experience of contact. When your mind wanders from this focus, as it inevitably will; as soon as you notice, stop walking, re-orient yourself to standing and start over bringing your focus back to your foot and each step. After you have settled into this rythym, you can choose to slow down even move and de-construct each step further by noticing the lifting of the foot and then the stepping on the ground. Notice the detail – how your body feels with each step, what muscles are working, the ongoing balancing.

Some people find it helps to ‘note’ each element of the walking so that when they are lifting, they say ‘lifting’ when they are moving they say ‘moving’, when they are stepping, they say ‘stepping. Similarily, you can use noting when you notice that you have lost focus on walking but maybe focused on ‘hearing’ (when a sound suddenly arises). 34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. This entry was posted in Twin Fun, Twin Travels and tagged beach vacation, special moments with son, traveling with twin toddlers, twin blog, twin mom blog. Recent CommentsClare on 5 Ways to Keep Toddlers Safe at Easter Egg HuntsOUPA on Welcome 2014! So, instead of being preoccupied with whatever happened in work earlier today or your plan for the week-end ahead, you intentionally pay attention to the experience of walking, not rushing to get anywhere but to be present with each step. You can try each to see which you prefer, or you can alternate between them whenever you choose. You could practice in your own back garden (where you won’t scare the neighbours!) or indoors.  You can walk in a circle or back and forth in a line (between two points about 20 feet apart is often recommended).
Feeling the weight of your body going down, the height going up; the feel of the connections of your feet with the ground and whatever else is there in your awareness.

You really need to slow down even more so that you notice the shift of weight and other body adjustments. This can give you a little extra support in remaining aware of the process of walking and staying attentive. You can stop walking, listen to what has caught your attention and then resume walking with your focus on your feet and each step.
You look so much like Mummy with her straw hat, finding treasures with us every morning while on vacation. You know that you are lifting when you lift and you know that you are stepping when you step. I feel I am more aware of my feelings and my body now, less critical of myself, more accepting, big difference!

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