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Walk slowly and mindfully for ten minutes, being aware of each deliberate step, and of the world around you.
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Ready to try meditation?  Here are some simple first steps for simple and healthy walking meditations.
A walking meditation incorporates a stroll on the beach, a hike through the hills, or a walk in the park with a state of meditation. As you begin your walk, set an intention that you will concentrate on the moment and allow yourself this time to be present. There are more advanced walking meditation techniques for health, but the simple suggestions give here will make real difference in your health and happiness. While its benefits are touted regularly, there remains a barrier for many of us who are curious and don’t know where to start, or are intrigued but may have some concerns.

Kilstein’s 10 Minutes To Bliss is a wonderful way to start meditating, or to revive your practice if you are not meditating as much as you might wish. Many of us tend to go through our day with little real thought around our actions, as if we are on autopilot.
Many conditions, such as ulcers, heart disease, and diabetes, are also impacted by our stress levels; so reducing stress has far-reaching physical, mental, and emotional benefits.
Each time you let go of a thought interruption, know that it will be there when you are done with your practice.  Let it go and calmly resume your meditation. When the alarm rings, wake up, shower, eat, get the kids ready, grab some coffee, go to work, eat, come home, help the kids with homework, eat, watch TV, go to bed.
It’s that moment when you just breathe, when you are fully aware and fully present in the moment. We also send regular updates, inspiring quotes, and new guided meditations to you regularly.

That state of peace and serenity when you are not just your job, your family, your responsibilities, your friends, your home, your community…You are just you. Through all this, our mind races to what we are doing next or jumps to whatever stimuli (phone, email, thoughts, other people, etc.) present themselves.
After a while, there is little sense of time; days, weeks, and sometimes months go by before you can take a break and step out of this cycle and just breathe.

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