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Remember when you’d come back from vacation with a deep tan — and a few extra pounds around the middle? The travel wish list these days is more likely to include returning a few pounds lighter, with wellness vacations offering exercise regimes and clean eating menus. According to consumer research organization Euromonitor International, health and wellness tourism by Canadians is growing and expected to continue, reaching sales of $842 million by 2016. Part of the boon is due to aging, health-conscious baby boomers, who want to be more active and have the money to pay for it. And the focus has gone from pampering to health and wellness, says the SpaFinder Wellness report, which tracks spa trends. Offerings range from hotels and spas offering special diets, in-room workouts and vitamin-C-infused showers to health-focused retreats that offer a chance to try on an entirely different lifestyle. One of the reasons people are drawn towards these new offerings is that our busy lives leave less time to focus on self-care, Sponagle says. Though luxury wellness vacations have sprung up in places like India and Costa Rica, there’s no need to go that far. An increasing health-focused clientele, spas, hotels and getaways are offering all kinds of ways to boost mind, body and spirit. Women wanting to be fit and fierce may be interested in a fitness weekend at Horseshoe Resort. Amanda Quinn and Laura Jackson, owners of Toronto's Fit Chicks boot camp, introduced weekend retreats last October, after discovering a dearth of options in Ontario.
Last fall's inaugural event was so successful they now offer one each season, with the next scheduled for March 1 to 3.
People seeking to seriously strengthen the mind may want to head to the Ontario Vipassana Centre, which offers 10-day meditation retreats at its Egbert, Ont., facility.
The courses are taught by volunteers, and at the end of the program, participants are asked to make a donation based on what they've gotten out of the classes and what they can afford. Offering packages from two nights to 21, Grail Springs has won international accolades for it’s offerings to guests from around the world.
Nestled on a lake in Bancroft, Ont., the health and wellness centre has year-round packages focusing on yoga, cooking, equine wisdom, weight loss, meditation, life coaching and connecting with nature. An upcoming session, March 1 to 3, offers yoga and meditation training, including candlelight evening yoga sessions, along with all-vegetarian meals.

Without any prior warning, we happened to see yesterday evening that there was once again a new schedule posted, starting at day 9. The only thing that seemed to be apparent was that everything in our Vipassana was getting even stricter and more focused on meditation than it had been after the first program change on day four. Fearing the worst and imagining having to survive the last two days of our Vipassana retreat on nothing but the horrible rice soup in the morning, we all started to enter a slight panic mode. This seemed all quite acceptable to me and actually like the real Vipassana experience I had asked for in the beginning. So once more the energy of the whole Vipassana retreat changed while things were becoming more serious and admittedly more challenging. For me personally the greatest challenge of our Vipassna retreat seemed to be become sitting for at least 90 minutes in each session.
Most people associate meditation with sitting quietly for 20 or 30 minutes, silently focusing and gaining a new awareness of oneself. Yvonne Moran spent six months traveling through India and thought a Vipassana retreat sounded like the perfect way to unwind. By neutrally observing the changing nature of body and mind; of observing how the body’s sensations continually change, meditators learn the nature of impermanence, suffering and egolessness.
Eventually, you become more able to note the body’s pleasant and unpleasant sensations (pain or tension from sitting in one position, for example) without craving or aversion – without having to change your position to alleviate the discomfort, realising that it is temporary and not permanent. Yvonne writes that she was exhausted after her course of Vipassana meditation, but that she felt more positive, more patient, lighter. There is great emphasis on preserving the Vipassana technique as it was originally created. I had the great fortune & gift in 1989 of attending a 12 day Vipassana Meditation Camp at Igatpuri, India led by Guruji Satyanarayan Goenkaji. Get our Meditation Made Easy Beginners Guide along with weekly articles and free resources delivered to your inbox. Want to join the the community of teachers and practitioners who write for About Meditation? They offer multiple opportunities to try new things, from rock climbing and snowshoeing to indoor classes of martial arts and life coaching. Now all of a sudden even the last bit of Dharma teaching by the cynical British monk, that I had actually enjoyed very much, was eliminated, giving us more time to practice Anapanasiti and insight meditation.

Luckily all our concerns were put at ease when we had a clarification session before bed time, informing us that the only meal of the day, which was served in the morning, would in fact be a substantial one. Having had a two-day meditation retreat at the end of a 10 day retreat before, at Kopan Monastery, I was trying to see this as a great challenge to really test how far I could push myself in meditation. Usually after one hour my legs started to hurt, leaving me with no other choice but to move around and constantly change positions. This can be a challenge in itself, so how do you think you’d handle 10 straight days of it? Courses are not taught commercially, but instead offered free of charge, with no one involved receiving any compensation.
Start meditating today and release the source of your stress with these proven meditation techniques. It has helped me so much to relieve some of the stress and anxiety going on in my life due to difficult personal relationships. Not even the one meal only in the morning was a big problem since everyone stuffed themselves beyond reasoning in and then two times later drinks were served, once hot soy milk and once hot chocolate. But today I tried not to move at all and to rather embrace the arising pain while trying to breathe it way. Now what if there could be no eye contact with others, no phones or internet, no reading or writing, sometimes no moving at all? I totally stopped consuming Non Vegetarian food without any difficulty as the practice in the camp was itself sufficient to melt away the conditioning within me which triggered the craving for such food at regular intervals. Whether you want to relax, stimulate creativity, gain enlightenment, or cultivate compassion and mindfulness, we help you learn how to let go.
Instead, all expenses are paid by donors who have completed a Vipassana course, felt its benefits, and want to share the experience with others.
I encourage friends to make a try and they all thank me even if it’s a hard process when you do the first course!
I have to admit that I have not been able to reap the full benefit as I have not been meditating regularly.

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