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In this article you’ll find out how to stay on healthy vegetarian diet in college and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. The dining hall and food court is convenient, but it just isn’t good enough for a healthy vegetarian. The best way to ensure that you will stay healthy is to prepare a whole week’s meals on the weekend. Virginia Cunningham is a freelance writer from Los Angeles who specializes in health & wellness. On this vegetarian food blog, you'll find many useful tips for vegetarians and vegans, plus many other great resources. Snacks packed for school, whether for snack time or as an extra treat for the lunch box, should be simple and neat. Amanda, I also encourage people to make dishes for dinner that then become great leftovers to pack for lunches. To the commenter above, I use sunbutter (sunflower butter) as an alternative to nut butters. Hi Sienna — you came to the right post, there are lots of ideas here for people just like you. Hi Nava, i have four picky eater and i’m trying to transition them into a vegetarian diet but i find it hard to come up with easy making meals, and i have a history of anemia in my family. In addition, one of my books, The Vegetarian Family Cookbook, is a comprehensive guide to every meal of the day, with tips for picky eaters and ways to complete menus, plus snacks, healthy desserts, and more. Sorry for the delayed response, Teau — I’m so glad this site has helped you and good for you for going vegan! So, you want to reduce the amount of meat in your diet, but you’re not ready to say goodbye to juicy burgers forever? Think about taking some kind of supplemental protein powder to make sure you’re reaching your FDA-recommended protein intake.
Samantha Strong Murphey is a lover of greenery, glitter and goat cheese, an advocate of media literacy, human rights and karaoke for all. Everybody’s heard of the “Freshman 15.” Horrors are spread through the high school senior class about the negative effects that come with the stress of college. There will be times that you are so stressed from college life that you’ll want to reach for the comfort food. An affiliate link is a link in which advertisers have agreed to pay a commission should a purchase be made from that click-through. I'd be happy for you to share them for any non-commercial purpose but please make sure to link back to the original post and give credit where it’s due.
Finding healthy school lunch recipes and ideas for vegan and vegetarian kids adds to the challenge.
The recipes here will also be useful for those following dairy-free diets due to allergy or intolerance. Keep your lunch-making supplies together in one place to make the process more efficient during morning “rush hour.” In one cabinet, you can store the lunch boxes, sandwich bags, thermoses, plastic spoons and forks, toothpicks, and small plastic storage containers.

Put flat dry ice containers in your child’s lunch box during warm weather, or any time you are sending perishable foods. Vary the types of bread used for sandwiches. Bagels, rolls, pita pockets, English muffins, raisin bread, and even fresh flour tortillas or “wraps” can add interest to standard sandwich fare. A warmed veggie burger (either homemade or one of the excellent prepared varieties) on a whole grain roll or English muffin, with favorite condiments, makes an easy and hearty option. Faux meats can be a boon for expanding lunch box variety, but use brands like Tofurky, which don’t rely on soy protein isolate. If you like to bake, put some extra love in the lunch box with homemade Vegan Cookies and Bars. If the product is purchased by linking through this review, VegKitchen receives a modest commission, which helps maintain our site and helps it to continue growing! At age 17, I became a vegetarian (this was decades ago!) and was told by my parents that I’d have to cook for myself.
I’m 15 and really interested in becoming a vegetarian, maybe even vegan at some point! I’m about to go out for the evening, so I’ll answer at greater length tomorrow! This site helped a lot as I am only 12 I didn’t have a clue what things I could eat for lunch at school or even at home but this site helped a lot. She earned bachelor's degree in communications from Brigham Young University and is a former writer and editor at Utah Valley Magazine. It’s difficult to stick to any health goals when you have a dining hall and food court filled with deliciousness, especially when you gain the freedom that comes with going off to college. Not only can eating out regularly be unhealthy, but it can also end up costing you hundreds of dollars more a month than you need to spend. Since you probably don’t have a fridge in your room, you will likely need to buy non-perishable food. If you are willing to keep an open mind and plan ahead with your meals during your college years, you will be a much happier and healthier individual. On Gourmandelle you'll find lots of vegetarian recipes, free vegetarian meal plans and useful tips for a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. Dishes that taste just as good warm or at room temperature are more successful than those that need to stay hot (but usually don’t). Pack some nutritious cereal in a lidded bowl-shaped container, and your child can add his or her favorite nondairy milk to it (vanilla almond milk is particularly good with cereal) when it’s time to eat. See recipes for Zucchini-Raisin Muffins and others in Muffin Mania. Bake them in the evening as a welcome alternative to sandwiches. Try cashew, almond, or sunflower butters, and no-sugar added fruit spreads or apple butter. Vegan deli slices might especially appeal to teens (see recipe for Soy Deli Hero, following).
Use small shapes such as elbows, wagon wheels, shells, or tiny tubes, which pack well into containers.

Their cookies, cereals, fruit bars, and such, are often naturally sweetened and low in fat.
I’m almost always packing either hummus and carrots, or a tofurkey sandwich, or almond butter sandwich. I was forced to be vegetarian when I was 11 and I reluctantly adapted to the change but cheated secretly for the past 4 years.
The term, coined by TreeHugger founder Graham Hill, is a rallying cry for middle-grounders seeking a healthy dose of moderation at the dinner table. If you want to stay on the health track with a vegetarian diet, here are some essential rules. The limited options available for vegetarians can sometimes send people straight into the warm embrace of unhealthy snacks like chips and candy; however, if you are willing to expand your horizons a bit, you’ll be able to avoid that additional 15 pounds most Freshmen gain during their first year of college. Stick with small side options that will keep you happy when the boring vegetarian options are getting to you.
As some foods can cause more stress, making healthy food choices is crucial, especially when it comes to performing well in school. If your child’s school has a microwave available, your thermos offerings can include macaroni and cheese, soups, and leftover casseroles. Small chunks of fruit, such as strawberries, grapes, melon, tiny seedless orange sections, and such, served on a skewer (long cocktail toothpicks are perfect), are always eaten; similarly, apple slices are more likely to be eaten if you supply a tiny container of peanut butter to dip them into. Pack a wedge of vegan cheese or a container of coconut yogurt, plus fresh fruit to go along with them.
Add your child’s favorite veggies—steamed broccoli, peas, corn and carrots, plus olives and their favorite dressing can add up to nice lunch box fare.
Similarly, natural chips, rice puffs or crisps, and other crunchy snacks have less salt and fat than their supermarket counterparts.
I also make sure what I’m eating is healthy so this is perfect for when I run out of ideas for lunch. It’s a simple way of training yourself to take advantage of vegetarian options and explore vegetarian recipes without having to fully commit. Make sure to explore the entire Veg Kids and Teens page on VegKitchen for easy, appealing ideas.
Prices can sometimes (but not always) be a little higher, but you’re getting more value for your money. Here are some tips from Good Earth Wellness Counselor and Provo resident Austin Springer for making your meatless weekdays work. Although the dining hall might only have one or two vegetarian main courses, if you don’t mix it up, you’ll get bored. A different fruit or vegetable on the side of your main course might be all you need to keep it interesting.

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