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Maimonide of Brooklyn There's a lot to love about this upbeat vegan restaurant on Atlantic Avenue, named for the Jewish physician-philosopher who made a splash in the Middle Ages.
Saravana Bhavan Some of the most delightful vegetarian food in the world comes from southern India, and at this sunny outpost of the Saravana chain in Kips Bay there are fine renditions of regional dishes like crisp dosas stuffed with spicy, half-mashed potatoes, and thick, pleasingly greasy uthappams. Our weekly guide to New York dining includes food news and reviews, as well as dining events and interviews with chefs and restaurant owners. If you’re either a vegetarian or a vegan and you’re planning to travel to New York soon, don’t worry because here are the top 15 vegetarian and vegan in New York! As a matter of fact, I have compiled a list of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants (even gluten free) around town with different cuisines including: Asian, American, Continental, romantic settings and even gourmet food trucks. If you’re looking for a romantic vegetarian restaurant for 2, Blossom is an excellent address since it’s a cozy setting with candles in the beautiful neighborhood of Chelsea.
With its very unusual decoration and deemed lights, Caravan of Dreams offers many cuisines including: tofu, Mexican dishes, salads, pizzas, smoothies, organic sauerkraut and even kosher food. The good tip to order at this NY restaurant is to try the Burrito Caravan and Seitan Nachos. You can try different dishes like sweet potatoes, black beans, a Cajun seitan burger with caramelized onions and avocados, hummus, quinoa tabbouleh and tasty salads.
The friendly and chic design of this high-end restaurant along with very attentive staff is the ideal vegetarian and vegan restaurant in New York City. This good tip of this restaurant is to order the BBQ tempeh & Sweet Potato sandwich and you won’t be making any mistakes with this delicious sandwich!!! Candle 79 has 2 floors and offers a fine cuisine with organic vegetables, seitan, tempeh, seaweed salad, veggie burger, tofu and also a list of beverages including fruit juice, smoothies, organic cocktails and wine to complete their menu. Located in the East Village, the vegetarian restaurant “Dirt Candy” and its owner Amanda Cohen offer hearty and tasty meals with mainly vegetables. In this “veg house”, you’ll find vegetables including zucchinis, cauliflowers in dishes called the jalapeno hush puppies, grits with marinated shiitakes, poached eggs tempura, lemon gnocchi with sprinkled Brussels’ sprouts and chestnut cream. You can also try different very yummy deserts like caramel and sesame pudding prepared by the pastry chef Lee Debbie.
The good tip of this restaurant is to order the “Hush Puppies Jalapeno” served with maple butter, the perfect choice to start your meal. Gobo and its motto “food for the 5 senses”, is a great vegetarian restaurant located in the West Village is tasty in many ways. This vegetarian restaurant is an oasis of tranquility and elegance with the main living room and its long and comfortable day bed on one side and the open kitchen on the other side. Mostly trendy, this Greenwich restaurant offers delicious smoothies but also Bubble Tea and fresh fruit juice. You’ll certainly travel if you taste the long soy or the seitan, and also the Malaysian curry stew, the iced ginger with shiitake or grilled eggplants. The best tip when ordering at Gobo is to taste the “Nori-Wrapped Tofu in Thai Red Curry Sauce”!!! This restaurant chain was developed in New York and includes 3 restaurants: Josie’s West (Upper West Side), Josie’s East (Upper East Side) and Josie’s Kitchen (Murray Hill).
With an elegant design, these restaurants offer many appetizers and entrees for vegan including: meatless and milk free products but also offers dishes for vegetarian and meat eaters. This New York’s Zen and exotic restaurant serves vegetarian cuisine in Midtown-Korean in a simple and nicely decorated setting. Some of their ingredients and recipes are the based on food given in Buddhist Monk temples since here, there’s strong religious belief that vegetarian “food=healthy life”. I recommend ordering a flat rate sample menu, which will allow you to try the best specialties of HanGawi. You must know that the menu changes every month but you might encounter a plate of stuffed persimmon, stuffed lotus with mini pancakes, followed by fried maitake mushrooms with spinach and rice. You must know that as a tradition, you must remove your shoes at the entrance of the restaurant so have a pedicure or put a nice pair of socks!!! Both owners, Blythe Boyd and Derek Hackett opened the shop in October 2008 and gave the place a vibe and decoration of the 1920’s, which is very charming. This small old fashion restaurant proposes delicious homemade ice creams and just like I said, vegan without milk products. If you’re into all natural products, you’ll find all sorts of ice creams, fruits sorbet, sundaes, gluten free brownies, organic chocolate syrup and everything guaranteed vegan!!! The best tip for desserts is to try banana and nuts ice cream, maple ice cream and gluten free sundae brownie and hot fudge.
Forget about what’s being said about this type of cuisine, this place is actually the hotspot of New York when it comes to raw, vegan and vegetarian food. At Pure Food & Wine, you’ll not find any oven, besides they don’t try to imitate meat (veggie burger and seitan steaks) instead they like to create delicious and beautiful vegan plates without heating anything above 118 degrees. The best tip of this NYC restaurant is to start with the Maki Niwa and end with the chocolate and salted caramel pie. In the west Village, Quentum Leap offers a large choice of vegetarian, vegan and pescetarian (for those who only eat fish) dishes. The best tip at Quentum Leap is the Fire Rock Burger, the Malaysian Satay and the grilled salmon.

Find some harmony between you and your meat eaters friends with a restaurant that will please everyone. Located in one of the most trendiest neighborhood called Nolita, Rice offers fusion flavors coming from Europe, Africa and Asia (just to name a few), it’s obvious to say that the main attraction of the restaurant is the variety of rice proposed.
This vegetarian cafe offers a menu written on a black board on the counter with sandwiches which most are vegan. Many sandwiches are made in a attempt to imitate meat like seitan, tempeh, or TVP (Texture Vegetable Protein, just like tempeh Reuben). With its Zen appearence, its games, its lecture and game club gathering every night, this unique restaurant located between the West Village and the Meatpacking District is the ideal spot for an evening out. The best tip in their menu are the Fontina Panini, the sesame « chicken » wrap and the tri-color panini.
Most customers are students and young people and the place is very affordable for a vegetarian restaurant in New York.
The best tip in their restaurants is to order the Sweet yam fries and the eggplant zentastic. Due to circumstances beyond our control we are no longer able to operate the Veggie Places website. Not too long ago, eating vegetarian in New York meant sticking to buttered noodles and steamed broccoli or slumming it at a high-on-principle, low-on-taste vegetarian-themed restaurant. In addition to new waves of vegetarian-friendly ethnic restaurants across the city, more and more chefs are focusing on making vegetables just as delicious as their meaty main course alternatives.
Ganesh Temple Canteen: The basement of a Hindu temple in Flushing might seem like a strange place to find a meal, but the Ganesh Temple Canteen makes the best dosa in New York. Taim: With some of the very best falafel in town, it's easy to forget Taim is completely, almost incidentally vegetarian.
Mumbai Xpress: The chaat at Mumbai Xpress is worth the trip out to Glen Oaks, Queens—it's the best you'll find in the city, and some of the best Indian New York has to offer. Motorino: With locations in both the East Village and Williamsburg, Motorino is our go-to choice for Neapolitan pizza in the city.
Awash: Legume and vegetable stews are a focal point of Ethiopian restaurants, and Awash is one of New York's best. Bunna Cafe: A purely vegan Ethiopian spot with fresher, brighter, and more interesting versions of classics. Cocoron: New York has no shortage of serious ramen restaurants, but soba doesn't get the same love. Otto: With over a dozen vegetable antipasti as well as vegetarian pizza and pasta options, Mario Batali's casual Otto is a perennial go-to for vegetable lovers.
Jin Ramen: The city's trendiest ramen joints might be downtown, but don't discount Harlem's Jin Ramen.
Saravana Bhavan: If you don't want to trek out to Flushing for your dosa fix, the options at Saravana Bhavan, with locations in Murray Hill and the Upper West Side, are sure to satisfy.
Paulie Gee's: Pretty much any pizzeria can handle vegetarians, but vegans are usually out of luck. Zizi Limona: Zizi Limona's inventive Middle Eastern menu features versions of all the classic dishes you'd expect, vegetarian and not. Il Bambino: This beloved Astoria "paninoteca" offers a variety of veg-friendly sandwiches and small plates that locals swear by. Mezze Place: Hummus, labne, burekes—Mezze Place is all about sharing great Middle Eastern classics.
Family Recipe: In America, Japanese food tends to mean sushi, but the truth is that Japan has a long tradition of vegetarian cooking.
Moti Mahal Delux: Indian restaurants are usually vegetarian-friendly, but few offer dishes as interesting as those at Moti Mahal Delux.
La Vara: The fried chickpeas at this neighborhood restaurant are a standout, but the other small plates, as well as the mains, all make La Vara a Cobble Hill gem.
Dirt Candy: A far cry from the health-conscious, tempeh-crazed vegetarian restaurants that popped up when the health food craze hit, Dirt Candy is all about making delicious, inventive, indulgent food that just happens to be vegetarian (and vegan on request). Sip Sak: The best Turkish restaurant in the city with a full range of veg-friendly mezze that are substantial enough to turn into a meal, especially with their fresh, poofy bread.
Martha: Martha's menu changes frequently, but you're always likely to find a good variety of sophisticated vegetarian small plates. Blossom: One of our favorite vegan restaurants in the city, Blossom puts out thoughtful, flavorful food. Hangawi: Hangawi's upscale vegan Korean fare makes it a destination for a special meal in Koreatown.
Kajitsu Kajitsu offers two fixed menus at a time, each taking vegetarian cooking to a new level of artistry. Telepan: Telepan's vegetable options shine come spring, but throughout the year you're likely to find some creative vegetarian dishes on the menu.
Dovetail: Mondays at Dovetail are perfect for mixed groups of vegetarians and omnivores—that's the night they serve an excellent vegetarian tasting menu.
Some deal in chewy gluten strips and meat facsimiles, others turn out raw foods and seed pastes, but there are plenty of places where you don't need to be a devotee to enjoy the food.Go for a meatless meal at these restaurants for a reminder that vegetables are wonderful, complex, and crucial, and that vegetarian cooking is truly a thing of beauty.

We know it's hard to take stuff like kale chips and veggie burgers ($15) seriously in 2013, but the Brooklyn café makes insipid vegan staples fresh again with house-made sweet potato rolls, yucca fries, and a little hip hop.
But while most shops' broths are made sweet and silky with pork bones, Cocoron's meatless version finds depth and flavor from seaweed and dry mushrooms.
The restaurant has 2 things in mind when creating their menus: the health of their customers and the health of animals. Their main goal is to improve the quality of life of individuals and improve life on earth with sustainable development.
During that time, pharmacies used to sell ice cream to benefit your health while this explains why the owners have chosen this time of history. The best tip is to try their vegetarian meatless balls and you’ll see that you won’t need to go back to eating meat again. Among those, the Thai  inspired sandwich with chicken and sesame with peanut sauce sauce made with TVP is one of their best sellers. The menu has a great variety of dishes for all taste buds including vegetarian and vegan choices and guaranteed meatless, for instance: noodle soup, spring rolls, steamed vegetables. We've rounded up some of our favorite vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the city, from casual sandwich spots to fine dining palaces. It's a flaky paratha wrapped around various fillings, and the crisp okra and tender egg are just as good as the lamb. Try the Tokri Chaat, an edible bowl made of grated and fried potatoes filled with creamy chickpeas, fried chickpea crackers, and onion.
The wonderful Brussels sprout pizza also has pancetta, but the vegetarian Marinara and Margherita are great, too. They also do a traditional Ethiopian coffee roasting ceremony in the dining room throughout the day.
The Lasagnette de Verdure features soft layers of eggplant and zucchini and an amazingly flavorful tomato sauce. Cocoron seeks to change that, and their excellent buckwheat noodles can be ordered with deeply flavorful vegetarian broths.
The light, flavorful vegetarian broth is just as nice a match for the excellent noodles as the pork broth. Paulie Gee's is a different story, featuring not just one vegan pie, but an entire menu of them, all SE-approved.
The Crazy Baba, essentially a hybrid of baba ganoush and tirokafteri, is indicative of the updated yet faithful Mediterranean food you'll find here. The Eggplant Napoleon—crispy deep-fried eggplant layered with creamy baba ganoush—is a definite winner. Family Recipe draws on this tradition to create Japanese-inflected dishes that carefully feature vegetables.
Lightly battered zucchini, red pepper, and eggplant are all on the menu, as are deeply flavored gigantes beans and fresh dips. Inventive dishes like Rotisserie-Crisped Beets and Carrots Welington make this a restaurant everyone should check out.
His menu changes frequently, but the carrot and avocado salad is a standby to keep an eye out for.
The Black-Eyed Pea Cake, topped with a chipotle aioli, is a satisfying appetizer, and the mains impress as well.
The Ricotta Gnudi, served in a pool of Parmesan cream dotted with herb oil and topped with a woodsy tangle of chewy roasted mushrooms and deeply browned celery root, is a highlight.
The New York outpost provides no shortage of amazing dishes featuring local meats and vegetables alike. The broth is a lovely accompaniment to the fresh buckwheat noodles that Yoshihito Kida and Mika Ohie prepare each day ($7.80 - $14). This isn't the lean monkish fare you might be imagining -- don't be shy to ask for extra ghee.
Angelica Kitchen is a real great tip since the prices and the quality of the food are excellent.
This little New York’s ice cream store is actually good for people suffering from food allergies. Some are meat-heavy with a few great meatless options, while others are completely vegetarian but have good enough food to satisfy even the most ardent carnivore. The shop hasn't been making yuba regularly lately (ugh, soy-milk supplier issues), so consider yourself lucky if the creamy folds are available. If you decide to go there, then try the dish called “Dragon Bowls”, it’s delicious and it’s one of their house specials.

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