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Sticking to a strict vegan diet can be challenging, but living in a city full of unique options makes it a little bit easier. Herbivore is a vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurant with two locations in NoPa and the Mission District. A San Francisco institution, Greens is a vegetarian restaurant with several vegan friendly options founded by the San Francisco Zen Center. Located close to Union Square, Millenium is an upscale vegan restaurant offering a variety of menu options including a Chef's Five Course Tasting Menu, a Three Course Prix Fixe Menu, a Season Harvest Menu (available Thurs-Sat. Hella Vegan Eats is known for creating unique vegan dishes, such as the pot sticker burrito, vegan fried chicken and waffle sandwich, and its kimchi burrito. The café and juice bar has vegan soups and salads, like zucchini noodles with cashew ricotta. Users of this site agree to be bound by the Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
When I’m in San Francisco, Herbivore is one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants that I frequent the most.
Other menu items that are fantastic are Thai iced tea, blueberry corn bread, scrambled tofu, and fresh vegetable juices.
Herbivore is consistent and was also given high customer ratings in the Best of Veg and Veggie News Awards. If you are a San Francisco resident or plan to visit this great city and are looking for a fantastic vegan restaurant to end your VeggieTracks at you can’t go wrong with Herbivore. Herbivore is open Sunday-Thursday from 9am – 10pm and Friday-Saturday from 9am – 11pm. The best vegan restaurants around the country comprise a subject I feared I would never get to write about.
In 2012, one can do an online search for vegan restaurants Los Angeles, vegan restaurants NYC, vegan restaurants Chicago, and vegan restaurants San Francisco.
Los Angeles has the Madeleine Bistro that is actually located in Tarzana, a suburb in the San Fernando Valley.

The Millennium in San Francisco is a vegetarian restaurant with many options for vegans to enjoy.
In other parts of the West Coast, one can easily expect to locate good vegan cuisine by seeking out vegan restaurants San Diego, vegan restaurants Seattle, and vegan restaurants Portland. I look forward to the time when I won’t need to do a search to find vegan restaurants Boston or vegan restaurants DC. There are a variety of vegan-friendly restaurants in San Francisco that serve quality meals with traditional dishes while others add a creative and unique spin items, such as doughnuts, sushi and even Twinkies. This restaurant offers international menu items varying from Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, Greek and Chinese influences. A popular item on the menu is the Quesadillas de Calabaza filled with butternut squash and carmelized onions.
The menu changes daily under the guidance of renowned executive chef Annie Somerville with inspiration from Californian, Mediterranean, Latin American and Asian cuisine. These delicious treats are served throughout different shops in San Francisco including Philz Coffee and a Pepple's Donut kiosk located in the Ferry Building.
It also created a stir online with a vegan doughnut burger (pictured above) that went viral. I could (and do), visit Herbivore several times during a short week in the city, which placed 3rd for Most Vegetarian-Friendly Cities. The vegan deserts have been the source of more than one sugar high and while the carrot cake is my favorite, I think I have eaten just as much of the German chocolate.
I’m so delighted that there are vegan restaurants popping up in most cities and that some are truly creative and very interesting. Not only does it offer organic vegan food fresh from the farm but it even has a separate menu of gluten-free choices. It emphasizes sustainability, freshness, and concern for the environment as well as the palette. They tend to make it hard to pin down an exact menu in advance because they focus on using what is in season and as fresh as possible.

Just like anyone else we love going out to the great vegan restaurants which are easily reached in just about any U.S.
The wine list is one of the best in San Francisco, paired with extraordinary views of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge. Prices range from $2-3 and Flavors include Mexican hot chocolate, salt caramel, glazed, sprinkled glaze, poppyseed, lemon, chocolate, sprinkled chocolate, green apple, pumpkin pie spice and many more.
Regular locations for food truck are Heart of the City's Farmers Market, Mission Community Farmer's Market and Dear Mom bar. The most popular item on the menu is the Cha-Ya Roll, which is a sushi roll stuffed with carrots, yams, avocado, asparagus, fried tempura and topped off with a sweet sauce.
The Caesar salad with soy ‘chicken’, or the BBQ seiten sandwich are some of my lunch-time favorites.
My colleagues have more than once assisted in consuming the dozen (I mean 10) lemon poppy seed, glazed, chocolate, blueberry donuts bound for the office.
Los Angeles also has a main core to the city that boasts lots of suitable places for vegans to eat. Manhattan enjoys a variety of suitable ethnic and vegetarian, if not expressly vegan restaurants to explore. Or, if I order off the breakfast menu, the corn cakes with black beans and vegan sour cream. One can enjoy the diet of Manila, Thai food, or even soul food without having to consume animal products.

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