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Leahey Gardens also has a really good line of products like gravies, soups, mac n’ cheese, gluten-free products, and a few entrees.
The Viable Vegan is a recipe blog owned and managed by two badass sisters from the Pacific Northwest. One decade and more than 100,000 copies later, this important classic is back in a thoroughly revised edition with more than 50 new recipes. Home > Vegan > Vegan Traveler or the Vegan on Patrol, NO NEED TO WORRY WHILST OUT AND ABOUT! This will not be a complex article, and I am hoping that it serves the purpose of impressing upon you a near urgency to travel… very far. In Asia, you will hear tell of the Buddha Diet, aka, vegan or at the very least vegetarian as with India, where, yes they have their Ghee, but they have more vegetarian and ergo vegan options, once you learn how to dance so to speak with the locals.
Fear not, the rest of the world has been doing this long before you thought of it and lucky you! Ghee by the way is a clarified butter used in cooking, very popular in South Asia, India, Pakistan, Iran and other countries.
Things that will help greatly in your travel is an ability to cook or in other words, to feed yourself. One method which is rather failsafe is the Vegan Passport available from the Vegan Society. I have traveled to many different countries, The from the Mid East, to Asia, Australia, Europe, never a problem, there are simply no problems eating if you are a nice person willing to take a bit of time, not be an obnoxious rude tourist and take things with a grain of salt. If you are in a very poor place, be prepared to pay for a meal you did not eat if it came out not according to your liking. Sometimes a plate of beans may come out with cheese sprinkled on it, scrape off the cheese, thank them and ask for another spoon or two of beans and RE-emphasize the no cheese request. If you find yourself in Asia, mention Buddha, or the Buddha diet and bring your hands together in a prayer position when you say the name.

You will want to take a few things with you, these will be superfoods and will fill in any gaps that may arise from an incomplete choice of fruits, vegetables, legumes [beans] and whatever else does not come from an animal. Laundering my Karma, growing food, trying to be a good citizen of the planet earth and being Ninja whenever the opportunity presents itself. Pedaling for Peace is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Delicious Rating: I used the mini corn tortillas and ended up eating four, they were addicting and full of flavor! I used one jalapeno but as you can see there is another there not sliced in the background. The taco seasoning I used was just one of the taco packets sold in stores, nothing fancy or special. I always thought tacos were off-limits to me as a gluten-free vegan — thank you so much for showing me this isn’t the case! They have different kinds of pasta like elbows, shells (pictured), and 123s, but I think they use the same basic cheese sauce mix for all their cheese products. They also have an outstanding vegan cheese powder that you can buy separately that I use on my nachos (also comes in gluten free). I usually get mine from Vegan Essentials just because I’m more familiar with it, but Pangea is just as good. You will find not only vegan recipes, but also vegetarian recipes and raw food recipes as well. Robin Robertson’s pioneering book played a leading role in the passage of veganism from fringe subculture to mainstream culinary lifestyle.
When you minus the meat and dairy and eggs, vegetables really have a chance to stand on their own and they taste great.
I was debating on heat level and stuck with just one but a second wouldn’t be so bad the next time around.

I first tried their mac n’ cheese last summer and I gotta say, I was extremely impressed.
Its breadth and variety of fantastically flavorful food not only gave vegans what they craved, it gave them food they could serve up happily to their non-vegan family members and friends. Don’t get me wrong, I do still eat meat and dairy and eggs, I am just learning to appreciate food without them. If you want a heartier taco, I recommend adding rice, but without rice I felt they are light and filling. And since it is vegan, you don’t feel so bad picking up the beans and olives off the empty plate with your fingers! Their cheese powder tastes exactly like non-vegan powdered cheese and is really really good. Throughout, there’s the spirit of adventure and of culinary creativity that has cemented Robertson’s reputation at the top of the vegan pantheon.
How do you get protein, my natural thought pattern will usually tend towards –  gee I dunno, same place a damn Brontosaurus {Rhina, Elephant, Gorilla et cetera} did. These brands both provide delicious vegan-friendly versions of your favorite childhood convenience foods.
Keep it simple so that you can really taste each vegetable  without muddling them together and let me know how they turned out! This easy recipe was a cinch to cook for lunch with simple ingredients that were in the fridge and pantry.

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