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I’ll be in Vegas on Saturday, so I plan on heading over to the Pizza Place at the Wynn. Tonight I fell Asleep after eating an XXL vegan pizza watching V for Vendetta before I could even make it to the bath at 10pm.
I'd never be one to say that too much pizza is a bad thing, but it's hard to deny that these days San Francisco has a glut of fancy pizza. Starbelly, from the good people behind Mission staple Beretta, has some of the best high-end pizza I've tried in this city. The menu is largely seasonal, and while many ingredients are local, Chef Adam Timney is not afraid to source from a distance in order to ensure the best ingredients (cave-aged Gruyere comes from France, for example). Since much of the Starbelly menu is shaped by the seasons, dishes that center around produce are almost always excellent. The fig pizza ($14) wasn't quite as well balanced—the pizza was entirely covered in a layer of melted blue cheese. No matter how many pizzas I try in San Francisco, Starbelly always manages to make it onto my short list of favorites.
Lauren is a Bay Area-native whose serious eater status was sealed when she tried Brie for the first time at the age of 6. But that's OK, 'cause I like nothing more than being in an unfamiliar place, left to my own devices to explore the pizza on offer. Anyway, long story short, I wanted to check off at least two places on it yesterday afternoon, but these laid-back San Franciscan pizza-makers don't seem to get on the stick till 5 p.m. I found what LAPM said to be true: The pie, though Neapolitan in style, is more crisp than the typically "wetter" Naples-style pizza. From what I've had in SF so far (a very limited selection), it's comparable to Pizzaiolo and Delfina (the only other Neapolitanesque pies I've had here).
We offers a wide range of North Indian Cuisine at North beach from a decade .And best tikka masala give us a chance to fulfill your Indian craving . And while you'll also rarely hear me say that a pizza is bad, not all of San Francisco's fancy pizzas are created equal. The decidedly California-style pies are hearty, satisfying, and ingredient-driven; by not attempting to put out an Italian, New York, or Chicago style crust, they create their own standard of San Francisco excellence. While pizzas only make up one section of the menu, it's clear that a considerable amount of thought and attention are given to the pies.

Bread-y, chewy, and flavorful, the crust is lightly browned in a gas-fired Marsal oven, allowing the yeasty sourdough taste to shine. The corn pizza ($14), topped with cherry tomatoes, and basil puree was a perfect summer pizza—the sweet corn and tomatoes took center stage, while the basil provided a peppery contrast. Though delicious, the pungency of the cheese was too dominant; it was nice when combined with the sweet fruit, but the figs were too scattered to balance out the flavors.
And when I find myself eating a sourdough pie with a glass of Sonoma wine on a (heated) back patio, I can't help but think that this may be the ultimate San Francisco pizza experience.
Since then, she has lived and eaten extensively in Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and London, before making a grand homecoming to San Francisco where she eats at least an avocado a day. Unlike previous visits, though, this time I'm a bit more organized—I came armed with a San Francisco Pizza Wishlist map and my new piePhone, which I'd programmed with all my stops. Well, thank goodness for hardworkin' gents like Tony Gemignani—at least he's got enough of a work ethic to fire up his oven so it's ready at noon. As I've said before, I'm always skeptical about the competitive pizza-tossing guys (and Gemignani is a giant in that world)—that they're all about the dough acrobatics and not about the flavor or texture of a pie. Mine was firm enough that I didn't see tip sag and definitely didn't need to resort to the knife and fork. It reminded me of the wonderfully porky, brilliantly spiced sausage being used at Veloce Pizzeria in Manhattan. It's up near Larkspur, so with any luck, I'll be able to convince the GF to let me detour to Pizzeria Picco. But you may also know him as the founder of Slice (RIP, 2003–2014) where he has written thousands of blog posts about pizza. I ordered off of the Yelp Eat 24 app (awful decision, never has the food arrived or arrived on time). The almost constant wait at the Castro corner location is a testament to the success of their style. The crust often does not stand up to the ingredients: it thins in the middle, and always requires a fork and knife. Still, a generous scattering of arugula added a nice freshness, and as we drank more wine, the intensity of the blue cheese became more desirable. And while the GF was out having a "day of beauty" with the bride and her amigas, I was abandoned at the Powell Street BART Station like a litter of puppies no one wanted.

Pizza Maven already went into detail about Tony's Pizza Napoletana in July, so I won't rehash much here.
But Gemignani is as serious about the pizza as he is about the dough-throwing, and he made a seriously good pie for me yesterday. The crust was tangy and flavorful with some nice crisp-chewiness to it, even if the medium-range hole structure left it a bit less airy and a bit more chewy than I would have liked. In early July, the Epicurean Zealot noted that salt was sorely lacking on TPN's pies, but if my pie was any indication, Gemignani seems to have fixed that issue.
It was at once a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy, and its bite finished with a sagey, almost floral note. But as Epicurean Zealot gets at in that comment I linked to above, the atmosphere at those other places trumps the atmosphere at TPN, no question—they're both airy, energetic, and vibrant whereas TPN is very much dark and clubby feeling. He also created A Hamburger Today and served as Serious Eats's founding editor (2006–2010) after having sold those sites to SE. The egg, runny and perfectly cooked, added such an excellent richness that I didn't miss the cheese at all, not least because the dripping yolks paired wonderfully with the sourdough crust. Suffice it to say that I took LAPM's advice and ordered the special Margherita pie (only 73 made each day) but had half of it topped with sausage. The waiter told me that Gemignani gets it from a Chicago-based purveyor, which would explain its awesomeness—Chicagoans know pork sausage like nobody's business. This store is not only unprofessional when you call them on the phone but they are also unprofessional in their timely-ness. This was my first and last time at this restaurant (if you would even like to call it that). My only mistake in all of this was not reading the Yelp reviews (ironic, I know) before placing my order.
And since I didn't try any of the other food on the menu (I was saving room for Bi-Rite Creamery), I can't speak to his other complaint, either.

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