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Are you ready to make a big difference for yourself, animals, and the Earth through simple day-to-day choices? According to this infographic the average cholesterol of a meat eater is 220 which is sobering.
DisclaimerThe information and views provided here are intended for informational and preliminary educational purposes only. Hey Spopes, eating healthy and compassionately has nothing to do with the Borg and Transhumanism. Donations are welcome, my books are for sale, or visit my ad sponsors which generates revenue for them and me. Lierre Keith’s The Vegetarian Myth is a book so riddled with errors and sloppy logic that, as I read it, I kept thinking that it would take a lifetime to undo, contextualize, and correct the myriad inaccuracies that mar this book. Claim: “If the getting of food, of life, means we are destined for sadism and genocide, then the universe is a sick and twisted place and I want out. Reality: By now, hopefully we realize that mainly this isn’t even a “claim”, it’s a subjective anecdote about Keith’s internal eating experience. Claim: “One version of the vegetarian myth posits that we were ‘gathererhunters’, gaining more sustenance from plants gathered by women than from meat hunted by men.
Claim: Lectin might be damaging to our digestive tracts, we aren’t really sure (pp147-9), so this is another reason we aren’t meant to eat plants.
Reality: First off, her citations in this lectin discussion are all from our friends Eades and Eades, Davis, and Cordain (see above)–as are the rest of her claims in this chapter about how wheat causes health problems from indigestion, to arthritis, to multiple sclerosis, to schizophrenia. Claim: “In every cell your body makes the sugar it needs, therefore there’s no need for carbohydrates and in fact carbs don’t actually exist….
Claim: Eating a high-carbohydrate diet can destroy your stomach by giving you gastroparesis. Reality: To back this claim, Keith cites a no-longer-available internet article from her favorite place, the Weston A.
Claim: “The Lipid Hypothesis—the theory that ingested fat causes heart disease—is the stone tablet that the Prophets of Nutrition have brought down from the mountain. Reality: In her classic manner, and it what some say is the classic manner of the Weston A. Reality: There are many vegan sources of omega-3s, including flax seed, pumpkin seed, canola oil, hemp, walnuts, etc. Reality: Keith only wants you to listen to your body if it tells you the things she’s telling you. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS BOOK AS A BASIS OR GUIDE TO MAKE DIETARY CHANGES! INSTEAD, READ ALL YOU CAN FROM THE MOST DIVERGENT AND OBJECTIVE SOURCES POSSIBLE!
In our podcast about the vegan pledge we talked about reasons that people did or didn’t decide to remain vegan after the vegan pledge including the tricky issue of biased respondent samples. In 2009 and 2010, the pledge questionnaire administered at the beginning of the pledge asked people to nominate reasons why they decided to go vegan for the month.
Only a couple of the nominated reasons appeared to have an effect on whether participants who showed up to the last meeting said they were going to stay vegan, which nearly 70% of participants said they would.
What might you predict about the impact of social support on whether or not people chose to stay vegan? Why might those who found friends and family least supportive be the most likely to stay vegan? And, if you’re a meat eater hoping to dissuade a friend or relative from staying vegan, be very accepting and supportive!
Dr Diana Fleischman co-hosted the show in 2011 and 2012, supplying some American irreverence. Thank you for alertng us to ths research (and to Vegan Soapbox for alertng us to your post).
From time to time, content may be posted on the site regarding various financial planning and human and animal health issues. Transhumanism is about using nanobots, transplants and other technological means to solve biological problems. My aversion to highlighting the notable health benefits of smart veganism isn’t to suggest that our movement doesn’t have considerable room for those who make these claims. Turns out it doesn’t take a lifetime, but just a lot of patience and research acumen. Barry Marshall and Robin Warren won a Nobel Prize in 2005 for their research in this area.  Keith’s information here came from a chart from 1975 (see below) and second- and third-hand analyses done by Eades and Eades and the Weston A. Some types of fish contain Vitamin D, and small amounts are found in beef liver and chickens’ eggs.

It’s redundant at this point to talk about how  problematic the Eades are, so please refer back to our previous discussions. We have been shown the one, true way: cholesterol is the demon of the age, the dietary Black Plague, a judgment from an angry God, condemning those who stray into the Valley of Animal Products with disease. Prince zealots, Keith goes on for pages and pages making claims regarding “cholesterol panic” and “supposed” information regarding cholesterol’s dangers that go against literally thousands of thousands of studies and meta-studies from around the world (not just one study done on a rabbit, as she sensationistically states). It is easy to, say, buy a bottle of flax oil and put a little in your food, or toss some pumpkin seeds into your salad. Vegetarian supplements are also extremely easy to come by. Though it is hard to come by in plant foods, B12 is extremely easy to supplement, and many foods are fortified with it (both plant and animal foods).
Tryptophan is found in many plant sources, including potato, banana, wheat flour, sesame, sunflower seeds, spirulina, raw soy, rice, and oats. There are bodies upon bodies of research from widely divergent organizations and agencies that eating meat and dairy can be extremely harmful. We just ask that you will be as critical and objective a thinker as possible, and no matter what your diet, do your own research if you are going to read this book–because a lot of it is straight-up wrong. IF YOU CAN, FIND DOCTORS YOU TRUST, WHETHER “WESTERN” OR “HOLISTIC” OR BOTH– ASK ABOUT THEIR EXPERTISE AND TRAINING AND THEIR PARADIGM. The followup questionnaire was given after a month of the vegan pledge and people who fell off the vegan wagon were unlikely to make it to that meeting. Pledgers who rated their buddy support more highly were more likely to stay vegan with one person specifically faulting their buddy with their decision to drop out. Media appearances include discussing atheism on BBC TV's "The Big Questions" and her research on the BBC World Service. I beleve the fndng s due to the more commtted vegans beng more lkely to extoll ther values to others and therefore face more conflct than others. Such content is never intended to be and should never be taken as a substitute for the advice of readers' own financial planners, veterinarians, or other licensed professionals. Yes, let’s remind potential converts that vegan food, when done right, is food with benefits. This man writes books about diet without knowing a thing about how humans actually digest (p141).” On the next page she cites a chart that says humans have no bacteria in their stomach. Price Foundation people. Additionally, the fact that we don’t have an enzyme to breakdown cellulose does not, in any way whatsoever, mean we don’t need cellulose.
We don’t want to be redundant about Keith’s resources, but suffice it to say, she goes on to use her usuals here plus an article written by Dr. Our only guess is that Keith, following the Eades, is attempting to reframe what has otherwise been a very medically useful paradigm regarding micronutrients. She makes these claims based on these resources, including, mainly, the highly questionable Anthony Colpo, whose only expertise is in weight training. That’s three or so wildy dubious sources against thousands and thousands of international studies about how complicated cholesterol and microbiology are, how dangerous too much animal-based cholesterol can be (as opposed to the cholesterol that is naturally manufactured in the human liver– if you really don’t “even know what cholesterol is”, here’s a link where doctors explain it to kids), and so much more . Keith’s resources here are, again, the Weston Price Foundation, highly selective information, and unsubstantiated personal anecdote. We wish we were being flip or exaggerating, but, no matter what you think of her, Keith makes it really clear that this is where she’s coming from. DON’T JUST SEEK OUT PALEO-DOCTORS IN ORDER TO VALIDATE YOUR INTEREST IN THE PALEO-DIET, FOR INSTANCE. In this blog I’m going to talk about how reasons that people cite for going vegan might influence whether they are choose to continue after the pledge and the paradoxical effect of unsupportive friends and relatives. In 2011, about a third of the 108 participants had a friend or family member who was vegan but this didn’t predict how likely a pledger was to remain vegan. Those who were most passionate about being vegan were most likely to stay vegan and also to have disagrements with others. She lectures in comparative psychology (the evolution of the mind) at the University of Portsmouth. You should not use any information contained on this site to diagnose yourself or your companion animals' health or fitness. Not only are there undeniable health advantages to eating the way I’m eating right now, but humans respond with fad-like speed to messages that promise to improve the quality of our lives. After all, I cannot say with any assurance that a plant-rich diet that includes a pound of lean meat a year is less healthy than a plant-poor vegan diet reliant on an abundance of highly processed soy products and junky animal-like substitutes.
Advocates for ethical veganism aren’t impassioned about lowering cholesterol and shrinking waistlines.
Keith uses this characteristic of cellulose to claim that we don’t need and weren’t “meant” to eat cellulose.
And  self-published books not only don’t need peer review or feedback, but don’t technically even need an editor, a manuscript reader, a consultant, or anyone else besides the author to decide what should be published.

When I see the art that people who were our anatomical equals made, I don’t see a celebration of cruelty, an aesthetic of sadism. Since time machines don’t exist, there is no way to truly prove anything in paleontology, even moreso than in many of the other sciences. She offers a hyperbolic disaster scenario about lectins, but her discussion of lectins’ known, unknown, and potential roles–and the research that has and hasn’t been done on them–is so limited as to basically be useless. We haven’t been able to find information that says gastroporesis is caused by carbohydrates, though there is a lot of information about how eating a low-carb diet can help it.
She has, again, completely simplified the issue of how people– meat eaters and vegetarians alike– obtain or do not obtain B12.Here is a wonderful article that discusses B12 specifically in relation to Lierre Keith’s claims. Many nutrition experts say these are actually among the best sources of saturated fat, because they aren’t generally accompanied by the more problematic fats found in many animal products. If you’re intent on eating meat, there are lots of things– probably many more things– to be mindful about. It is necessary and radical to be critical of scientific paradigms, but this by no means equals throwing away carefully established scientific ideas and methods. An obstacle many vegans face everyday is misinformation about the health benefits of the vegan diet. Only a small minority of the pledgers from all three years (2009,2010,2011) had a friend, spouse or relative do the pledge with them. Another reason might be that those who had trouble with lack of support or others’ attitudes became more committed to being vegan to better integrate with a new social community. With Erin Red, Evolution Diet’s Eric Weisman, and vets Lorelei Wakefield, Andrew Knight, and Jean Hofve Mar 13, 2013Cats: Can they be vegan? Your attempt to link healthy, compassionate eating to Transhumanism propaganda is way off base.
I urge you to share it with friends who’ve abandoned their plant-based diets based on this troubling book.
She then uses pages more of anecdote about not feeling good when she was a vegan and how, if you don’t believe her, you, too, should see how you feel after eating beans (p147-8.) In any case, Dr. How can throwing all this away, literally not giving it one paragraph of attention in exchange for giving attention to a handful of people who have no expertise, be a reasonable, helpful, or safe move? Science and Medical research have proven time and time again that a well-balanced plant-based diet is essential for optimal health, longevity, and disease prevention.
One reason health might have been such a big factor in this dataset is because  London Vegan Campaigns specifically advertised the pledge to help pledgers learn more about health and lose weight. Except where third-party ownership or copyright is indicated or credited regarding materials contained in this blog, reproduction or redistribution of any of the content for personal, noncommercial use is enthusiastically encouraged. If I dedicated my writing to promoting veganism as a profoundly transformative personal health choice, I’m pretty sure I’d convince a lot more people to leave animals out of their diets.
Privileging the moral claims is thus necessary to reminding vegans that the battle for personal health pales next to the larger crusade for justice. As you might guess, tons of research has since been done that severely complicates his theories about meat and plant eating (see all of our chapter 4 discussions, and do your own research.) This diet was a fad in the mid-70s and became faddy again in the 2000s, in part due to this inconclusive yet fairly well-publicized study. Lee’s studies present information and possible, though ultimately not provable, conclusions.
It’s not totally clear how much sun exposure one needs in this regard, and seasonal changes and geography play a role, especially in places with extreme weather. In any case, no matter how many times Keith says it, veganism is not interchangeable with a high-carb diet. We can’t go through all these studies and all this counter-information for you here… there’s literally too much. This isn’t to make claims on nature as vegans– if anything, we are trying to get across that all diets are imperfect because evolution and adaptation are imperfect, that there is no one “correct” way to relate to our human bodies, and that lots of people chose veganism for very complicated, valid reasons and execute it in a healthy way. A very credible book anyone interested in the benefits of a vegan diet should read is The China Study by Dr. Luring converts to veganism through appeals to personal health certainly has benefits for animals, but it’s hard to see, in light of shifting nutritional evidence and consistent human whimsy, how such a justification could have lasting power.
Keith and her resources present psuedo-informaton plus rampant, unapologetically biased interpretation. Out of 49 pledgers, 13 gave a rating of 4 or 5 on the difficulty of other’s attitudes and all but one of these (92%) chose to stay vegan.

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