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Bleiben Sie immer auf dem laufenden und melden Sie sich jetzt kostenlos für unseren Newsletter an. My time spent in this area was chock full of raw food gatherings, spiritual events and forest frolickings- everything I love!
First off, I’d like to say thank you to the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) for offering raw food snacks.
On my first day in Seattle, synchronicity would have it that a recipe for a Raw Vegan Orange Chocolate Torte should fall into our laps.
During one of our in-state journeys, we made our way to North Bend to pick fresh organic blueberries from Bybee Farms nestled at the base of gorgeous Mount Si. Another amazing evening we shared, and one of my top highlights, was a shamanic full moon drum circle at New Earth Farm in Redmond, WA. When we weren’t gathering for potlucks, meditation or drumming, we were out and about in Seattle, eating. The abundance of good, healthy, vibrant food gave us energy to run around and play in the forests. For me, no trip to Seattle is complete without gathering friends for a raw vegan ice cream party and who better to host this type of a gathering than my friend Jeff Rogers, AKA the Naughty Vegan.
Jeff passed all the frozen fruit through his Champion Juicer to create a soft-serve style ice cream.
My last day in the Pacific Northwest was spent in Bellingham, one of my favorite places in Washington. I’ll close this travel journal entry with one of my favorite photos, taken by Giacinta.
It wasn’t until I moved from my life-long home of Northern California that I can say that, yes, I know what it is like to walk away from EVERYTHING- stuff, family, friends, familiarity and comfort to follow a higher calling. One morning, Stephen and I were having breakfast together in a small town just outside of Sedona called Cottonwood. He said I would be surrounded by trees, water and lush, rich earth that would grow anything. This was a rash decision based solely on intuition, prompted by a simple and playful reading, but everything about this decision felt right.
By the very next month, our belongings were packed and we were driving into Bellingham, WA, which is located just a half hour south of the Canadian border and British Columbia.
This was our home- a gorgeous old, single family, Victorian house that had been converted into 5 charming apartments. We moved to Lower Queen Anne just 2 blocks away from the Seattle Space Needle, smack dab in the heart of the city.
Six months into our city living, we had the opportunity to shorten our lease, which gave me a new lease on life and new possibilities.
I would like to add that Seattle is a very magical place, and I do not wish to down-play this. We were lucky enough to have an opportunity open for us to stay in Prescott, AZ, for 2 months.
Both Stephen and I work from home with his life coaching practice and my distance healing work, so we can be very mobile and live anywhere. There’s a little saying that goes something like this: There are plans, but then there is life. We originally thought we would move to Sedona, especially with the spiritual, metaphysical and healing work that we do. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you poke around a bit, you’ll find information on what Reiki Energy Work is and how it can change your life, align you to your soul’s purpose, encourage synchronicity, and deeply, profoundly heal on multidimensional levels. While here, you may find yourself motivated about natural, raw foods and why this diet and lifestyle is one of the most transformational healing modalities on and of the earth, not to mention it’s absolutely delicious!
I'm teaching a Certified Reiki Level One Class this Sunday in Santa Rosa with a focus on Animal Reiki. While I pick tiny purple rosemary blossoms in the drizzling rain, the creek rumbles with abundance and the land brims with magic and youth. Spiritual advancement isnt to be measured by one's displays of outward powers, but solely by the depth of his bliss in meditation. Autumn sneaks just around the corner, teasing us with amber and crimson leaves that dangle from Sonoma County’s twisted old trees.
Here is a photo journal, a small taste, of my time in the Pacific Northwest with my spirit sister, Giacinta. I was surrounded by rows and rows of blueberry bushes and clear skies filled with sunbeams, bumble bees and the sweet scent of fruits and leaves all coddled by the majestic Mount Si.
This is one of the meals we enjoyed among friends, each one of us contributing fruits and vegetables for this shared offering of fresh picked garden greens, blueberries, mango salsa, avocado and zucchini in pesto. I love full moon energy and love to channel this powerful force during my meditations and healing Reiki sessions.

Three great vegan restaurants I would recommend in Seattle are Cafe Flora, Chaco Canyon, and Jodee’s. This is Cafe Flora’s Beet Gnocchi in Pesto with an Herbed Nut Cream, (pictured above) which I shared with Giacinta and my sister, Angel.
Jodee’s, in Green Lake, specializes in raw vegan deserts and smoothies but once in a while she offers up Friday night pizza. I am brimming with gratitude for everything I experienced and for everyone who shared my journey. I am deeply grateful for Giacinta who walked with me along the way.
We had taken a road trip out to Northern Arizona, thinking this area may be a good place to relocate. It was the very second placed we viewed to rent that we found one of the most beautiful homes I had ever lived in. It was here I experienced so many spiritual shifts and growths, darkness yet brilliance, and dove into higher realms, experiencing firsthand the world of the elementals. We left the bay and the wild, green gardens, the spectacular sunsets and moved to the city.
In retrospect, I feel we placed ourselves in this environment, all of it from the city to the old apartment, so we would be more inclined to leave Washington. Upon making this decision, I remember looking out the window and saw 12 crows perched on a bare-branched, winter tree. We started to pack, but the month it took us to organize the move was a very topsy-turvy time. The concussion affected my eyesight, my ability to focus and my ability to continue packing. I know injuries and sicknesses are significant signs, often depicting that one is moving in the wrong direction.
With this in mind, we stored our things in that little town just outside of Sedona, Cottonwood (and so we came full circle, returning to Cottonwood).
The distance from Prescott to Sedona is similar to the distance from where I lived in Sonoma County, CA, to San Francisco.
There is so much I could share about the powerful lands around us and our time here, but I’ll save this all for future blog posts. Years ago when we first visited Prescott to consider living, we were energetically pushed away.
Thank you Stephen for your flexibility, spontaneity, out-of-the-box thinking, your gypsy spirit and for your unyielding, compassionate support. It's about her spirit, musings, natural recipes, teachings and exploration ~ all sprinkled, every which where, with a little magic. Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some fine photography, whimsical poetic verses, or maybe even tiny bits of faery dust tucked in a few nooks and crannies along the way. I love this entire area, for it brims with woodland magic, luscious gardens, deep azul waters and the mystical, tree-clad San Juan Islands. To this recipe we increased the raw cacao then added carob, cinnamon, cayenne and vanilla for depth of flavor. If you are in the North Bend area and would like to learn more about how you can pick your own berries, click HERE. With this being said, we participated in a full moon group meditation to honor Mother Moon in the height of summer as symbolized by my favorite flower, the sunflower.
Snuggled in a ring of redwoods and lush ferns, surrounding a fire pit was a circle of stone seats. When I lived in Seattle, I would visit this park often to commune with the nature spirits, walk among the greenlings, hug trees and meditate.
This magical, quaint town and the surrounding woodlands have crept into my veins and won’t let me go. Immediately upon arriving, I had an adverse reaction to the area, in fact I felt energetically repelled by it. It was during this reading over breakfast in a small desert town that Stephen and I decided to move to Bellingham, WA, sight unseen. We rented the largest of the apartments on the main floor, which allotted me my own healing space for my Reiki practice and a private meditation room. Yes, we had resident Beings, nature spirits, who shared space with us in the garden and in our home.
We also considered moving back to California, but I intuitively knew it was not yet time to return, though I was homesick. I still love to visit and a part of my heart and spirit will always be in Western Washington along with some family and many great friends. You see, I was in love with the magic of the forests, the waters and the islands around this area. Being that Crow is my main Animal Spirit Totem, this very much felt like an acknowledgement and blessing of our new direction.
Within one day, we not only decided to leave Washington but we secured our next location out of state and gave our landlord notice.

It was during this introspective time, sitting in a torn-apart apartment, surrounded by boxes and chaos that Stephen and I decided to take a leap of faith, cancel our California storage, redirect the moving truck destination, and move directly to Arizona instead of California. We stayed in Prescott for those 2 months, allowing us to catch our breath after the move and to enjoy our new surroundings. Just know the magic and spiritual nudges continue… in my life and with my healing practice. The whole area feels like the womb of Mother Earth- vibrant, abundant, beautiful and pregnant with life.
The fire was lit; we each took our places, called the corners, and drummed, rattled and rolled into the warm moonlit night.
We spent a day in Prescott, a day in Sedona and then drove up to the Grand Canyon (…which I loved. It had no elevator but it did have a couple of resident ghosts, one of which lived in our unit. Our apartment faced east, so gone were our glorious sunsets and the glowing, crimson sweetness that cracked the cloudy horizon at the end of each day. But, one lesson I definitely learned during my time there is that I need to live in more natural, wild settings. Do you scream out, “Why Me?” in the face of hardship or do you take a look at the bigger perspective, the bigger picture? I love these cards partly because my Reiki practice is called Earth Spirit but also because I have an innate and very spiritual connection to earth.
But, before I cast my farewell kisses to our beloved sweet summer, I would like to share one of my highlights from the season of the sun. The energy that was generated from our primal music and our collective, harmonious presence was magical and not to be forgotten any time soon! Jeff whipped up a Coconut Peach Ice Cream, Giacinta and I brought frozen bananas and durian, and everyone else brought a variety of frozen summer fruits.
I had friends, raw potlucks, raw vegan restaurants a-plenty, and lots of things to do there.
If my living environment wasn’t a struggle, it would have been easy to remain complacent and stay longer than I should have. I swung my head up as I stood and cracked my forehead on the corner of the solid wood cupboard door. I love Sedona like no other place, but a very surprising thing happened; I fell in love with Prescott. Another friend, who, like myself, graduated as a raw chef from Living Light, brought raw vegan caramel and chocolate sauces to drizzle over all the ice cream. It was here we soaked up the grounding energy of the boulders, the vitalizing energy of the ocean and the mystical energy of the rich forest. We only lived here for a year and a half, but the mind-bending things that occurred and the spiritual leaps were life changing to say the least. When the day came that our landlord informed me that he wanted to move his family into our space, I was already expecting this change. I missed being in a bigger, more metropolitan and cultural city that offered a plethora of activities to choose from. The surrounding buildings, asphalt, skies, and concrete- everything around me was one note.
If you are in an undesirable place, your pain and discomfort are signs to reevaluate life direction and will influence change, especially if you have the gumption to listen and to follow your heart, your gut and the messages around you. The plan was to drive to California, place all our things in storage, then drive on to Arizona to stay in the home that was available for 2 months. This was a severe injury that left an indent on my forehead as a purple lump immediately formed.
Stephen accomplished exactly what he needed to, and I experienced one of the most cathartic spiritual experiences of my life while there. Until then, know it was delicious and made a grand appearance at a few raw food gatherings with some very happy friends. Needless to say, there was a lot of schlepping going on, schlepping laundry and groceries up and down streets and endless flights of stairs.
It was a lesson about seeing the gifts in the challenges, about non-attachment, about letting go, about embracing forward movement and about taking giant leaps of faith. And, I fell in love with the strong Native American spirit, but I was not called to stay and live.
I needed the separation, the darkness, the rain, the forests and the magic to support my spiritual shift and growth.

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