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When you consume more protein than your body needs the excess is broken down in the liver and excreted through the kidneys as urea, which has a diuretic action. In long-term studies it was found that even when adults ate as little as 75 grams of protein while taking in as much as 1400 mg of calcium they lost more calcium in the urine. As you lose calcium in your protein based diet it ends up in the urine and results in high levels of calcium in the kidney system.
Animals are high in protein content and eating them is taking your daily intake higher than it needs to be. Misinformation about calcium and protein by traditional dietitians and nutritionists have resulted in advice leading to eating excessive amounts of animal flesh, dairy foods and eggs.
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Vegetarians have been found to have lower risk of developing obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and some forms of cancer.
It is important to be aware that nutrient deficiencies can be a problem for people consuming vegetarian diets. Tips to make sure you’re getting enough Calcium: If you do not consume dairy products, you may not be getting enough calcium. Tips to get make sure you’re getting enough Iron: The iron in plant foods is not as readily available to our bodies as the iron in meat.
I’m sure by now you’ve heard the term “clean eating.” Patients often ask, “What exactly is it?” I’m writing this blog to clear up any questions and confusion you might have surrounding all this clean eating business. These animal products do not contain any growth hormones or antibiotics which is essential to clean eating. Water is the number one beverage of choice when trying to eat (and drink) clean, with zero calories and sugar.
When companies remove fat or calories from a food they need to fill it with sugar, chemicals, additives and other fillers to keep the same taste and texture. If multiple ingredients are listed, make sure you know what each ingredient is and that you can pronounce it. Share your experiences, discover helpful tips and recipes and experience our support network of experts and fellow patients looking to lose weight and be healthy! Our trusted, experienced team has been helping people overcome obstacles to leading healthier, happier lives for many years. This heart healthy diet plan will take a load off your heart, decrease the level of cholesterol, and stabilize your blood pressure. The main purpose of this heart healthy diet is to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the future. Below is a list of products you should exclude from your daily food intake for one week every month. The anti depression diet will help you fight stress, stabilize your mood and relieve emotional heaviness.
Although it is not a fast weight loss diet , you will feel energized and rejuvenated after the completion of this diet. These two infographics present a compelling case to switch to veganism (or at least to cut down on meat consumption) and show you how to do it. Chickens, turkeys, pigs and cows are collectively the largest producer of methane in the U.S. Nitrous oxide is 300 times more powerful at trapping heat in the Earth’s atmosphere than carbon dioxide. 1 calorie from animal protein requires 11 times as much fossil fuel as one calore of plant protein. You’d save more water by not eating one pound of meat than you would by not taking a shower for 6 months. Animals raised for food create 89,000 pounds of excrement per second, none of which benefits from the waste-treatment facilities human excrement does. The equivalent of 7 football fields of land are bulldozed every minute to create more room for farmed animals.
Livestock grazing is the number one cause of plant species becoming threatend or going extinct in the U.S.

Animals eat large quantities of grain, soybeans, oats and corn; however, they only produce a comparatively small amount of meat, dairy products or eggs in return. Vegan options are cheaper at the grocery store and reduce the likelihood of needing expensive doctor visits, medicine and heart surgeries in the future. High consumption of animal protein is linked to these: prostate, breast and colorectal cancers.
Text available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, unless otherwise noted. At first glance this recipe seems great and healthy but once you really take a look at it there are a few things that you could stay clear of. It is very easy to take these 6 ingredients and either substitute them for some that are a lot better for you or simply cook without them. Panko Bread Crumbs – if you are not worried about being Gluten Free substitute this with sprouted bread. In Africa, Bantus consume 47 grams of protein and 400 mg of calcium and are essentially free of osteoporosis. However, these health benefits only hold true if a person consumes a healthy vegetarian diet including whole grains, fruits, vegetables, plant based protein sources (beans, tofu, tempeh), and healthy fats.
Nutrients of greatest concern include riboflavin, vitamin B12, vitamin D, iron, calcium, zinc, and omega 3 fatty acids.
Iron is found in eggs, dried beans and lentils, whole grains, iron-enriched cereals and pasta, dark green leafy veggies, dried fruit and some nuts and seeds. My wife and children still like to have meat, dairy and eggs once in a while so that’s what we do. When i was talking to my fittness instructor about my plans to transition from a Animal protein, dairy and carbohydrate based diet towards a Vegetarian diet, he gave me this recommendation too. I started eating salads, cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, avocados, soy, cold pressed oils, nuts and seeds and cut back completely on animal protein, dairy, and processed foods for a while. This means eliminating any processed food, especially those that contain preservatives, chemicals, additives or anything artificial. Make sure you are buying dried beans and soaking them overnight to rehydrate them rather than buying them canned. These “food-like products” are full of chemicals and artificial ingredients that we weren’t meant to digest.
Since excessive weight also contributes to the increased risk of developing heart disease, the heart healthy diet will help you gradually lose weight and maintain it at a healthy level. You have probably heard dietitians talking a lot about how bananas are one of those fruits you should avoid especially if you are on a weight loss diet because of the high sugar content.
This is the hardest part of the food combination diet, but if you stick to it for the first couple of days it will encourage you to stay on it to the end.
The first infographic gives some reasons for going vegan from an environmental perspective and the second dispels some common myths about vegan food consumption, such as how much protein and iron our bodies need and what plants sources to get these nutrients from as well as pointing out the heath and financial benefits of switching to veganism.
If a slim waistline, lots of energy, and a reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer have you wondering if a vegan diet is for you, fin all your answers here!
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Unless a person starts to feel pain or the body stops functioning well, it is normal that people does not stop with their unhealthy eating habits. Think twice before buying that vegan cupcake at Whole Foods, just because its vegan doesn’t mean it is good for you.
Other calcium-rich foods include broccoli, soybeans, almonds, tofu, figs, bok choy and kale. To help better absorb iron, make sure to include a vitamin C-rich food (such as citrus fruit or juice, tomatoes or tomato juice, broccoli, cauliflower, red or green peppers, melons, berries or kiwi fruit) at each meal. He also said that in his opinion it is almost impossible to get enough protein to build muscle. The amazing thing was that i not only experienced a great increase in energy, but actually increased my muscle mass!
Follow the guidelines below to make sure you are getting the cleanest of foods Mother Nature has to offer! If you can’t afford to buy all produce organic, check out the 2014 Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen lists.

The side hull, bran and germ contain fiber and are not removed in whole grains as they are with white rice. If you are using added sugar, make sure it comes from raw organic honey, agave nectar or maple syrup.
This inflammation can prevent you from absorbing your vitamins and nutrients which play a BIG role in metabolism.
It is sad for those people who have diabetes that they cannot have their share of sweets any time they want. Even when you are hastily eating your food and do not chew it slowly, it will also create something harmful to your body. Some eat 100% clean all the time and eliminate everything processed while others are not as strict and have a goal to eat clean, say, 75% of the time.
Try to buy those on the Dirty Dozen list organic as often as you can, as these have the most pesticides.
Naturally flavor your own tea with fresh organic fruit and spices.  If you must have your morning coffee, try to stick to one cup a day and drink it black. If you aren’t absorbing your vitamins and nutrients, you are starving at the cellular level (yes, your body thinks it is starving!). Food intake can affect ones health and there are a lot of studies that supports this claim. When you begin to do a little research and look at different vegan blogs and recipes you can start to see that being on a vegan diet is not necessarily healthy all the time. Keep in mind women should only intake 20-25 grams of sugar a day and 37 grams a day for men.
Even Subway and salads at these restaurants aren’t “clean.” Subway sandwiches contain chemical additives, artificial colors, refined bleached flour, preservatives, nitrates and refined sugars. How to reduce blood sugar may be a little difficult in the beginning for the diabetic patients.
There are even studies that show patients changing their diets to raw foods decreases their need for insulin.
Here at Fresh N Lean’s healthy meal doorstep delivery service we have made it our mission to really focus on the quality and ingredients in all our meals. Remember, buying brands such as Uncle Ben’s 90 Second Brown and Wild Rice Medley is not eating clean-it contains 26 ingredient! Plus, to begin with, processed foods tend to be low in vitamins, nutrients and fiber but high in fat, sugar, salt and calories. But if a diabetic realize the need to implement discipline to oneself it can be fairly easy. Read about some seemingly healthy salads from popular fast food chains and restaurants that can sabotage your clean eating, here.
These are foods like vegetables, seeds, nuts, berries melons and other fruit, honey, oil and goat’s milk. Getting old does not mean you cannot live comfortable and you have to be sick of with some ailment.
Restricting carbohydrate will allow your body to normally fight high sugar levels than others. One does not need to wait until he feels his blood pressure goes up or blood sugar cause rage. A lot of people have clouds of doubt in their head because the experts failed to explain this part. Raw foods ,which are rich in fiber, only travels 18-24 hours while cooked food takes longer hours from 80-100. It is just hard in the beginning, but with sincere determination and love for oneself, everything will be easy as one, two, and three. This is all true and people who avoided carbs have successful stories to tell about maintaining their blood sugar level.

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