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One of my favorite vegan-friendly neighborhoods in New York City is the lower east side, LES.
Vegan Lower East Side: Kathy's NYC Walking Tour!One of my favorite vegan-friendly neighborhoods in New York City is the lower east side, LES. For us, the baseline for great vegan goods in this town is Babycakes, headquartered on the Lower East Side. Anyway, we popped in the other day to sample some of the goodies, and came away total converts.
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Join us as we explore New York City's new restaurants, hot spots, museums, galleries and cultural events!
Most baked goods are sweetened with agave nectar, a natural syrup from a cactus and not cheaper high-fructose (HFCS) or fructose, processed fruit juices used by cost-cutting manufacturers, which (some studies claim contain high mercury levels) and cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil is primarily used for baking. Baby Cakes NYC the vegan bakery abandons plans to open in West Hollywood near the Grove due to economic influences and have switched to a 800-1000 square foot location downtown in the Pacific Electric Building and should be opening soon.
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Whenever I get the chance, I stroll through the gritty, cobblestone streets, peruse the quaint shops and get some tasty treats.
Here is my vegan tour of the LES - I'll let you in on a few of my favorite vegan-friendly spots . Equally excellent was the decadent Double Dark Chocolate Brownie, which makes us confident that Capobianco's Dark Chocolate Cake would also be a hit. For more information and a look at some of Capobianco's creations, please see the Vegan Divas website, here.

Founded by the ebullient Brazilian baker Fernanda Capobianco (who is married to French master baker Francois Payard), Vegan Divas has been selling its first-rate goodies at various specialty grocers for a couple of years now. Bonus: the baked goods at Vegan Divas are, in addition to being vegan (obviously), also wheat-free, low-calories, kosher and parve. But that is why it is pretty much essential to force yourself to get out of your own neighborhood and visit some fave spots.And if you are an NYC tourist - well you definitely have an excuse to spread out and see all this town has to offer. Including the LES.For a few years I lived right in the heart of the lower east side neighborhood.
So I was spoiled: Babycakes at least once a week, soy chai from Teany, MooShoes perusing whenever I pleased. And of course now that we moved to a new neighborhood, I miss having easy access to those spots. The charming, cheery, perky staff, the retro vibe, the scent of vanilla wafting through the air. My first taste of Babycakes left me a forever fan.Erin McKenna, the mastermind behind the Babaycakes brand, has in the past few years, built a Babycakes empire!
My favorites: the Cinnamon Toastie bread, any cupcake, the chocolate chip cookies and those jam-slathered biscuits. Although yesterday when I strutted into Moo Shoes wearing a pair of old gritty leather Ugg boots I felt incredibly guilty. Ugh, I think I am purposefully wearing out my leather boots so I have an excuse to 100% veganize my wardrobe! Yes it used to be owned - and made famous by the musician Moby - but to be honest I'm not sure what part he plays in the current running of the shop. Super yummy soy lattes and chai, a tea list that will leave any tea-fanatic wide eyed and giddy, drool-worthy vegan desserts and sensational vegan sandwiches.

I usually take my food to go because it can be hard to snag a table in the tiny, er teany shop.My Review, Teany4) Fashion and Music Scene!OK, so I'm really not a fashionista. Essex is an energetic indoor produce market and you should leave there with at least a few vegan goodies in your bag. Yes they are a tad higher priced than say Whole Foods just down Houston Street - but if you are in a rush and looking to nibble on some yummy vegan eats with the locals - this is your spot.Earth Matters has fabulous fresh juices, smoothies, salads, soups and sandwiches.
They usually have a few seats up front to 'dine-in' and in the summer they open the windows wide so it's like a cute open-air cafe. Plus if you are into star-sightings I have seen a few celebs there (Moby (twice), Janeane Garofalo and more.)7) September Wines - 100 Stanton (at Ludlow)I love this charming wine shop.
Yes they have non-vegan gelato, but don't worry, they have a plethora of awesome vegan-friendly sorbets - sorbettos. So why not pop up to Houston street to check out an indie flick at Landmark Sunshine Cinemas. And of course if you are just looking to grocery shop, Whole Foods is right at Bowery and Houston st.
If you want a cheap, casual (average but interesting) modified-to-be-vegan burrito head over to San Loco on Stanton St.
They aren't terribly vegan-appearing - but tell your waiter your issues and they usually deliver. But the menu is not terribly vegan-friendly, so don't go here if you are wanting munchies too.

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