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I often wondered, in a city full of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, how there was no popular vegan bakery.
It's funny, I was known for my cupcakes, but in all honesty, I don't enjoy eating cupcakes at all. The next day, we were headed up to Tompkins Square Park and noticed a big sidewalk chalk arrow scrawled on the corner of 2nd Ave. I’ve been following Cynthia Huggins (owner of High Hopes Vegan Bakery) on Instagram for a few months now in hopes of another annual New York trip that would include a stop to see her. However, the verdict on these High Hopes Vegan Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies: I’m legitimately blown away. Needless to say, I’m pretty impressed and will DEFINITELY be a repeat offender to these vegan sweets. PS: Follow her on Instagram if you plan on ordering today – there may or may not be an AWESOME discount code posted!
About Kortney CampbellI'm Kortney; a wife, natural mama and vegan in love with life, food and all things vintage! Some choose this lifestyle for health reasons, many for ethical purposes or animal welfare and others for religious or environmental causes. DisclaimerVegan Housewives is a lifestyle blog where we express our own personal opinions, ideas and experiences.
Shannon Roche and Meagan Benz are basically a match made in vegan heaven, but they didn’t know it until a few months ago. Now they're in the (very) beginning stages of opening Crust Vegan Bakery, which they'll launch as a wholesale-only business in the next few months with the plan to open a brick-and-mortar storefront down the line. It will be fantastic to have a second vegan bakery in Philadelphia, an uber-friendly city to the vegans! Thanks to some unseasonably warm temperatures as of late, we have to admit: we’re already hankering for springtime. As Philadelphians hit the streets in preparation for this year’s Blue Cross Broad Street Run, one thought on every runner’s mind is: how do I train more efficiently?
We reckon there’s no weekend trip more highly anticipated than the annual cherry blossom pilgrimage (c’mon, look at this). On Friday, February 26th, Philadelphia magazine hosted its 12th annual Trailblazer Award Luncheon at The Logan Hotel. Upon entering the Los Angeles bakery, I was greeted by friendly faces and cases full of freshly baked cookies, cupcakes, brownies, waffles and donuts! In addition to the cookies I tested two donut flavors, the coffee crunch and salted caramel.

Vegan Treats is one of the highest rated vegan bakeries on HappyCow and this list would not be complete without them. Portland is the perfect town to house one of the best vegan bakeries and Back to Eden does not disappoint! Christy Morgan, The Blissful Chef, has been tantalizing taste buds for years as a vegan chef, cooking instructor, blogger, and cookbook author. Get VeginOut NewsOnce-a-month update on the latest veg related news, global restaurant and travel highlights, plus giveaways! All the NYC vegan places ship in the ubiquitous Vegan Treats from PA to supplement their menus.
The fact that they don’t deliver to Florida can be a bit sad sometimes (especially when I was planning my vegan wedding).
A couple of weeks back though, she mentioned that she was looking for bloggers to share her treats with. The thing is, I don’t think this is the item I would have chosen for myself because vegan cookies have been a gamble in my past.
As I said, I’ve always had a hard time finding non-made-at-home vegan sweets that aren’t a bit on the dry side.
I've been vegan since December 2007, but have loved to cook & create pretty things since before I can remember. Both spent part of their academic lives studying chemistry, both are lifelong vegetarians-turned-vegans, and both are naturals in the kitchen.
When they finally did meet, it all clicked: Philly needed a vegan bakery, and they were just the gals to do it.
While they don't have any wholesale contracts inked just yet, they've been putting out the feelers to several Philly coffee shops and cafes and have drummed up interest in their products.
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With every sky-high video we get our hands on, we’re even more fascinated by the city’s shifting landscape. I chose those flavors because they sounded unique, but they also have traditional flavors like maple, powdered sugar, chocolate dipped and more. They serve surrounding restaurants and cafes with thousands of yummy baked treats in New York, Baltimore, DC, and Philadelphia. Mud Pie is gaining popularity for their cupcakes (like Chocolate Raspberry, French Toast, Peanut Butter, and Vanilla with Coffee Buttercream), cinnamon rolls (every good bakery should have them!), gluten-free and soy-free options, and many non-dairy milk choices for your coffee (including their very own cashew and sunflower seed milk). And when you visit your favorite places be sure to leave your review with photos on the site!

Then one day, googling or wandering around the internet, I found Cowgirl's Baking, a vegan bakery and eatery in New York City!
The bites I had of the kids were good and the first thing I noticed is that they were not overly sweet or Crisco-y tasting. There is a small space to sit with a few barstools and a cute window seat, so you can eat there or take your party over to the park for a picnic.
But these cookies were the perfect balance of deliciousness: not too thick or too thin, a tiny bit crisp on the outside, soft and chewy inside, pair perfectly with vanilla almond milk and the chocolate chips were still soft and melty without heating them up! I started Vegan Housewives because I don't think you have to give up the joys of food when going vegan! Now vegan bakeries are popping up showcasing that desserts and treats can be made vegan and taste exactly the same and better than their unhealthy animal-filled counterparts. If you live anywhere near those places there’s a good chance you can get Vegan Treats in your belly! If a place like this is going to survive it will need to serve not only delicious baked goods but scrumptious lunch items as well.
Reviewer favorites are the German chocolate cake, the whoopie pies, varying flavors of cheesecake, and savory pastries too. Since we were on vacation, I let them chose some cupcakes (and a chocolate chip cookie for Mommy!) and we also bought a savory that I am totally forgetting the name of--not a pierogi, but something else Polish (the picture is the last one, help me out if you can). High Hopes Vegan Bakery has some of the best treats (in general, not just “good-for-being-vegan”) I’ve ever had, and best of all – they ship their goodies to you! Pictured is the coconut cream pie, which was so rich and delightful it must be shared with at least one other person.
The vanilla base one was a bit muffiny (I am more of a cakey sorta girl), but it had a delicious deep vanilla flavor.
Almost immediately after opening, BabyCakes inspired lines out the door and down the street. Like any great bakery they will make you a kick-butt gorgeous wedding cake for your special day.
The chocolate chip cookie, was wow, one of the best vegan chocolate chip cookies I ever had.

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